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Day 845
April 24, 2013


ApprenticeA Productions

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Tim Deegan

Joel Sullivan

Corrado Coia

Alex Carpenter

Samantha Fall

Saskia Vanell

Hank Green

Corey Vidal

Rianna Finch


Outro theme song written and performed by:
Andrew Huang

Good morning, it's science! Guess where I am right now. Guess where we are right now. 
Yeah, there's other people here.
There's-there's-Well, yeah, but I was the one pointing the camera so I said "I", and then I was like but I want to include all my friends.
Let's play this game, let's play the "you know where you are, but what show is shot in the thing that you are in."
What show is here guys? What show is shot right here with all-I love this light bulb. Alex, can we have a light bulb like this?
You literally just saw something shiny and got distracted by it.
But look it! There's four coils in there!
I know it's pretty.
(whispered) Very pretty guys.
It's a very aah, it's a very scientific kind of background if you want to be...It's a kind of show that is shot here, a very scientific show.
Scientific. There's like atoms and stuff, and beakers with blue liquids.
Anybody remember the show Beakman's World?
(Others) Yes. Yeah.
I didn't like it.
What? Why would you bring it up, you know so excited, if you...
Cuz I-Cuz I remembered it, I just didn't like it.
Yeah, sure.

(Interview Guy) Of course we are kidding. We are actually on the set of Crash Course. Where, ah, Hank films all his sciencey stuff, which is one of my favorite shows. I am really, really excited for Hank to come in and do his interview because, as you guys probably know, I'm a huge Vlogbrothers fan, I love John and Hank quite a lot, and getting the chance to hear them talk really in depth about what they love, about YouTube, and what matters to them, is a very excellent and unique experience because we're only going to get to use a little part of it in the actual final film, but right now we get to hear the whole interview and I'm really, really excited to hear what Hank has to say.

(Interview Guy) There he is! The man himself, Hank Green. We just finished your interview, your first of three, right?

 (Hank) Yeah, you guys want-you want to talk to me a lot.

You have so many good things to say! We want to hear them all.

(Hank) Uh, thank you.

(Interview Guy) Yeah. How did you feel it went?

(Hank) I thought it was great.

It was very interesting.

Good. I-I'm glad you think so. It was-It was intense at moments. You guys aren't screwing around.

Yeah, it was intense, but you were honest. That's what we, we like to hear.

I hope so.

(laughs) You're not sure. You're like "Maybe I don't believe anything I said."

You know, 40% honest.

Well, you were talking about VidCon and stuff, which is everyone's favorite thing, so that's...It was nice to hear you be really enthusiastic about that. It was pretty good.

Well, I'm very excited about that. Um, we are now in the middle of like the real straight-up planning parts where it suddenly is very important that we are working on it every day and I have forgotten how much work it is and I do that every year.

Where you start to just lose your mind at this point?

Yeah, there's this period where it's not a lot of work and then that gives me enough time to forget how terrible it is.

Wow. Well you have, it's two months left, right? It's beginning of August? August first? Is that...?

Uh, yeah, that's, no, it's like three months left. That's how much time you guys have, too.

(in unison) Yeah.

Yeah, so we're all on the same kind of crazy schedule now. Before we go...

I think we're going to be with you the couple days before VidCon starts.

Okay, yeah, yeah.

Cuz we are going to catch the crazy.

The really insane Hank moments.

You're just like talking to walls because you have no idea what's happening.

The uh, yeah. I sort of enter a very peaceful state before VidCon starts. I sleep a lot. I feel suddenly like there isn't a lot left to do. And sometimes I will start to do work that isn't necessary, like I remember VidCon 2011, I like woke up at four in the morning and ordered a bunch of signs, (laughing) that we didn't need, that we never used.

Do you remember what they said?

No, they were like "Go this way to the expo hall," but we had these signs already, I just like had woken up and was still sorta in a fugue, and I thought that we didn't get the signs printed, and so I made them, like I designed them, sent them off to the design printers, had them shipped to the hotel, and we already had them. Like different designs, better designs.

I'm just imagining you doing them half asleep like in crayon, you're like "this way".

That's basically all of my photoshopping.

It's like when you're stressed about exams, and you just wake up, at like four in the morning...

Oh, hi, I have to go on a call now. I was just being in someone's daily vlog, because that's my life.
(Laughter) Yeah he's gotta do an interview for Wired Magazine or something.

He's very important. It's so warm in this room. You got red cheeks, I got the red cheeks.

You sure you're not just excited?

You got red on you?

Oh my gosh, you are rosy.

I get anytime, heat, anything, my cheeks just explode.

That doesn't sound very pleasant.


Since we left Idaho, we've all been craving fro-yo.


Since we left Idaho, we've been craving fro-yo.

Froyo's not an Idaho thing, it's an America thing.

It's a- well, that was where we had it, and then...

Maybe it's not even an America thing, maybe it's just a not-Canada thing.

It's not in Canada.

There's gotta be fro-yo in countries other than America.

Are there?


It's a European thing.

The country of Europe.

The whole country.

Loves- the whole country love froyo.

So we were eating dinner. We had just finished like 3 pizzas. And I was like, and now it's time to go get fro-yo. And I asked Hank if there was fro-yo, and he said yes, and he brought us here directly. And I'm very happy. Because

You probably shouldn't be eating that before you weigh it. Stealing.

Yeah. Because I'm the one doing that.

Hank, I was hoping that you were just arranging these all around one table. So we'd just have like all of the stools and one tiny table.

Everybody could just like reach

All of the fro-yo. All in one place. You're obsessed with it, Sam.

I am. It's just, it's so good.

You can't- why can't you quit fro-yo?

I know.

You love it so much.

I do. Plus I got like a huge cup. Plus I got a huge cup, and I only ate half of it, and I like stu- like shoved it into Joel's face, and I'm like, Joel, finish it.

And I did. It was awesome.

Did you get healthy stuff this time?

I got fruits.


And chocolate-covered almonds.

What's the point with fruits?

Almonds are nuts. They're healthy.


I like to alternate healthy/unhealthy/healthy/unhealthy. So this is just chocolate fudge. Just a big thing of

I like to get all Oreos.

It's by weight, right? $5 worth of fudge.

I just heard rumors that Corey is exercising on a bicycle. So I figured I'm going to go verify that. And I figured I would see if it's true.

Look at that. Fist pumping and everything.


That's a good use of your time. Arrested Development while biking.

Arrested Development is coming back to Netflix, season 4, next month. And I want to rewatch the whole show, I've seen it before, just so I remember all the in jokes. Also I need to loose weight. Cause this is getting out of control. Cause of America

I thought this trip we were gonna loose weight, but it has been the opposite effect.

Oh yeah.

At first from the window it looked like there was four people in this room, but it fact there was only two, but there's a mirror. It... fooled me.

So it is about 1:00 in the morning. Actually technically it is 12:51.

Get it right, Corrado.

I'm gonna round, because that's what I do. And uh, tomorrow we are off to the DFTBA headquarters/warehouse, where we will get to see Michael Aranda.

I'm so excited!

And Hank Green, again, for the second day in a row.


And we're going to show you guys tons of great things, and we're going to get more great footage for the documentary. So I think though we gotta go to bed cause these guys are already asleep.

They're so cute together!

Aw, it's so cute. Look how cute they are.

They're so cute. Goodnight.

[endscreen song]