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In which John and Hank act very silly in a nut orchard of some kind.

Pizzamas - Only for the next few days yo!

All music is off Andrew Huang's "Interstellar"

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Good morning, John. Let's do a quick overview of our last day of tour, just so I can remember it. Here it is.
We've arrived at a place to stop to get food! What is it? Oh, the usual. I could go to the healthy station. Just have a single piece of cheese. Or, what, why is that... banana milk... is that a real thing? Who're you singing a book for, John?

John: Brock's daughter. 
Hank: Oh, that's nice. Brock can you be in a video? 
Brock: Whatcha want me to do? 
H: I'm just asking your permission to put your face in the video.
Brock: Because if not you'll have to pay me millions of dollars.
*John laughing loudly*
Brock: Because I haven't said yes so, if I see it out there somewhere...
*All laughing*
Brock: Everybody needs to watch their step.
H: Oh, it smells..
Brock: Like banana. 
H: Not really, sniff it. What do you think?
Frock: It smells like that candy.
J: Oh, we have banana Now & Laters, oh god that smells awful. It smells like fake bananas. 
H: It was in the healthy section. 

*Background Music with Bells*

H: And now we stop, for video making, for John's video. Pet area. Does that dog have a crown on it? King dog! His name is Crown! He's got a poop! John found a real weird tree.
J: Weird tree! Like, it doesn't have a trunk, it's like a tree made out of dirt. 
H: Ooh, nice chain John. Careful though, don't hurt yourself.
J: Thank you. 
H: I mean, Pizza John photo shoot time! Look at this chain! Oh yeah.
*Camera clicking sound effects*
H: Your chain's real dirty. 
J: I actually don't want this on my body anymore. 

H: Can we actually go into the farm? 
J: I guess, man.
H: It's unlocked. 
J: I mean, that actually is a beautiful--
H: That's super cool.

*Illumination by Andrew Huang Plays* I saw a soul through a window, while we drove San Francisco. Go anywhere the wind blows
Get high, sit low
In the darkness, that’s where I live
Heart to heartless, no care to give
And no compass and no anchor
Doing dumb shit with this anger
Pumped kisses undone
This is just fun/business
You’ve swapped tongues with this skull, these bones
The old hackneyed angler
You fall for these
All of these harmonies of insolvency
Spiritual deficit and poverty
Drop to knees
Offer up vain apologies

H: John, last show.
J: I'm ready, to do it. I'm just gonna miss the bus so much. 
H: Hellooooo! Thanks for showing up real early. Thanks. Oh my god, this is a big place. Hey, there it is! In the basement. These are the books John's gonna sign. 
*Musical Interlude*
H: How you feeling?
J: Good, little nervous. Just going through our questions. 
H: Oh, you got questions. And we got--
J: Doughnuuuuts!
H: That doesn't happen every night. Thank you to whoever gave us donuts.
J: I would now like to bring to the stage, for the very first time, my brother Hank.

H: Human brains are remarkably flexible. I've been lucky enough to have had a bunch of moments of tremendous positive shift in my life. Going to college, to summer camp, moving to a new place, going on and coming back from tour, it's amazing how fast I find my brain shifts to accept that this new life is my life now. And then when I go back to my old place, that life is my life now. That transition is overwhelming, yeah, definitely, but it also, it's an opportunity to examine my work and what I want to be doing, and I'm very glad to have shared this intense experience with you John, and with so many other people, and you have made people happy, and to just think out loud what it means to be a person. But I am also very very very happy to be back home.
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

J: This doesn't feel weird in a pecan orchard at all, people are watching me.
*Hank laughs*