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Good morning, John.

It is Tuesday, February 17th and I have got some business to take care of! (singing) It's business time! First, I must give away this signed copy of my CD to the person who told...the be- *sneezes* the best joke in the comments of the 51 Jokes video. And the first 2000 or so contained some pretty excellent candidates.

For example: A rubber band pistol was confiscated during algebra class. It was a weapon of math disruption! Did you know that Michael Jordan can jump higher than your house?

Uh, yeah, my house can't jump at all. But before I make this video into 52 Jokes, I should probably just tell you the winner: Today I changed a light bulb, crossed the street, and walked into a bar. It was then that I life is a joke.

I had just been reading so many jokes that I was ready to accept one that challenged the archetype of jokes. And so I am pleased to award that person, sorra000111, a signed copy of my CD. Check your YouTube messages, Sorra.

Part Two I'm doing with a lampshade on my head: the title of the anglerfish song. This has been a very difficult decision for me. Ok, I'm realizing that this isn't going to be a very interesting video, so I'm gonna put on every shirt that I own.

I've got one more, and this one is stuck. John, now I know what it feels like for you to try and put on a medium shirt. This, my friends, is the one that I must go with.

From refugeejohn: "The Anglerfish Song Regarding the Human Mentality in Respect to How to Interpret Perpetually Felt Emotions While Educating You on the Subject of Anglerfish." That is Nerdfighteria, man. And with all respect to refugeejohn, I think we'll probably all just call it "The Anglerfish Song," but that will be its full title. Congratulations, refugeejohn!

Last, but certainly not least, John and I would like to announce the creation of the Ningmasters! That's right, the Ningmasters have been selected! And, in no particular order: We're starting out with Tom, whose screenname is actually Tom.

Tom will be our images Ningmaster. He'll go through all the images submitted to the Ning, promote the good ones, and then every Thursday he'll have a post in which he talks about the best images of the week. Next, we have Amber the Ambery One.

Amber the Ambery One will be in charge of two things: One, organizing the forum. And two, she will be head of Nerdfighter projects. So every week, on Monday, she will feature the best videos from Nerdfighters on the Ning.

And then we have Katie Monster. Katie Monster will be, one, the chat moderator, and two, submitting whatever she wants to on Wednesdays. Next we have Eric of Eric's Every New Day, who will be Tuesday's content promoter.

It's really hot in here! Now we come to our books editor, Sarah/Maddie's Grace. Sarah is an English teacher and very active Ning-er, and Sarah will be promoting book reviews, and also help us organize the Nerdfighter Blurbing Book Club, which we have completely neglected.

She will be doing that on Fridays. And, finally, we have three forum moderators. First, we have Penny.

Penny is an experienced moderator. She is a super mod on a gigantic Zelda forum. I can't say that there's any better qualification for being a Nerdfighting Ningmaster than super mod-ing on a Zelda forum.

Second we have Jennifighter- by which I mean Jennifer- Jennifighter? Interesting. Who actually has a license plate that says Nerdfighter on it.

And lastly we have Chip, who was in My Pants pretty much from the day they were created. Those forum moderators will feature forum content on Saturday and Sunday so everybody can know all the awesome things that are going on in the forum. And finally, a very special Ningmaster- the only Ningmaster who applied who had a banana suit.

That's right, Benny Boo Boo has a banana suit and he will do whatever we ask him to, while wearing the banana suit. Please leave in the comments anything you would like Benny Boo Boo to do with his banana suit. We could write a song about that... (singing) The things Benny Boo Boo will do, With his banana suit, Oh all the things, all the things, What do they include?

Oh Benny Boo Boo, With your banana suit! Each of these Ningmaster positions are three month positions. At the end of that three months people will be rotated in and out depending on various circumstances.

Now I have my video done! And me, I will see me tomorrow. Nerdfighters!