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Elliot: Hey, guys. Welcome to Morning Mouth Off. My name is Elliot Morgan. This is Joe Bereta. That's Lee Newton. This is Hank Green.

Hank: I'm Hank Green.

Elliot: That's really cool.

Lee: What?! What?!

Elliot: So, uh, if you're not familiar with Morning Mouth Off, we take a particular news story, we blast it out on Facebook. If you want to be part of the conversation, you go to and you can like us and you can be privy to all this fun stuff. You leave us comments, we go through the comments.

Anyway, here's what we're talking about today. We're talking about Psy's new music video called "Gentlemen." He's been getting a lot of flak because people have been saying that it shows him being abusive to women. Or that it’s sexist. Or misogynistic. Which is a word... I don't even know what that means-

Joe: That's a lot of words.

Elliot: So we asked what you guys think about it and before we do that, we're going to do both sides of the coin.

 Both Sides of the Coin

Elliot: First up, with why it is not sexist, is Lee Newton.

Lee: Oh. Why it is not sexist? Okay, um, my honest opinion is because it's in jest. He's trying to get someone back and then they get him back too, and it’s all fun and games. And I think at one point, he farts in his hand and puts it in a girl's face which, if you've ever been in this office, happens on the daily. 

Joe: That's not fair! No no no-

Elliott: We don't do the hand thing! No hand. 

Hank: No hand. No-

Lee: No, but Nor(?), one of the editors, does make it a point to daily fart on me. It can be viewed as sexist if you want too. It can also be viewed as, like, 100% in jest and funny and just trying to make a joke out of everything. 

Joe: Perhaps lost in translation. 

Elliott: Alright! Other side of the coin, why it is sexist and offensive, Joe! 

Joe: Cool. Everybody feel free to chime in. I mean the video portrays him doing only mean things to women and there's never any retaliation towards that. There might be one moment.

Hank: There is. There totally is.

Joe: There might be one or two.

Hank: They get him back. Or they get someone back. I'm not really sure.

Joe: They maybe mingle for a moment. 

Hank: I've only seen it one time.

Lee: That’s all you really can handle.

Elliott: Thought you’d mention it. (?)

Joe: That’s probably one of the main points we’re going to talk about, is how many times are people really going to see this one.

Hank: I think that nobody talking about this knows what he's saying. I actually did a translation of Gangnam Style and when I first read it, I was like, “This does not make any sense,” but then it turned out that it was talking about all sorts of things that I didn't understand. 

Lee: Ohh.

Hank: But it meant something to those people because when we sing songs, we don't sing songs- like- we don’t- we use metaphor.

Joe: That’s true. 

Hank: We use references and so like those things aren't going to translate directly. 

Joe: It could be legend. It could be lore. 

Hank: So we need- We need somebody, some South Korean people, to actually tell us what they think the song means. 

Lee: Yeah. Or what it means to them. 

Joe: Just out of quick curiosity before I move on, what was any of the messages that you found were contained in Gangnam Style?

Hank: It was definitely satire. It was about, uh like, rich- People pretending to look like they're rich, like they live in this district of Seoul where it's like very important to do expensive looking things and wear expensive looking clothes and like be a part. It is sort of like Beverly Hills but then there’s a segment of people that try to put on that appearance and like send themselves into astounding debt doing it.

Elliott: It was more a satire.

Hank: So it’s criticizing the idea that like- of that materialistic culture and it was actually quite interesting. So it's completely possible that he's like calling out.

Lee: So what if it’s like a comment on misogyny. 

Hank: Yeah. Maybe he's saying like- these jerk face like- it is not cool to be a jerk. Isn't it so funny when we make fun of women haha. And to me, you can't watch that video and be like, “That guy is like legitimately cool.”

Joe: haha no. 

Lee: No. No way. 

Hank: No, you're thinking like “No, that guy is being a total dick to a bunch of ladies and that's- that's great I love that. That's my favorite thing: when people are just really mean to people for no reason.”

Lee: Nailed it, Psy!

Elliot: Yeah, I think that’s the mistake people make. “Hey it’s just funny.” But then when you watch the video, the common thread through all this is like it's not actually that funny

Lee: Yeah

Elliot: Like just by comedic standards.

Hank: You're- you're not empathizing with the guys. Yeah. You're empathizing with the girls. 

Joe: That's true and none of that- none of that was established in his earlier big hit either. In Gangnam Style, there wasn't any misogynistic tendencies and it was just fun. This one’s- This one’s a little bit more like why isn’t-

Elliot: You could argue misogynistic in anything but not to the degree that it-

Joe: Well, there’s scantily clad girls dancing in the video, but that’s every video!

Hank: Every video!

