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(0:00) [Beat making] 
Hank: [singing] It's the top ten hits of the 80s! 

H: This is an uninteresting story I want to tell you.
G: Yeah. Do it. 'Cause I'm going to take the audio out while you tell this story.
H: Okay. When I was in 2 thous-
G: [narration singing] Look at it go. I'm commenting, commenting commenting! 
H: 5 years later he remembered that.
G: Time is an illusion. 
[Ding] [Ding]
G: Let's start. I'm mydamnchannel. 
H: What was that? 
G: Perfect.
H: Wha-what. 
G: Oh I'm here with Hank Green so

H: Right. I'm Hank-
G: Okay uh
H: I make videos on youtube
G: averyfunperson
H: I like to do science-
G: New viewser alert, new viewser alert 
H:and talk about interesting..
G: New viewser alert. 

H: Grace wins.
G: For all of you who don't know when a new viewser comments on one of my videos I haze the crap out of them and welcome them to the DailyGrace family. How do I know when it's a new viewser I don't know I just guess.
H: You vooiewsger.  
[Both Laugh]
Person off camera: Was that German? 
G: Did you just have a stroke on camera?!?!
Person off camera: Do you smell toast? 
G: Oh Mamrie Hart is here too. 
Mamrie: Oh hey guys! 

H: I was trying to say new viewser--
G: no it's good.
H: And I said you've been hazed at the same time.
G: [Laughing]
H: And I said new viewsger. 
G: Hank hazed everyone in this video today.
H: I'm ready. A very pun person. 
G: Okay. Get your shirt. [deep voice] You've been hazzzeeedd. 
If DailyGrace starts with 1,000,000 subscribers and Fred- 
Both: God help us all
G: takes 200 away, how many subscribers does DailyGrace end with. 
H: How fast does he take them away? Because DailyGrace gets 200 subscribers every freaking second. 
G: And why would Fred do that to me? 
H: Seriously. He's a nice guy.
G: Lucas.
H: Lucas.
G: You are..
H: old enough..
G: a friend. 
H: now. 
H: You are Fred.
G: Now let's go to twitter! -laughs- kay. @Rooks New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert.
H: Rooks? You mean crooks? or jrooks? Thats jerks in a really bad accent.

H: [attempts accent] jooerrrks. That's terrible.
G: Like a five year old saying jerks. 
Both: nahhbahhaahah 
G: How much money does youtube give you, question mark. 
H: They don't actually pay in money. They give mmmmm mostly potato chips but it's a lot of potato chips.
G: I know. Potato chips like in every other area of your life come with a thin layer of shame after you.. 
H: and sour cream and onion. 
G: This has gone from making some sense to making zero of a sense. 
H: New Viewser alert! New Viewser alert! New Viewser-
G: Not yet! 
H: Oh. 
G: Jenna.... Daigle 14. New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert!
H: More like Jenna Bagle 14. 
G: F carbs
Both: WOOOO. 
G: get out of my brain, exclamation point... So that's in your brain now. Have fun with that. Good luck. And happy Easter. Now lets go to facebook -laugh-. 
H: Why do you laugh everytime you say the name of a social media site. 
G: Okay, Okay. Jacob Nagaha. New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert.

H: I'm not going to touch that one. 
Both: Grrrrrrrrr
G: Grace-facing before my ball, mmmmmm.
H: Judging I think by the hedge row behind him-
G: yeah
H:-the quality of his beatle and also the quality of his.. just the general quality I would say he's a Scott. 
G: I would say he's Scott great personality.
H:[mumbles] you've been hazed...
G:[laughs] When I look into a mirror sometimes that's what I hope looks back at me. 
H: It never happens. 
G: Charlie Vawter. New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert. Charlie Vawter more like
H: Farty Ballter. 
G: Great. Fart through your balls.
H: [high pitched] you've been hazed.
G: Me and my friend Ross grace-facing in our french class. We loooove you. They look very like sweet and like they don't have any secret hidden agenda for anything in their lives.
H: Are you serious? 
G: Now lets go to youtube [laughs].

H: What. Why is that so funny. 
G: Because it looked like you were milking a robot cow. 
Both: [laughing]
H: Only oil come from robot cow. 
G: I should make sure the audio is on.. It is.
H: YAY!! 
G: Sarah Turner New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert. Sarah Turner more like
H: I wasn't paying attention.
G: Great.
Both: you've been hazed. 
G: I love drunk Grace. Haha! 
H: Haha! You don't actually drink though. 
G: No.
H: Yeah never 
G: Never, in my life. Rusty123ff. New Viewser alert New Viewser alert New Viewser alert. That's you now. 
H: [starts laughing]
G: He's done now. Forever. You've been hazed! Rusty123ff more like Rusty I'll give you three seconds to F offff.
H: I don't know. 
G: Okay. You've been hazed. Review the season 3 finale of walking dead.
H: I can't believe they killed..
G: Andrea.
H: And I'm really upset..
G: that they didn't reveal how she did her hair so well in an apocalypse before they, she got killed. 

H: And, but I'm pretty pleased with how..
G: Carl is handling his new maturity. 
[Mamrie giggles]
G: Thanks for watching this episode of uh commenting on your comments hope you had a great time. Don't forget to watch the Vlogbrothers because they do somethings occasionally. Byeee.

It's working! Okay uh. I just wanted to take a second to mention that I got to be the guess host on a little webseries, show, thing, shenanigan, called popoholics this week. And all the information to go watch it is in this thing down there. Okay. And I got to guess host with Blacknerdcomedy! Andre! So great. Um, so it was a really fun time. And I hope you go watch it and enjoy it. And it might educate you in a couple of things pop-culture. That's always good. I'm gonna leave you now. I appologize, I don't.