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A special THANK YOU to all of you who submitted videos sharing your thoughts on how sex feels! I had a lot of fun making this video with you.

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This episode of Sexplanations is sponsored by Adam &

At the end of the video I'll share 50% off code with you for your future sex toys! Yay! I've been thinking about how to explain what sex feels like since I first had sex.

For me, it's like my body is imploding into my pelvis. My body and all the energy around it just vacuum-sucked into itself and then poooowww pooow powwww. Like Leeloo from Fifth Element!

Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell says,

Tom: It feels right, like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do, that feeling of being home, and complete, like Lego bricks clicking together but squishier. Oh no.” I like this. I asked people to contribute their descriptions of how sex feels and lots of them used analogies. Vlado simply says

Vlado: it feels like avalanche of pleasure. Elijah compares sex to a fun game.

Elijah: Like basketball or baseball you know, where both people are on the same team, going for the same outcomes. It's just like that because you gotta communicate, you might get sweaty, and there may or may not be a time limit. That's just up to how to cards to turn out, you know what I mean? It depends on what you're doing it.

But, yeah, like a game. When I'm not into it, I've compared sex to getting a pelvic exam. When it's perfunctory sex where no one's really putting in not much thought or effort this is closer to organizing my desk or folding warm laundry.

Then there's aroused sex, that's like slicing a mango or eating a mango! Caressing the ripe fruit in one hand while the other thoroughly removes the skin, sucking that smooth juicy deliciousness, and feeling it against my tongue and teeth. It's like this.

Run your fingers across the back of your arm and hand as lightly as you can, touching only the tips of the hair, not even the skin. Then rotate your arm and stroke the inner part ever so gently. That's really close to what I feel during sex.

Add some massaging, some scratching, yep, accurate. Amanda, a sex educator in Georgia, emphasized there are many different types of sex and ways to feel it but says physically for her,

Amanda: Someone, you know, putting a body part inside of me. Kind of a pressure almost but like a good pressure. Like it feels very similar to a few fingers, there's just a larger object. If being penetrated is a part of sex, you might be able to mimic it with your fist and a phallus.

There's the initial push and then the brain's trying to figure out what's going on, a sense of comfort, and deeper inside, maybe pressure, maybe fullness. This goes for mouths, vaginas, anuses, all the orifices! You can get a sense of what penetrating during sex feels like by sliding a clean finger into your slightly puckered lips and cheeks.

Warm, squishy, engulfing, hugging. .. It's like Lauren puts it

Lauren: Bodies touching against each other, slipperiness, and the scents and smells. But it's not only physical, if at all, sex “can also feel like intimacy, vulnerability, passion.” Yes, Ax is on the same page,

Ax: All the foreplay that I consider sex, feels like Connection, playfulness, sensuality. Yes, yes, yes.... There's how sex feels and then Sex Feellllsssss. Sex can feel warm and squishy and tingly, tickly, and ...invasive, benign, or bleh.

Torturous comes to mind sometimes . And like I mentioned, sometimes there's no physical feeling at all. It can also /feel/ connected, vulnerable, ecstatic, heart-breaking, rejuvenating, serene, lonely, passionate, satisfied, and dissatisfied.

I relate to Rikki.

Rikki: So because I am chronically pain there are mostly time when sex feels good like it should but when I'm on my back and my legs are all the way up, it can get so painful because my legs just aren't used to it and they just can't be up for that long. Can't get my legs down, please help me. Then there's Nicté who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Nicté: it affects the way that I relate to people in physical contact, physical touch, hugs, etc.

Disabilities, sexual orientation, what we're thinking about, the relationship, they all factor into how sex feels. As Felicia puts it... Felicia: Sex is a lot more physically demanding than it looks like in porn.

Everything can affect how sex feels. Full bladder or bowels makes it achy for me. My menstrual cycle influences how powerful my orgasms are.

Whether or not I'm hydrated. Fed. Rested.

It can be the difference between and . This goes for where I'm at mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. How I feel impacts how sex feels and how sex feels impacts how I feel.

I'm so much happier when I'm getting laid! If you've had sex, please share in the comments how sex feels to you, if you haven't, hopefully this video has been informative about what you may or may not want to try. Vaishnavi is celibate; she hasn't had sex so for her...

Vaishnavi: Sex as a concept feels like a choice. I have found the choice that works the best for me. Do Lego bricks and pleasure avalanches do it for you?

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How does that feel? Vashi is celibate, she hasn't had sex so for her “It feels like a choice... found the choice the works the best for me.” Vaishnavi reproductive health activist. South Asian immigrant person of faith.

As Felicia puts it, “sex is more physically demanding than it looks like in porn”. Felicia queer pansexual gender non-conforming disabled person.