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John Green won de publieksprijs van de Dioraphte Jongerenliteratuur Prijs 2013 voor zijn boek 'Een weeffout in onze sterren'.
What, again?! I cannot believe that I have won a second award. Thank you to the people who voted, all of you. That is so great. By the way, I'm coming to you from my studio in Indianapolis. I wish desperately that I could be in Amsterdam not only because it is raining here but also because it is a beautiful city. But alas, my wife is eight and a half months pregnant and if I left, even for a day, she would never forgive me. But again, I want to thank everybody who supported this book at Lemniscaat and all of the Dutch readers who have read it and embraced it. And thank you for reading in Dutch, it is a beautiful language and now I will do it a great disservice by trying to speak it: dank u wel, dank u wel, dank u wel.