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A Thoughts from Places video in which John Green attends Book Expo America in New York City, also known as BEA, where he thinks about celebrity and secular worship after meeting the super-cool Chris Colfer from Glee, as well as some of his favorite writers, including Darin Strauss and Jeffrey Eugenides. Also discussed are writers M. T. Anderson, Shannon Hale, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Michael Chabon, Kadir Nelson, Ally Condie, and Lois Lowry. And some so-called real housewives. Boy, that's a lot of name-dropping.

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Good Morning Hank, it's Tuesday.

I spent last week in New York City, at Book Expo America, which is essentially like the VidCon of book publishing.

Immediately upon arriving at BEA, I saw the author and publisher of the forthcoming Reached trapped inside a bubble, and then Olivia walked by, who in real life is much taller, and less talkative than you'd expect -- and I knew I was in for a celebrity fest.

Hank, in BEA, it feels like the world treats books the way they usually treat, like, iPads. Witness for instance this mad dash for advanced readers copies of an anticipated first novel.

Or, this entire staircase devoted to the work of Cassandra Clare. There were huge banners advertising Libba Bray's new book.

And there was also quite a bit of attention for The Fault in our Stars, "Vanna White'd" here by the extraordinary Elyse Marshall.

Incidentally, someone listed "The Fate in our Stars" as their favorite book of the moment; I corrected them.

So I was at BEA to do some interviews and signings, and also to reveal the new cover for An Abundance of Katherines, which was designed by 17 year old long time nerdfighter Sarah Turbin -- her Tumblr's in the dooblydoo ( Sarah and I got to hang out for a little while, and then she had to leave because it was her prom night.

I also had to give a couple speeches, one of which involved me hanging out not only with Lois Lowry and Kadir Nelson, but also with Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer, who turned out to be an extraordinarily nice, and generous, and quick-witted person. I'll get back to Colfer in a minute.

But first I went to a lunch featuring many great writers, including Téa Obreht, and, and, and Jeffery Eugenides, one of the two authors, the other being Michael Shay, that who made me really want to be a writer when I read their books in high school. I spent about ten minutes filming Mr. Eugenides from the back before I got up the courage to shake his hand and then I made a total ass out of myself of course.

And then I met a bunch of nerdfighters, one of whom gave me a Sing-a-ma-jig with a star covering its genitalia, I got to hang out with Chris Colfer, I spoke to an enormous room full of people, and then I ate dinner with the brilliant Shannon Hale and M. T. Anderson with whom I once broke into abandoned buildings in Detroit. I love M. T. Anderson, he always speaks in full and beautiful sentences like, "Whenever anyone criticizes the intelligence of a character in a book I always feel like it's a huge f-you to all the teen intellectuals who already have their peers crapping on them."

And then after dinner, I found myself on a very strange elevator. And then I was atop this skyscraper.

I don't want to get too specific right now but I'm peeing, and this is my view. What!

Later this room would contain not only Chris Colfer, but also Tony Danza, John Hodgman, some SNL cast members, two real housewives of New York and/or New Jersey, a mob wife, and the great writer Darin Strauss, who wrote Chang and Eng, the book that introduced me to conjoined twins literature.

As I geeked out while talking to Mr. Strauss, I realized that even though I liked Chris Colfer a great deal, I hadn't felt nearly so nervous around him. He was just a guy -- albeit an uncommonly handsome and well-dressed one -- but around Eugenides or Darin Strauss, I was shaking. In our hyper-secular world, worship is still inevitable, but it's vital to remember that our gods don't choose us; we choose them. I could have chosen a mob wife -- sure glad I chose Eugenides.

Hank, I'll see you on Friday.