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Thanks for the tour, John! Paper Towns is in theaters July 24th!
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Hello, and welcome to the behind the scenes tour of- oh, fun hat buddy. The behind the scenes tour of Paper Towns! The day began with a well dressed and poorly rested John Green. Yay! It's always great to see him and to hug him.

John was excited to show his internet friends his fancy movie set, so he took us on a tour. We were very excited to be there, but being quiet and polite, because we were all a little out of our element. Hey guys, here's a fun fact, the first of many. Did you know that this banister actually comes from the set of the TV show Homeland? I hope I ruined movie magic for you. More facts like that to come. Movie magic can make you believe anything. For instance, are these even real Pringles?

After we left the bedroom set, we traveled across the massive warehouse to the next bit of cinematic wonder.

John: Another cool thing is that they make all of the windows like this so that there's no reflections.

Troye Sivan: Oh, that's...

Hannah: Oh, cool!

J: I know.

H: That's awesome.

Fun Fact number 2:Have you ever wondered how they do scenes in a movie with a lot of windows in it without showing the cameras? Well, John is showing us how! These windows actually rotate at a slight angle so you can hide the reflection in the glass when you're shooting. Isn't that cool?

J: I thought it was gonna be very, uh, glamorous and everything, but it's really just a, like a construction site.

?: It's art.

J: Yeah but it's like, it's like the part, it's like the kind of art where you like make a chair.

H: Functional.

J: Yeah. Very functional art. And then this will just go away. Which is so sad, cause it's great, it's like a perfectly usable conference room.

H: It does really feel like a conference room. They've done a great job.

J: They did a nice job. Yeah, you know, they're pros. It's a studio movie, Hannah.

H: Yeah it's a studio, movie magic.

Hey guys, here's a drinking game for this. Take a drink every time I say, "movie magic!" Ooh!

J: ...Fake elevator. I was so nervous to get on it but now I'm just gonna go.

Fun fact number 3: that's not a real elevator. Are you sensing the themes of the fun facts yet? This elevator is also completely fake, but it felt and looked so real.

J: Yeah, but you know how you know it's not a real elevator? The best part of living in North Carolina is that the woman who, like, has to sign off on all the elevators is named Cherry Berry.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how sweet this is? Oh John, you love North Carolina so much. Daww. Anyway, let's go back to the walking and the talking.

?: It's amazing.

J: Yeah, it's like- the thing I keep thinking is that I can make pretty good videos with my 300 dollar camcorder, and like you can make somewhat better videos with a 1200 dollar camcorder, but like, the jump between 1200 dollars and 20 million dollars let's you do a lot of stuff.

Hahaha! Great point John. Next we met the lovely cast of Paper Towns. They were all very kind, and very clean looking. My favorite was Justice though. Mainly because he's a fan of My Drunk Kitchen and I am totally self-absorbed. Oops! Time to let them go back to work.

Wow, everyone sure seems to be listening to something amazing. But I didn't get a headset, so I'm just trying to read their lips, and pretend like I know what's going on. Hmm, I wonder what everybody else is thinking about. Tyler's wondering, "Where's my Starbucks? I don't think I put it down when I sat down in the chair. Oh my god, what if someone else is drinking out of my straw?" Anyway, headsets or not, they were great actors. Now let's walk on to the scene itself.

J: ... Make noise when they were stepping or something, but this used to be all scattered about.

H: Oh, okay.

J: But here are all the maps that Q looks through to figure out which map Margo left for him.

Did you hear that kids? That's a major plot point.

J: So this is, yeah. So, in Orlando, there are a lot of abandoned souvenir stands like this, there are a lot of mini-malls that have been unused for like 20 or 30 years, and you like go into them and it's just like this, it's whatever people were buying 25 years ago. It's so worthless that now people won't even like, take it. To have the, uh, the budget for it, is pretty cool.

Troye: And the attention to detail.

J: This is a nice moment.

T: Wait, is this where they were shooting today?

J: Yeah.

T: Oh, sweet.

H: How cool is this?

J: Pretty great. Pretty great, like I imagined that map.

H: Yeah.

J: And like this place, and Q finding it, and putting together, figuring out the push pins and everything.

T: On set, no touching.

H: No touching.

J: Is that what it says? On set no touching?

H: Yeah, no touching.

J: No touching.

H: No touching.

Ahh, doing what we know best. It's important as a social media star to sometimes take pictures that are just for you. Also, it's important to take time for hugs.

Thanks so much, John, and to Fox, for inviting us to set. Be sure to check out Paper Towns in theaters everywhere July 24th. And subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Mwa. Have a great day.