Elliot: Was he screaming at a girl's butt or something? Okay! Uh. We're gonna put five minutes on the clock. We're gonna go through your comments starting right (clicking noises from laptop) now!

 5 Minutes of Comments

Lee: Now!

Joe: Go! Let’s bring one up! Bring one up quick!

Lee: It’s okay. You're- Oh- You're just texting away.

Hank: Yeah. I’m just-

Elliott: Click whenever. Oh, where’s the time? (?)

Joe: Scott Purdie says, “Yeah it could be offensive. But so is every other American rapper. How many times do women get referred to being a bitch. If you get offended by a song, you need to teaspoon of concrete.”

Lee: Wow!

Hank: “To teaspoon of concrete!”

Lee: No. That’s actually a fun fact.

Elliot: Alright! You kinda lost me there!

Lee: No, I’ve had to often times to teaspoon of concrete.

Hank: I watched her do it earlier today. 

Lee: And it's just one of those things where I just, you know. You gotta choke it down.

Hank: It’s pretty cute. 

Elliot: Uh. Toshi Cat says, “That’s really weird because when I first watched the video I was all like wow that's pretty abusive but they're men who tell women that they need to ‘fix their face’ (plastic surgery) in Korea on live TV... Sooo d'no' how tis over there.” Um. So yeah. Basically their argument is “we don't know how it is over there so they might be way worse and this is just how it is.”

Joe: Ahh- umm Let’s... We're throwing the word abuse around a lot in this conversation.

Lee: Yeah I mean it's-

Joe: Watch the video. It’s stupid. Yes. It’s all directed towards women, yes, but they're all just dumb practical jokes. Yeah. Like he’s not-

Lee: Yeah, he's not abusing, and we've all seen Eminem videos, right? He burns houses down.

Hank: But saying one thing is worse does not make another thing not bad.

Lee: No. Of course not. Of course not, but I just think it's funny that it's like "Psy." Like alright, I mean he's wearing hammer pants for god’s sake.

Hank: I think a little bit of what's going on is we want to have something to think about this and it's hard to have something to think about it because we don't know what's going on.

Lee: Yeah. I- That’s-

Joe: Exactly

Hank: And we never knew what to think about Psy in the first place-

Joe: We still don’t!

Hank: Really that was the point! The point is we didn’t know what was going on.

Lee: I really do like that. It's just pulling out of thin air.

Hank: And now we feel like we sort of kind of halfway know something about what's going and then we can have this like half-baked opinion about it.

Lee: haha

Elliot and Joe: uh-huh

Lee: This is how I feel (clicking on table). Comments.

Hank: And then we can talk about it on this show.

Lee: Yeah, right okay. Well, Mackenzie Maxwell said, “I don't think this video should be taken seriously by women, gentlemen, or anyone else. It's meant to be funny and silly. I mean, Psy farts in his hands and puts it in a woman's face. That pretty much says, ‘Don't take this seriously. Just have a good laugh, world.’”

Elliot: You know that classic gag…

Joe: …where you fart in your hand.

Hank: I don't know why none of us have done it yet.

Lee: It's called a Cup of Cheese for a reason. Is it called a cup of cheese or is that the 80's?

Elliot: Did you just make that up?

Lee: No! Cup of Cheese! My brother used to Cup of Cheese me all the time. You fart in your hand and then you go, "Cup of Cheese." 

Joe: I think, I think...

Elliot: That's just your brother who came up with that.

Lee: There's no way! Please help me out. There's no way that I'm the only one.

Joe: I think it is wrong of you to not also admit that you did the same thing to your brother.

Lee: 100%. I dutch-ovened him a lot. [dutch-oven: when you’re in bed with someone, fart, and then pull the covers/blanket over their head to trap them in the smell]

Elliot: All the time. You not- (?)

Joe: What an Oregon thing to do.

Lee: It was. Actually, every single time there's blanket farts- blanket farts were filled with forts- blanket forts were filled with farts. Fun fact in the Newton household.

Joe: In that video...

Hank: Okay, so Urban Dictionary says "Cup of Cheese" is a thing. 


Elliot: Oh, all right.

Hank: Urban Dictionary agrees. Cup of Cheese is totally a thing.

Lee: See?

Elliot: I like how Urban Dictionary has become like a legitimate source for-

Lee: What does Urban Dictionary say?

Hank: It says, "Cupping your hand over your fart box, expelling your noxious gasses and then shoving your cupped hand up to a friend's nose for a pleasant whiff, while repeating the words 'Cup of Cheese.'"

Lee: Cup of Cheese!

Elliot: (?)

Joe: You should look up "goner" while you're on there. G-O-N-E-R.

Hank: Not happening.

