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In which the audio sync is terrible. (camcorder coming soon I hope!) John talks about the stunning news that the movie rights to "paper towns" have been optioned by the studio and producers of Juno.


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A Bunny
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Oh, hi there Hank. It’s Friday October 24th and this is the bath robe they gave me at this hotel Htchhaaaa!
I couldn’t bring myself to actually put it on naked cause I don’t know what the previous tenants did in it.


Hank I’ve got like four minutes to record today’s video blog so it’s all gonna have to be in one take which as you know from having seen the footage that I don’t put into Vlogbrothers videos means that today’s video is gonna suck.

But I just wanted to say a couple of things. Number 1 you are getting punished but I’m going to punish you by making you do something that you already should have done.
You once agreed to go to the Sex and the City movie dressed as Carrie Bradshaw and now you’ve gotta do it, even though its not in theaters so you’ll have to do it at your house but whatever seeing you dressed as Carrie Bradshaw will still be funny.

Also Hank I wanna say thanks to you and to all the Nerdfighters who made it possible for Paper Towns to premiere at number five on the New York Times’ Best Seller List next week. I mean I was surprised last December when Nerdfighters proved that they could take over YouTube, but I didn’t think we could take over the New York Times’ Best Seller List!
So thank to everyone who bought Paper Towns and I hope you like it.

Hold on I gotta recreate the thing on the sidebar.

Also Hank the New York Times’ Best Seller List is not the only good thing that’s happened to Paper Towns in the last 48 hours.
In what is surely the best kept secret in the history of Nerdfighteria, Hank I can now officially tell you and everyone that the movie rights to Paper Towns have been optioned by Mandate and Mr Mudd, the people who made that great movie Juno.
I mean Hank the last time these people made a movie it won a bunch of Oscars!
No pressure or anything.
By the way, it was the producers at Mr Mudd who I said best wishes to lo those many months ago.
But it didn’t make them hate me. Now they wanna make a movie!
Best Wishes for the win!

Hank before I go I have to tell you what happened when my second novel An Abundance of Katherines was published. On the day it came out the Yeti and I went to a bookstore and there were no copies. Then I went home and we had some soup. Then we watched CSI and went to bed.
The fact that this experience has been so radically different, that I got to hang out with two hundred made of awesome Nerdfighters last night while hundreds more were watching on BlogTV.
I think it’s the nicest gift that I’ve ever been given.

Hank I’m not gonna get cheesy on you, I’m not gonna say the L word but I hope you understand that all of this would have been impossible without you.

So anyway Hank in solidarity with you and your punishment and also to express my gratitude to the Nerdfighters I have a question for Nerdfighteria.
What can I do for you? You want me to eat a Blenderized happy meal? You want me to send some money to Bangladesh? You tell me.

I owe you guys big time and I know I can’t pay you back but I’m gonna start trying. Let me know what I can do for you in comments.

Hank, Nerdfighters, thank you thank you thank you for being awesome and as always: best wishes!