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In which Hank offers to allow HanksChannel without Hank.
Hello it's Hanks!

I'm, I'm,  I'm,  I'm,  I'm,  I'm,  I'm. I'm coming to you today to ask a question. So... I did this think years ago where I created hankschannel. Oh, its a channel where I can put stuff, and a second channel was not usually a thing back then Nobody knew what to do. There was no such thing as a daily Vlog and iPhones didn't exist. We were still making videos with pen and paper. That is how we did it back then. It was the old days. But, uh.

So, I really did not know what I was going to do with it. I just wanted a place to put some stuff when I needed to put stuff places. So, John, uh, never did that, and sometimes I think he wishes he had his own channel. His own little daily vlog channel. And, when I made my gaming channel, John was like "Oh that's a good idea! I should make one of those." and I was like "Don't be ridiculous, just join Hank's channel. You can be Hank or Hankgames with John. Hank games without Hank as he calls it. And so, I was wondering, I don't know, it is sorta like a joke now. I do something and I name it after me, and then John is like "Me too!". And I'm like "Come on along, I don't mind".

So I was wondering how you felt about that though. The viewers of Hankschannel. I have started to use hankschannel a lot more in the last couple of weeks. Um, It just seems interesting to me to do it in this way and to do a bunch of you know, cat videos, and also just me talking about stuff that I find particularly interesting that day. And so, I was wondering if it would be okay with you if John uploaded stuff to hankschannel. I know it would be okay with me. Like I think that is totally fun and that it is totally a good idea. But, I was wondering if it would be okay with you. Comments, please, let me know. He would do the exact same thing with me.

It would not be Hank and John back and forth daily vlogs. It would be like: I would upload when I feel like uploading and he would upload when he fells like uploading, and he would upload what he feels like uploading. Just like I am cat videos and sometimes I am music. He probably won't upload cover songs. But, sometimes I upload music or sometimes I upload things that I like did other. Or I upload extended cuts of Vlogbrothers. All of that stuff. That is all free reign. I am about to upload, this weekend sometime, I recorded something at LeakyCon that was just something that was a really cool moment on stage with Harry and the Potters and Evanna Lynch when they did the Luna Luna to the tune of Loi Loi. Um, that was a great fun song and Evanna was on stage for it, and it went on for like 9 minutes. I'm going to upload the last like 4 minutes of that song.

So, like anything really goes on hankschannel, and, uh, hopefully maybe John will join as well, if you're down with it. If now, he can get his own channel and you can subscribe over there. I mean, who likes me and doesn't like John? Really. There is not a lot of you out there. I have noticed. That's good. I am not like "I should have my own and they should hate John, and we should have a rivalry!" No. No. That is not where we are at.

Ok that is something that I wanted to prh, prh, prh, prh. I am going to end. Begin and end with just me not being able to speak today. Proh proh prh pra prb