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In which Hank talks about green cars from NAIAS 2009.


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Good morning John, I'm back here again at the Detroit Auto Show. [Tiny Toons Adventure's Theme Song plays during Intro clip] And this year has been a little bit more exciting than last year for me.

Now everybody was kinda saying that this year's Detroit Auto Show was going to be a lot less meaty and that's not what I'm seeing. Like, I'm seeing less glitz. I'm seeing fewer girls in slinky dresses trying to give me steak kabobs.

What I'm seeing more of is stuff I'm actually interested in. Like Green Cars! And so I'm going to take you really fast because I really want to go to sleep, I really have to pee, and my shoe is untied but if I stop and try and tie my shoe, I'm probably going to fall unconscious.

So I'm just going to go. We should probably start at Toyota because obviously Toyota knows what's going on in the Green Car front. This is the 2010 Prius.

It's going to be the most fuel efficient car on the road when it comes out. It's actually bigger and more powerful than the old Prius but it's even more efficient and it comes with an optional solar roof. [Voice in the background] Welcome. Please take a seat to learn more about the...

She's talking to me! But to some people, the Prius looks like a Gas Guzzler and for those people we have the Toyota FT-EV, which is like a Smart Car, but it's Toyota so it'll be cheaper than the Smart Car. Also it will be entirely powered by electricity if it ever exists which hopefully Toyota will be making this probably around 2012.

Oh my god I have to pee!! So Chevrolet's getting in on the micro car action too. That there is the Beat and they're going to make a production version of the Beat called the Spark.

And of course we have my absolute favorite car in the entire world, the Chevrolet Volt. Which if you've paid any attention in the last couple of years, you know will go 40 miles on all electric power before the on board generator kicks in to recharge the batteries and then it could go like hundreds of miles. So it's like an electric car but it doesn't have the limitations of an electric car and it's also kinda pretty.

I like it. This is the new production version. The last time you guys saw it, it was still a concept version.

So this is what the car's actually going to look like when it gets on dealer lots. And if you want like a regular car that you can get now that's fuel efficient, there's the Evo five. That's a nice one.

I don't know when they're going to make electric Camaro's but when they do I'm on the list. John there's one question that this auto show has made me really sort of wonder sort of a general big philosophy question, which is: Why I haven't peed yet? I am running around this show and I can't stop moving or else I'm going to wet myself.

General Motors has also created a new concept that's exactly like the Volt except it's a luxury Coupe instead of being a Sedan and it is HOT! It's called the Cadillac Converge and I'm sure that if it's ever created it would be way out of my price range but isn't it a nice to look at. Oh there's more!

You know there's more! Running through the auto show! Holy crap I have to pee!

That's where the Insight would've been which is a great car not just because it's fuel efficient but also because it's freakin' cheap. I think it's going to come in an 18,500 base price which is open up a hybrid segment to a whole different range of people, for example, me. So as long as we're looking at cars that I could hope to never be able to afford, we might as well look at the Tesla Roadster.

There's an electric car that is uh not in my budget. The really interesting thing about this car show though, they're not only showing the Lotus designed shell, they're also showing what's it on the inside. You can see it's kinda the world's like most powerful uh most expensive go-cart.

And this is the near production ready plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma. It's got solar panels on its roof just like the new Prius. So that is my round up of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

And John I hope you like what you see. If you're looking for a car it looks like the 2010 Prius is a good way to go; the Honda Insight if you want to save a little bit of money and not as much gas as the Prius. And then if you wait not too long, the Chevrolet Volt will be available with a huge subsidy from the US Government; 7500 dollars off the ticket price just for being a plug-in hybrid.

There's a lot more hybrid options and there are lot of awesome things on the horizon. So that is the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Let's do the spinny thing.

AAAAAAHHHH!! Have I mentioned how badly I have to pee?