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New York Times Best Seller, Paper Towns:


In which Hank talks to himself, and then does a fun dance, and announces the awesomest thing ever.


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Good Morning, John! It's - [Phone Rings]

Hold on, I have to take this.

[Picks up the phone]

Hank: Hello?
Caller: Hey Hank, it's Hank.
H: Hey. Um, yeah, I really don't like when you call me. That's a little uncomfortable.
C: Dude, What's your problem? It's, it's you calling you. Why do you care if I call you?
H: Yeah, but I, I think you can see how this is a little bit weird when you call me like this.
C: C'mon. We have to talk about something here. You really need to stand up for yourself.
H: Yeah, but I can see their point, I mean, my video was technically longer than four minutes.
C: Yeah, it was technically longer than four minutes because you didn't wanna cut off your Best Friend and wife's song in the middle of the song! You just let the song play out!
H: I mean, yeah, it's - it's frustrating. I didn't think that it was gonna be punishable, my video obviously ended before four minute, I, I know. I agree with you.
I mean, it's not like John didn't have a pretty fantastic day that he just decides to punish me while he's having like the best day of his life.
C: Wait, what are you talking about?
H: Oh. You haven't heard about this?
C: Oh my god, I haven't heard about what?
H: Oh. This is probably going to make you even more angry. John found out today that he's gonna debut on the New York Times Bestseller List for Young Adult Fiction at number five.
C: Oh so on his great triumphant glorious day, he decides "Oh I'm gonna pass off Hank's punishment onto the Nerdfighters!"
H: Dude, you should be happy for him, he's your brother. You helped him do that. Well, yeah, I mean we helped him do that and now we're getting punished, but, but that's not the point, it's the Nerdfighters who helped him do it. It's not you.
C: Oh it was so me!
H: It wasn't you!
C: It was all me!
H: Oh Shut up, it was the Nerdfighters! It wasn't you - First of all it was me, it wasn't this evil Hank on the phone. Second of all, it was the Nerdfighters!
C: Don't give me that Bullsh*t you *censored*! When was the last time you stood up to your big brother?
H: Oh, dude, dude. I, I'm tired of you speaking your little worm-tongue crap into my ear. I'm hanging up on you. BYE! Goodbye! Goodbye.

[Hangs up]

What a jerk.

John Green, New York Times Bestselling Author! John Green! John Green, New York Times Bestselling Author of Paper Towns. John Green. The New York Times Bestselling book, Paper Towns! Bestselling Author, John Green! The New York Times Bestselling Author, John Green my brother! New York Times Bestselling Authooaaaaaaahhh!

I really don't think that he ever thought that that would happen to him and now it totally did. And Paper Towns totally deserves to be a bestseller and I'm so excited that it is. So great. I mean John was really very scared about this and it
has absolutely blown away his expectations. He is the happiest man on the planet.

I just talked to him, he was in Florida at a Nerdfighter event and he said that the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic and everyone was just loving everyone and it was so much fun. And my best friend from high school was there and John's best friends from elementary school were there and it was just a phenomenal day. And John I can't wait to hear about it in your video tomorrow.

As for me, I'm moving, and, um, this isn't my punishment, but I am going to be participating in the Iron Man BlogTV Challenge! Tomorrow starting at 3 pm Eastern, 1 pm Mountain Time, I will be staying up for as long as I can without caffeine! Everyone else is going to be using caffeine, but I'm going substance-free on this one. With the likes of Shay Carl and Charles Trippy and lots of other of my YouTube peers. We're gonna stay up as long as we can, and the winner is the person who can stay up longest. I am pretty sure I'm going to lose, but I'm going to try my darnedest!

So I'm gonna be on BlogTV starting at three and until perpetuity, for a long time. So if you'd like to see me and see what I'm doing there during that very long time, please do! The link is in the sidebar.

Everyone leave your punishment suggestions in the comments.

New York Times Bestselling Author of Paper Towns, John Green! - I will see you tomorrow.