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In which John and Hank answer questions from what was in retrospect definitely not a pecan orchard. Topics discussed include Turtles All the Way Down, pizza, opinions, and their beloved Uncle Joe.

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J: Good morning Hank. It's Tuesday.

H: Good morning John!

J: Aww we're in a pecan orchard. 

H: It's really nice.

J: We're on the side of the road in this beautiful pecan orchard. Hank it's question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. First question Hank - do you have a favorite hat?

H: Hmmmmmm

J: Available at only for the next five days along with all the other Pizzamas gear.

H: Extra cool if you wear it like this.

J: Oh boy. I mean that is, that is a dad hat. Hank how's the tour been?

H: So good.

J: So good.

H: So good.

J: Really just two so goods.

H: It's three so goods.

Both: So good. So good. So good.

J: Hank's right. Too much or not enough?

H: I would rather have too much.

J: Oh yeah.

H: I'm American. John, how's the book doing?

J: Well! It's been number one on the New York Times best seller list for three straight weeks so thank you everybody. How does one explain Pizza John to somebody who doesn't know about Pizza John?

H: I don't.

J: I feel like it's not something you explain, it's just something you accept.

H: Yeah you just like, "It's the guy who wrote Fault in Our Stars", that's all you got to say. And then they're like "Oh and he's a pizza..."

J: Which of you is more of a lightweight?

H: Clearly me.

J: I mean-

H: I mean

J: He, Hank is the lightest weight.

H: John how sad are you to be missing out on Saturday at Podcon?

J: I'm sorry to miss the first day of Podcon although there's still going to be plenty of live Dear Hank and John, I'll still be there. But I'm missing it because I'm interviewing former Vice President Joe Biden. So I'm not that sad because I'm pretty psyched about interviewing former Vice President Joe Biden.

H: I think people know who Joe Biden is. You don't have to qualify him every time.

J: Oh yeah? I don't?

H: I don't know.

J: Did I ever tell you-

H: Poll in the sidebar. Do you know who Joe Biden is? I do feel like you can say nothing and Uncle Joe would fill up the time.

J: Good old Uncle Joe. Oh God what if he knows that we call him Uncle Joe. And he introduces himself, he's like "Hey John, nice to meet ya. I do not appreciate being called Uncle Joe on the Vlogbrothers". They're going to have to like prep him-

H: Right

J: -and it's gonna be like "So who's this guy who's interviewing me? Well actually, he made a video about you in a pecan orchard while wearing his face on his torso.

H: That was my Joe Biden dance. That was just for Joe, no one else gets to enjoy it.

J: Hank, are hot dogs sandwiches?

H: No opinion. WHOAAAAA!

J: So a thing that Hank and I have been doing on tour is we have decided that we have too many opinions. So everyday, Hank and I are abandoning one opinion. I've abandoned my opinion on whether a hot dog is a sandwich. I've abandoned my opinion on Phil Collins's music, I no longer have an opinion about it.

H: I've abandoned my opinion on other people's opinions of M&M flavors.

J: Yeah, which is a big deal for Hank because-

H: It was difficult

J: He was a hardcore anti-peanut butter M&Ms

H: They're so bad

J: Nope! Nope!

H: But you are allowed to love them.

J: There you go. I'm going to abandoned one opinion every day until I find that I am left with some really core, important opinions. Hey Hank, how would you summarize the book tour experience in the form of a haiku?

H: You didn't give any prep for this?

J: You didn't give any prep...for this-

H: No that's not it-

J: No, no you're not even close.

H: Nau-se-a-ted bus, Now I'm drunk again
Hang-ing out with John a lot,
Birds fly ar-ound me.

J: (laughter)

H: I don't know if you knew that about the tour experience, but every time you go outside it's like woowoowoo

J: Well, because of the nauseated bus. You've got the birds flying all around you-

H: Oh right, it's the birds--like in the cartoon, okay.

J: Hey Hank, where can I get Pizzamas gear and for how much longer? Somebody knows how to get on Question Tuesday.

H: This way!

J: No you have to go to, and it's only available until Friday. Happy Pizzamas everybody! Hank, I will see you...whenever you get back! Oh, there you are! Oh, P.S., Hank, someone asked, "Can we get a discount code for Pizzamas merch?" and I decided, you know what? Yeah! For the next 24 hours if you use the discount code "Pizza" you will get...

H: One percent off.

J: One percent off of your purchase at It's a great discount, Hank.

H: For anything on the whole site?

J: For anything on the whole site.

H: Woah.

J: One percent.

H: One percent.