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Kerbal Space Program, Part 3: Today Hank Green creates the Helicoptopodes in Kerbal Space Program. You can't miss this!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank this is games with me. Today we are going to go back into Kerbal Space Program we're gonna continue on our mission to turn this kind of motion into this kind of motion. That's been our goal, it's going pretty well. I've got new plans and they are better than ever. Whole new spaceship design starting from scratch today! On Games with Hank!

Alright, here we go we're building a brand new spacecraft you guys it's very exciting. Starting basically where we started before except this time we're gonna go eight-way symmetry all the way around. Eight-way symmetry, that's right. It doesn't look bad at all, let's do some struts. Everybody knows how important struts are. Ehh, let's do some more. Is there like a hotkey for struts cos' that would be convenient. But there's not so just going to keep clicking strut and making more struts and doing various stability exerci- Excellent, okay. You will notice that I am not putting a parachute or a decoupler on this device. That's because I want Bill Kerbin to die.

Alright, now we're gonna put wings on. Eight-way wings you guys. Ahreehhe. If you've not seen my previous Kerbal Space Program videos um, this is not gonna make a tonne of sense to you but we-we're turning angular momentum into vertical energy. 

Yeah, oh man, yeah, that's a lot, that's a lot of wing. Oohh, I didn't mean to angle it upward, would be bad. Oh yeah! EIGHT WINGS! Eight wings!! I need to name this spacecraft "Helicoptopodes" Helicoptopodes! Yeah!! That's right!

This is the Helicoptopodes and we are constructing it and its gonna be beautiful thing. Awww yeah, awww man, its gonna - well maybe we should throw some engines right like this and see - see how well this travels, ah, just with nothing else.

Let's throw some - lets throw EIGHT liquid-fuel tanks on here, some small ones. They look like they're gonna fall right off, if they do - (SHRUGS). Awesome! More flames! I like flames. Oh, yeah. We just got one stage with eight rockets on it, so let's see how fast we can make this thing go up. We want - I'd like to get over twenty meters per second lift and over three thousand total feet traveled.

So let's just rank it on up, rank it, crank it, is what I meant, on up! To maximum velocity, and OH NO..! (explosions) We didn't even get any lift there. So let's re- let's, let's like try that again with a little less of the thrust. Thrust down.. (explosions) Oh. More exploding. Oh ma- Oh! Okay! Uh. Oh. Well. So. Well. Bill's fine! The good news is Bill's fine.

Let's start again and hopefully, uh. I don't know what's causing the problem. I guess its the sagging. Guess the sagging is happening, so let's just really drop down, yeah. Like that. Oh, yeah, no, this isn't gonna work. Let's here we go - We've only got two, so now we've got one, now we've got zero, AND Bill Kerbin died.

So let's just go back to our vehicle assembly building and try harder. Let's pop these babies off 'cuz that was, that was, uh, premature. Premature. Uhm. And also, you know what I wanna do? I wanna put some wheels on this. 'Cuz that's a thing you can do. Utility? Is that where the wheels are? Yeah! Eight! No, I need eight of them. Eight wheels. Yeah! Yeah, that's gonna be better. That's totally gonna be better. That way it'll spin, it won't be like, sittin' on the ground.

Alright, now, let's also put on more wi--was I even spinning the right way?  Who knows, who cares, we're gonna make sure next time!  I've got these wings at a significantly like, greater like, cut, into the, into the world than they were before, into the atmosphere, than previous, uh, so, yeah, I don't know, I don't know if that's gonna be okay, we're gonna add a lot of struts though, so that's, that's gonna take some time.  I could totally put more on, don't you even start to think, that's tiny, I don't want that tiny, I want a big one, yeah, big, big wing, yeah, oh that's, that's like--that's a huge--those are big wings, okay, so we're gonna like, cut for a while, cause I'm gonna be adding struts for about 20 minutes.