Elliot: Or quee... Okay, Mackenzie Ma- Oh no. You’ve already read Mackenzie Maxwell. Uh…

Joe: How about Caitlin Oliver? She says-

Elliot: You stole my comment. What do you got?

Joe: -"This video is not abusive towards women. Obviously yes, it shows guys being jerks towards women, but I’m pretty sure his message isn't to do what he's doing in the video. It’s just meant to make you laugh. I’m sure he isn't in favor with this behavior. The song is called gentlemen and the video shows you how not to be one. Gangnam Style was the same thing with showing opposites, pretty much. I'm a girl and I took no offense to this video at all."

Lee: Ah! Okay.

Elliot: Okay, let's take a moment and maybe step away from the Psy theme because I think we kinda go around in a circle there. And I think we’re kinda all on the same page. It doesn’t matter.

Hank: I think we got it. I think we got it. I think we know where we’re at.

Elliot: We've exhausted Psy. Censorship in general in regards to sexism. Sexism's like- Do you guys still pick up on it? Do you guys still... ‘cause I knew we were talking a second ago about Tumblr, and Tumblr is like this haven where if you go, you learn things about what is currently considered misogynistic. 

Joe: You learn things about anything that you like.

Hank: You can learn anything

Elliot: Yeah, it's crazy.
Hank: It has everything, Tumblr.

Joe: Yep.

Hank: It also has a lot of…

Joe: bad stuff.

Hank: …maybe over the line in terms of- My big problem is when people are like, "That's sexist. You're terrible, and I'll never like you again, and I'm gonna light your house on fire" 

Lee: Yeah.

Hank: And I'm like "well... well... okay well, maybe I said something that was a little- and I apologize and would like- you know- we're not- nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes and sometimes when we're more public people, we do it more publicly. But don't threaten to kill my dog! Like that makes you much worse than me.

Elliot: The irony of- The irony of being angry and like yelling and cursing and like judging somebody else because they are judging someone else is kinda self-defeating. And bad.

Hank: Well nobody was born perfect and we're all a product of our culture, and we're all trying make ourselves better people and if you tell me like a way to make myself a better person, maybe I'll take that advice, but if you couple that with a threat to my family...

Joe: Deleted. Goodbye.

Elliot: Are you speaking from personal experience?

(song begins to play) 

Lee: Cup of Cheese!


Elliot: That was great. Great ending.

 Five Words

Elliot: Okay cool. So next up, we are going to do Five Words. We're going to summarize our opinions in five words you guys do the same thing. Expound upon it in the comments section down below. We're gonna start with (buzzing noise) Lee?

Lee: Okay, I'll do it.

Elliot: (?) You’re gonna start five words

Lee:  I got five words. Yeah, I got five words. It's just for laughs yo.

Joe: “It's just for laughs yo”?

Lee: Yeah, it's just for laughs yo.

Hank: Please translate this for me.


Elliot: Uh...gosh. Okay...

Lee: It doesn't have to be too deep there, Morgan.

Elliot: Hold on. This is going to be good. This is important, okay.

Hank: I was down here counting for like 15 minutes before, cause I was like, “I got to have a thing ready.”

Elliot: Psy seems like a- Nope.


Lee: Nailed it.

Elliot: Psy seems like weird dude. Psy seems like weird dude. Article. Sorry, article. I lost you.

Joe: Less hits than Gangnam Style.


Lee: Oh. Excellent, excellent.

Joe: Song’s catchy but it's not as good.

Hank: Yeah, it's not gonna happen. Nothing will ever-

Joe: Well, well-

Hank: I mean something someday will, but it won’t be from Psy.

Joe: Poor Psy.

Hank: I'm not gonna feel bad for Psy

Lee: No. I think he's gonna be okay. Right?

Hank: I think he's fine.

Lee: With all that Pistachio money? What are you kidding me?

Joe: He brought back hammer and for that, I am eternally grateful.


Elliot: Alright. Thank you guys for joining us, and in case you're not familiar with Hank Green and his wonderful channel, you can go to Hank's personal channel or you can go to the Vlogbrothers, because they're awesome with everything and they have wonderful insight on everything and you should watch every single one of their videos since the dawn of time. My name is Elliot Morgan.

Joe: I'm Joe Bereta.

Lee: I'm Lee Newton.

Hank: I'm Hank Green. You guys are weird.

Elliot: Really great.

Joe: This is happiness.

Elliot: It’s wonderful.

Lee: So nice.

Joe: Welcome to happiness.

Lee: He’s soft.

Joe: He's never going home.

Lee: I didn't know he would be this soft.

Joe: Don't you pull away. This is love. You do not pull away from love.

Elliot: Olé?

Joe: You do not pull away from love.

Elliot: Olé.

Lee: We alienate everybody.