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Author John Green ("Paper Towns") visits Emily & Chica in the Sunshine Barn on the Sunny Side Up show! Watch more Sunny Side Up videos:

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Sunny Side Up: Author John Green Visits the Sunshine Barn | Sprout

John: I'm author John Green and I'm here today in the Sunshine Barn with my friends Chica and Emily to tell you some of my favorite things to do here in the Sunshine Barn. But first I want to say a very special hello to my Sproutlets Henry and Alice. I love you guys! Alright, so let's talk about my five favorite things to do in the Sunshine Barn.

Number one: Of course, sing a song with Chica. Hey Chica! You ready to sing a song together? Alright, how about the ABC song? I know that one. Oh right!
"A B C D E F G
W X Y and Z"
Oh, great job Chica! Can I get a high-wing? Yes! Oh, that was awesome!

My number two favorite thing to do in the Sunshine Barn, celebrate birthdays. And look, Chica has a birthday card for me. Thank you Chica! Hey Emily.

Emily: Hey John Green.

J: Look, it's Rocco's birthday.

E: Yes, it's Rocco's birthday and there are always Sproutlets celebrating birthdays so we want to wish you a very happy birthday.

Together: "Happy, happy birthday to you.
Do do, do do do."

E: Yeah!

Together: "Happy, happy birthday to you!"

E: Happy birthday Sproutlets! This card is for Rocco! Wow. Chilling outside in the pool. Dear Rocco, we hope you have a very happy birthday. Love your entire family in Bordentown, New Jersey. Happy birthday Rocco.

J: Happy birthday Rocco. My number three favorite thing to do in the Sunshine Barn is to share a story. Do you have a story for me?

E: I do, I've got you, John.

J: Oh, nice. Thank you so much, Emily.

E: You're welcome.

J: Chica, can I read this story to you? It's one of my favorites.

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider
That sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away

Hahaha. That was a fun story, Chica.

And here's my fourth favorite thing to do in the Sunshine Barn: Dress up! Ha ha ha. Chica, do you have a... Chica, do you have a key to the dress up box? Thank you so much.

E: Alright.

J: Emily, let's see what's in the dress up box.

E: Let's open it up and find out. OK John. How do you want to dress today? We always have costumes available.

J: I'd like to wear a boa.

E: OK, a pink boa coming right up. For you.

J: Of course, yes. Thank you so much.

E: I'd like a boa too.

J: Alright.

E: Looking good Chica.

J: Yeah Chica, you look awesome! And my fifth favorite thing to do in the Sunshine Barn is, of course, a dance party.

E: Always!

J: We've gotta dance.

E: Well I've got some DJ turntables.

J: Alright. I'm going to be the DJ. Sproutlets, you're going to rock out. Emily and Chica are gonna rock out with you. Here we go!

E: We're gonna dance. Dance it out. Nice moves, Chica. Great moves Sproutlets. Thank you so much John Green for telling us what you love about the Sunshine Barn.