Alright, you guys, we're back and we got lots of struts, we're very--we're super strutted up, for some reason it wouldn't let me add struts between the plates of the wings, so I'm worried about that, but I've got wheels on this and I've got a lot of struts, so the wheels and struts go round and round and I've, I've just realized that I made a mistake, but I'm just gonna fight it, I'm just gonna--ooh, that's a big sag.  Alright, but who cares, that's a really, who cares, it's sagging fine, the sag is fine, 'cause like, this thing is--oh well, it might run in right over here, that might run into the ground, but who knows, so let's throttle down and see if it does.  It doesn't.  

Alright, do I have them going the right way?  I do, and we've lifted off, we have lifted off!  We have a lot of lifting surface, we are now running at--at 15 meters per second, you guys, 15 meters per second, we're gonna get up to 20 no problem, we're at 260 meters, oh man, those wheels helped a lot!  Those wheels were gr--oh, that's grand, that is wo--that's a beautiful thing!  Oh, yeah, let's throttle up a bit, alright, it's starting to disconnect, I can see that happening, um, 20--alright, we're almost at 30 meters per second, we are at 30, nope, we are at 30 meters per second, 30 meters per second and stable!  30 meters--ohhhh!  When I said the word 'stable', something terrible happened!  Every single one of the engines except one detached at the same time, it is now spinning while facing downward, which is bad news for my friend Bill Kerbin.  Bill Kerbin is in a disaster scenario, there is no way, there is no way for Bill Kerbin to survive this.  Uh, at all.  We can throttle up and make him spin faster so that we can at least remove that rocket from Bill Kerbin's craft and maybe, maybe all of these blades surrounding him will cushion his fall and something magical will happen if he only lands the right--YES!  YES, EVERYONE, Bill Kerbin!  My man Bill Kerbin survives one of the most disastrous space flights of all time!  Space test flights, of course, because he did not, in any way, enter space.  

Now, as you might have heard, I am interested in using this device as the first stage of a trip to space.  So instead of saying 'Hey, look, I made a helicopter', I actually want this to be a stage of a rocket of a mission that goes into outer space, that is not gonna be easy.  The first--the first thing I wanna do is take these off, I'm gonna take these off, I decided I'm gonna take these off, I would like to take this off, okay, well, we're just gonna leave it hanging out in space there, 'cause that is the only option he gave me.  

So here's my plan.  I want to add instead of adding, I wanna do two stages of these, of these being the engines.  So I'm gonna add one engine here, I'm gonna add, so there's four total, and I hate that I have to do this manually, but I can't add--I can only add eight, I can't add four?  Uh, so I have to do this manually.  So we're adding them to the outside of each of these so that we can have two stages--okay, I cannot see, here we go, so I'm gonna have two stages of--oh gosh, oh yesh, oh no, oh no, this is a mess, you guys.  I'm gonna have two stages of, of liftoff with these engines, uh, I need the strongest of those, which is this one?  200 thrust versus 215 thrust versus, well, 650, that's not what I'm looking for.  I thought there was one that was 260.  Has everything changed?  Has Kerbal Space Program been updated?  It has, hasn't it?  It has. Okay, well, we're gonna use this one then.  Oh my God, this is so annoying!  Come on, get o--oh, oh, oh, yes!  Alright, now we got those on.  Ohh, I should have added a d--well, I guess that can be the second stage.  So that's gonna be the second stage, and then there's gonna be a first stage, which is going to have decouplers on the end, where, where the engines are so we can launch with the first stage rockets, detach them, and then launch the second stage, and then fly like an eagle.  Alright, we'll be back in a second.  I don't even know if this is going to work, I think I may have done something terribly wrong.  I did.  I did, I put jet fuel, I put jet fuel ins--oh, well, I'm glad I didn't do that for everything, jeez.  Ughhhhh, I didn't put rocket fuel tanks on, I put jet fuel tanks on.  Oh God, oh God, oh God, that was hard to do, too.

Thank you so much for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this has been games with me playing Kerbal Space Program on the back of an eight-bladed helicoptopodes!  Did I say it right that time?  I have no idea.  DFTBA.