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Witness the birth of a legend as John plays as Swindon Town for the very first time.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and John play FIFA 11.
John: Hi! It's me, John Green, making my first appearance on Hankgames. I'm very excited.

John: I've significantly improved since we...
Hank: You've gotten a great deal better.
John: Well, you know what, Hank, I have a chance to be on Hankgames, I want to take it seriously.

John: In our next game, I need to pl... I just need to be a far inferior team. Like, you'll be Real Madrid, and I'll be, like, some team in League 2 in England.

John: Look at the pitch, man.
Hank: Yeah, it's torn up.
John: It's because we're playing on a League 1 pitch. I brought Manchester United all the way to Swindon Town.

Hank: You're a very bad team. Swindon Town.
John: Yeah, I'm playing... well, not very bad, but just in a lower league.

John: I wouldn't say it's an attractive fixture. That's what the guy just said.
Hank: This, this match?
John: There's nothing attractive about this fixture.

Hank: I'm worried that it's not going to be as interesting because you're going to suck so bad. Wait, wait...
John: Oh, am I? Am I?
Hank: I thought I was, I thought I was on offense!
John: Oh! My boys, they can't shoot.

John: My boys just are not fast.

Hank: Arsenal's supposed to be red.
John: Um, well, Swindon Town trumps them, Hank, and they're, you know, they're the red, they actually call them the Swindon Town Reds. I don't know.
Hank: Do they.
John: I don't know for sure. No, I'm not familiar with Swindon Town. Look at the crowd! Sparse.
Hank: There's like 12 people. They didn't even show up to see Arsenal.
John: Yeah, exactly. They're like, "Arsenal's in town? Still not into it."

Hank: I am not good at soccer.
John: I don't disagree. Fortunately, I am Swindon Town.

John: What is my yellow card for, for being great? For being a fantastic, for playing way better than I ought to be playing with Swindon Town?

John: By the way, is Swindon a place?

John: I mean, if it's a place, I'll tell you what, it's a place known for its courage. Because, these boys are playing, like, with the hearts of a hundred men tonight, even though they're playing Arsenal, you know, it's just, it's pure courage, Hank.

John: You notice, by the way, that the commentators know the names of all the Arsenal players but none of the Swindon Town players?

John: I'm so proud of my boys here. They took on one of the best teams in the world.
Hank: I'm gonna have to do a lot of practicing.
John: Tiny Swindon Town. You know? Up against the mighty Arsenal. You know, the boys from London. And here they are... I don't know, for all I know, Swindon's in London. But here they are and, you know, and they're up 1 - nil in the 85th minute, there's only 5 minutes of time to go.

Hank: Oh my God!
John: Ah, Swindon Town with a historic victory.

John: Great moment in the history of Swindon Town.