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This episode of clit pics is sponsored by, where you can get tools  designed specifically for stimulating the clitoris.  I'm really excited about this episode, because the clitoris!


I don't remember when I learned that the clitoris was a thing or that I had one, but I do remember it being annoyingly hard to find.  Then I saw illustrations by Betty Dodson.  Clits.  So many clits and they're all different sizes, which the cunt coloring book confirmed.  Big ones, little ones, hidden ones. 

These clit pics aren't the whole story, though, and even human sexuality textbooks truncate the clitoris to this macaroni noodle.  Here's a human sexuality textbook definition of clitoris.  "Clitoris: sexually sensitive organ found in the female vulva, it becomes engorged with blood during arousal." 

"A small, elongated, erectile structure."

This one includes, "The body, bulbs, and crura that enlarge and engorge with blood in much the same way as the penis does during physical arousal," but the diagram dated 2013 still just shows something no bigger than an inch.

I don't think that I learned that the clitoris was more than its glands or head until Wikipedia search clitoris.  Published on August 31, 2005 on Wiki, contributer Amphis.  What!  It's not just a little nub!  What, there's a part that's inside?  It has roots?  It surrounds the vaginal opening?  It can be stimulated through penatration?  It can be enlarged with hormones?  It can become a penis?  Why isn't this in the textbooks?

I'm pretty sure that Amphis' clit became the basis of understanding and depicting the clitoris.  There were other versions like the 1844 George Ludwig Kobelt, but Amphis' was the first on Wiki, easily accessible with a common use free for all copyright marker so that it could be shared legally in all the places.  

I put this clit pic in PowerPoint presentations, handouts, it's what I referenced to explain the clitoris on Sexplanations in 2016.  This is the clit, as far as anyone was concerned.  

There's the Dr. Who shirt, clit fashion, tote bags, earrings, home decor, the Sexplanations RV.  With all of these similar images, it dawned on me.  What if all clit expressions are based on one clit, Amphis' drawing of one?  And we don't even know its origin, if it's correct.  We need more science here.  More data, more diversity.  We need unique clits in their entire anatomical glory.  

I thought back to high school and college where I dissected formaldehyde-soaked bodies.  They look like this clitoris deep dissection from Anatomist90 created in 2014.  I contacted my local cadaver lab and asked if I could come and record an episode about clits so that we have information to work with, so that we're seeing the structure itself rather than an artist's interpretation, so that there's another data point in addition to Amphis'.  They responded, "Thanks for reaching out.  Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with your video.  This type of platform and public accessibility goes beyond the contracts we have with our donors."  

Maybe there are clit affirming cadaver donors already out there.  Maybe someone will give me permission to share their internal clit with the world when they die.  In the meantime, here's what I can show you from the encyclopedic collection of the educational platform Wikipedia.  This close-up was uploaded in 2010.  The view is from above, finger pulling back the labia, bits here and here.  There's the foreskin that covers the shaft of the clit, and then the clit head, a quarter of the size of a fingernail.

Here's the clitoris glands in the context of the vulva, created on February 14, 2014.  Happy Valentine's Day, internet.  Have some sex education.  The pubic hair has been removed.  If you zoom in on the upper thigh, you can see some stubble.  There's the labia majora and labia minora, the vaginal opening and (?~3:39) where the urine exits the body are in between them.  Further down is the anus and the rectangle are the (?~3:44) or clitoral hood and the head of the clitoris.

Now you know why it can be difficult for some people to find the external part of this organ.  Some clits are really small.  They don't all look round and perky.  They kind of blend in.  Someone actually shows this in comparison to Amphis' clit.  This is an enhanced images of the clitoris from the internal (?~4:03).  Amphis.  Follow the line to the glans clitoris, the head, and I can barely see it.  

Let's try this clit pic.  Top half of the vulva, one is the (?~4:14), the hood, two is the clit.  Pull them apart, ahh, there it is.

Not all clits look like this or this.  Caucasian, pink, tiny with surrounding hair removed.  The don't all look like this one or this clit pic under Wiki's clitoral hood.  This one is listed as Japanese female clitoris but I don't know that the appearance is noticeably different, and when it is, it is listed as a medical condition.

Cliteromegaly, an enlarged clitoris resulting from hormones or tumors.  It's not Wiki's fault.  At least they're posting images.  It's a bigger social challenge to accept that while sketches are incredibly helpful, they're not comprehensive.

Bodies aren't one dimensional, nor are our sexualities.  That doesn't mean I want you to send me clit pics or send them to anyone who doesn't consent to receive them.  It means that we need to think critically about what we're learning and how a single perspective or a narrow viewpoint can leave out critical information.  Having more examples of the clitoris.  X-rays, photographs, and anatomically correct drawings decreases the taboo surrounding the clit, which hopefully increases accessibility to live and cadaver clits which improves our knowledge and understanding of our bodies and what's really going on.

This goes for so much of life, but the clit is a really great example.  The clitoris is complicated.  It has roots and bulbs, a shaft and a head.  While Amphis' art is powerful, a launch for our curiosity, we need more.  We need to stay curious.

Do you know what these feel like on your body, let alone the organ densely packed with nerve endings that runs the whole length of the sexual organs?  I do!  It's amazing.  This one sucks, like that.  This is mine.  I've used this on my body.  It is incredible.  And there are a whole bunch of different types of both of these at, which you can get for 50% off when you use the promo code 'DOE' at  You can also get free shipping to the US and Canada on your whole order.