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Elevator Horror, Oculus Rift DK2: Today Hank Green finds himself trapped in a elevator.... what could go wrong?
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. This is games with me! I'm Hank! We're gonna be playing an Oculus experience today, it's called "The Elevator" and I know nothing about it except for what my friend Karem has told me. He said that it's sort of, like, set up like a horror game but it's not really a horror game.

So I've heard that this isn't technically, like, really that horror-y but there is a man at the end of that hall and he was, he was scary. I found him scary. I... It... This game's... This is, uh, so we've gone to the second, the third floor. Check behind me because you never know. I like that it has the bumpers, the bumpers are always good for carts if you're pushing carts in.

This is just the fourth floor, um, you know. There's some stuff on one side, there's some stuff over there. You know, stuff. There's just stuff. Can I push? This is, yeah. This is an experience, I can't actually control the game. I'm just... And I have no body as is often the case in Oculus games. I'm just a hovering presence about, I would say, what, four feet off the ground.

Woah. It got dark. I don't even know what floor I was on. I can still hear stuff. What? Hello? (Crying starts) Is someone crying? Someone's crying! I'm here to help! I have been where you're at. It's never good to lose a friend, maybe? Or just be terrified in the dark. But we will get through it together. (Crying a lot closer) Ah! Woah! Right in my ear there, honey. Maybe somewhere else. Oh Oculus (Snarling noises) is so fricking scary!

Ah! God dang it Oculus! Eight. Eighth floor. Wow! That was... Woo! Alright. Somebody was inside of my ear-ball. Did that say 18 for a second? It said 10 I guess. Oh man. Somebody lied to me that this wasn't scary. Someone said this wasn't scary and it's totally fricking scary. There's a unicycle in the hallway and I'm sure that the owner of it is (Ball flies in) dead and desiccated! Oh it's just a ball. It's just a ball everybody. It's just a ball. Hey bal...

AHHHGAPAGACHAGABA! HARRHHGH! OH! MANOPOOBILLACKADINGDONG! Hi Buddy! Jeff, why did you eat me! He just ran, he just slid himself right into my body. Happy Halloween! I wish I had done that on Halloween. I'm sorry I didn't.

And Karem clearly lied to me! This has been Games with Hank. The game has been, I think just "Elevator: The Experience" or something like that and I have been Hank. Thanks for watching. If you want to give it a like please do that and DFTBA.