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In which hank talks about his rash...and his music. Why not, right?

In order of appearance we have:
Shinohara Tomoe: Ultra Relax
Kodomo Evangellion:
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Songs from a Hat, My Scientist:

Julia Nunes, GDC:

Seeso, The Song We Never Wrote:

Gustav, We Shall Overcome:

Kristina from the Parselmouths:

Lauren from The Moaning Myrtles:

Of Montreal:

Cotton Fields, Teresa Brewer:

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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. You said you'd see me on Wednesday, and so you are! The bad news is that because this is just some random day, I don't actually have anything to make a video about. The good news is that's how it always used to be! It's kinda fun.

I do, actually, have one thing that I wanted to share with everyone. And that is that I have a rash covering my entire body. According to my doctor, it's a side effect of some kind of viral infection that I probably got at the Barack Obama rally.

*sings* Barack Obama gave me a disease. He shook my hand right after he sneezed and now I got a fever of 103. Barack Obama!

At first, I had a 103 degree fever for like, 5 days. And then I started to feel better, except that my skin got all blotchy. And then it started to get itchy. At first, scratching it is like complete and total heaven, just being like, ah, ah, ah! Yes, yes. And then immediately after I stopped scratching, it's like UAAH! ITCHY, SCRATCHY PAIN OF DEATH AND DOOM ... it's so itchy...!

And yes, it covers my entire body. Except for six very important parts. *points to face, shows both palms and both soles, shrugs*. But there is good news!

Hank, how could something so horrible lead to good news?
Well, I'm glad you asked that, other me! Because convalescence can be a wonderful, wonderful time if you spend it correctly. As for my convalescence - listening to music. Mostly on YouTube. Now nobody should be surprised by this, but music is a very important part of who we are as people and individuals and as a species. So it's really nice now and again to have time to catch up on music! It's really too bad that because of copyright stuff I can't, like, put it straight into the video, um, but I will point out and have links in the sidebar to all of these people, um, that I wanna share.

..there's something-

Yeah, there's something stuck on my teeth, but I'm not gonna go back and re-record all that, sorry!

So! Without further ado, and nothing stuck on my teeth, this is Hank Green's Top Nine List Of Awesome Songs He Found On YouTube While Sweating And Itching In His Bed!

Ultra Relax is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of J-Pop. It was the intro to a show called Kodomo no Omocha, which is about kids in school. Yes, I have the manga in my very own house. This song was sung by Shinohara Tomoe, who is an amazing, um, energetic singer, and it's one of my all-time favorite songs. And there's also lots of Japanese people doing stupid dances, so it's pretty much a pinnacle, ah, in terms of awesomeness.

There is of course Abby from Songs from a Hat who I love, I've linked to My Scientist in the side bar. Finger-mustache. Speaking of Abby, she suggested to me a song writer called Julia Nunes, who is amazing. First she's a Nerdfighter, which is awesome. And second she writes amazing songs and has an amazing voice and deserves every single ounce of the fame she is going to have in two years time.

Speaking of all those people, there's definitely a YouTube community that's sort of surrounding really good singer songwriters, and Seeso Narciso Lobo, I think, really active in that community, and he is an amazing songwriter. He does a lot of covers but his originals are by far better than the covers. And I've linked to The Song We Never Wrote over there.

This was a completely random find, um, a woman named Gustav, who I think is German, and it doesn't sound like English is necessarily her first language, but the song is in English, it's called We Shall Overcome. It's probably the best song that I have stumbled across this year, so I'm sort of like, yes, everyone should check that out.

Recently I've been loving on some Wizard Rock- Parselmouths and the Moaning Myrtles, both of have members prominently featured in Five Awesome Girls.
I've been listening to a lot of Of Montreal.

And Finally I wanted to share this amazing version of Cotton Fields. Originally it was sort of a laid back country song, but someone did an arrangement for Teresa Brewer, who is a famous singer in the 1940s and 50s, that just has yodeling and really weird choreography and just like from the belly, rocking out singing stuff, and it's just amazing to watch, so I wanted to share that with everyone as well.

So those are my finds of the week, but I'm really curious, what other people have been listening to lately? What do Nerdfighters listen to?

My voice is completely going because apparently that's where the disease is moving now because it is in my skin and now it's going to my throat.

I'd love to see in the comments any mainstream, obscure, whatever you got. Um, looking for good music. I kinda trust you guys to have good taste.

And John, I will see you next week, I guess. Oh! Before then, you said you were going to do a question Tuesday. Um, but not on Tuesday, so I'll see you before the week is out, or else you will be punished! My voice is done! I gotta go!