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Good morning nerdfighters!

It's actually not morning, but it will be, and I will still be awake. That is a promise. I am right now participating in the BlogTV IRON MAN INSOMNIA CHALLENGE!

In which I, and several other awesome YouTubers, and one awesome BlogTV-er, are go--oooh, my chair.

Sometimes this chair goes back, sometimes it doesn't. It surprised me.

We're going to be staying up for as long as we possibly can. The previous Iron Man Insomnia challenge went for 40 HOURS. Holy crap.

And I can't promise that, but I will promise you that I am going to be online, on BlogTV, link in the sidebar, for as long as this video is online. SO if you are watching this video, I will be on BlogTV. SO you'll be able to see what it looks like when I work. Which is, probably pretty boring.

But I will also be doing other interesting things, for example, there will be a cameo, at some point in the process, by my friend Will, who is the best break-dancer in Missoula. I am not kidding. And he may very well bust out on my very own concrete floor of my very own living room. And you don't want to miss that!

I may also read some from Paper Towns, I may also spend over 6 hours adding Facebook friends, because that would be one way to stay up really really late. Just click and confirm. Confirm. Confirm. Confirm. Confir-

Like, that's not something that requires a great deal of mental agility, and I think Facebook friends I could probably do it until next Tuesday.

And if you're already my Facebook friend then you can give me something to do during my BlogTV Insomnia Challenge, you can go to and click on my head.

Anyways, John's video will be online tonight and he's going to be in Chicago tonight, hopefully you got tickets.

I will see you guys on BlogTV. I want to have more viewers than Shay Carl. Even if you just like, mute it, and leave it on, I want to have more viewers than Shay Carl. So just mute it, and leave it on, and I'll be like, "Haha Shay Carl, I have more viewers on BlogTV than you!"

I will see you on BlogTV!