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In which hank reads an email.
Hey, it's Hank. Just checking my email, and I found one that I really liked, and I wanted to share it with you. It's from John; he sent it through my website's form email thing, and he wants me to make a video, and so I'm making that video. He says, "Please make a SciShow or other video about how 'carbon footprint' is such a misnomer." And at this point, I'm worried that this is going to be some kind of global warming denying thing, but he goes on to say, "When we are making footprints, we're usually using an absolute minimum of carbon. It's when we are sitting - sitting in cars, sitting in air-conditioned spaces, sitting on airplanes, etc. - that we are using carbon at a high rate." And this is true; when we are using our feet, we're not, it's not a carbon thing. It's when we're sitting. "Our rate of carbon... our rate, our rate of carbon usage should therefore be referred to as our 'carbon assprint'." And I completely agree with this sentiment. We should... we should change it! Yeah... you're right, John, you're right! Carbon assprint! He goes on to say, "Thanks for all the informative and thought-provoking videos." You're welcome, and thanks for your lovely email, John! Carbon assprint.