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Hank Green stops by to tell YOU how to win some prizes and help promote The Mythical Show. Watch it every Thursday, starting April 25th. Subscribe so you don't miss an episode! ****

The Mythical Show Contest:
1) Promote the Mythical Show to your friends and family in a creative way
2) Send us an email documenting how you promoted it to
3) We pick the best weekly winner, send them a Rhett & Link T-Shirt, and call them on the phone to personally thank them! It's that easy!

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Link: Good day Mythical Beasts. It's time for another shameless promotion of The Mythical Show which we hope that you watch.

Rhett: Well we're not bringing you The Mythical Show yet so what better way to fill our content on our channel than by just telling you to watch the show that's about to happen.

L: And let's, and, and inviting, like, YouTube heavyweights to rise from the bottom of the screen in order to...

R: What in... Hank, I didn't know you were here.

Hank: Yeah, you're tall. You never see anything.

R: So here's the deal. Hank hasn't see The Mythical Show because The Mythical Show hasn't happened yet.

H: Yes I have! I've seen, like, five episodes.

R: Oh yeah?

L: Well how were they. Tell them how great they were.

H: It's really funny and also disturbing. It's like Pimp My Ride except they're doing extreme body modifications to celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger is down there right now and his nipples are off.

R: (Laughs) Mythical Beasts, we need you to help get the word out about The Mythical Show and so we've created some incentives, just shamelessly created some incentives. And here's what we want you to do. We want you to come up with a creative way to promote the show amongst your friends, family, strangers, people in the world, and then we want you to somehow take a record of that, film it, take pictures, whatever, and then email us at letting us know exactly what you did and then every single week for the entire time that we're running The Mythical Show which is 12 weeks?

L: At least.

R: Three months, twelve weeks...

H: Five years.

R: Five years.

L: If it goes well.

R: We're going to announce a weekly winner of the most creative promotion and what we're going to do is we're gonna give you a free t-shirt and we're also going to give you a personal call on the phone to thank you for what you did.

H: Unless you don't want that because that can be really super weird 'cause these guys are awkward.

R: OK, yeah, right. So maybe...

L: Right, we would make it awkward. I'm kinda hoping that somebody will rent, like, a billboard.

R: Wow.

H: Well that's...

L: And then you would take a picture of the billboard and email it to us and then we'd know that you did it. No Photoshop.

H: That's less an idea and more just a colossal investment of money.

R: Yeah, right.

L: But some are certainly capable of that.

R: And maybe there's somebody, maybe you have some way of getting on to your morning announcements at your school.

H: Yeah.

R: And you can tell your whole school about The Mythical Show which is every Thursday on Rhett&Link2,

L: Launching every week at 5 p.m. Eastern Time is what the announcement is.

R: Yeah yeah. That's right.

L: Beginning April 25th.

R: 5 p.m. Eastern Time is when it goes live.

L: That's what you're publicizing. The Mythical Show launches every Thursday 5 p.m. Eastern Time beginning April 25th.

H: And then remains on YouTube...

All: Forever.

H: I have had conversations with these two and it's, they're one of the moments of my life that I treasure the most of all of the moments in the last couple of days. And...

R: Wow.

L: Right. So far so good.

H: Their content, as you know, has always been top notch. They have a wonderful outlook on the world and they stare into each others eyes lovingly for about three hours per day straight without breaks.

R: True.

H: And it's really cute. But the show also is fantastic. But I have not seen it, I made all that stuff up.

L: That's true.

R: But you just know it's going to be true.

H: But there is a special guest in the basement right now and he is, uh, modified.


L: Well we should but a button on this.

R: Yes, alright.

L: Like literally...

R: Or I could just unbutton my top button.

L: OK.

R: Literally as a button.

H: It's nice.

R: I can get the second one too.

H: Wow. Wow. What is this?

R: Look at that.

L: No, nope, let's stop. Hank, thank you. Thank you.

H: Thank you guys. I'm looking forward to your show. I can't freaking wait.