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100 days is over! John and Chris do their final metrics and compete in a 10-kilometer race with some of the people who helped them along this journey.

You can still donate to support Exodus Refugee Immigration:

Thanks to all these wonderful folks for joining us on this cold, windy day:
Mykal, John, Denise, Laura, Terry, Holly, Debi, Sarah, Greg, Jen, Renee, Marina, Corinne, Rosianna, Dana, Devon, Carmen, and Cathy.

We've got F*CKING MAJESTIC shirts!

*Please consult YOUR doctors about any concerns you might have before starting your own fitness journey.

Follow along:

 Intro (0:00)

J: [breathing heavily] I'm seeing some dots.

C: That's hard.

C: That burns.

J: Like a f*cking eagle in flight.

C: C'mon John, get it!

J: F*ckin majestic.

C: My *ss is so f*cking sore, by the way Laura.

J: Yeah, mine too.

J: Bring me down in a timely fashion please.

J: Explain to me what this has to do with functional fitness. Is this for if you're pregnant with 17 babies?

J: Ah! God! 

J: Oh, you're an angel! You're a dove in the sky!

C: John I am not gonna go the rest of my life without eating pizza.

J: Ahh!

J: Oh god! Oh god! 

C: Vente! 

Suzana: Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

J: This is the heroic dolphin.

Laura: Yes! 

J: Yes!

C: I gonna rain the thunder down right here.

C: Did that look as graceful as it felt? 

J: F*ckin majestic.

C: F*cking majestic. 

J: What are we doing?

C: Doing a trail run in an ice storm. 

J: Here we go!

J: Great shot Chris!

C: You can do it John! 

J: Gah! Yes!

C: Good job!

J: Sun came up while I was running. Felt good. A little tired, but uh, man, I just like this. 

[100 Days Intro]

John: [voice over] Welcome back to 100 Days. So it was Day 99 even though it feels like we just started and Chris and I were not in our best states.

J: I think I have, uh, stomach flu.

C: Do you really?

J: I'm a little worried.

C: Does your stomach feel off?

J: Yeah...

C: Oh sh*t!

John: [voice over] But it was time to check our metrics to see how we've improved since the beginning of this project. We started with our half mile run.

J: This is not really a challenging run pace for me anymore.

John: [voice over] Afterwards Chris' heart rate was 135 beats per minute, mine was 149. So I made some progress here. Chris was already pretty fit and now ya know, still is.

Then it was push up time - I did 47 - 

Laura: 40....

J: Ah!

Laura: 47! Yeah!

C: Good job man!

John: [voice over] And Chris did 50, or 49 and a half at least. For both of us that's around double our Day 1 numbers. 

C: Not good!

J: Couple of the last ones weren't pretty, but they count.

Laura: What did you get?

C: 50.

J: He got it. That was the 50th. 

Laura: Alright!

Chris: [voice over] I was extremely proud of the push ups cause that was the one thing that we were driving towards is the push ups. It is astonishing to go from what, 21 to 47 push ups, and 27 to 50 push ups.

C: I'm just gonna spend the rest of this workout doing a wall sit.

J: Alright, let's see.

C: I mean you've gotten fitter, but you've just got used to dealing with pain.

J: That's a lot of it. 

C: Yeah. 

J: Gahhhh! 

C: 4:15!

Laura: 4:15!

J: Ah! Ooh.

Laura: And your first wall sit was 48 seconds or something right?

J: I mean there's been a lot of leg work.

J: How ya doing Chris?

C: Good.

J: Just gonna settle in now?

C: Does anybody have like a sandwich, or...

J: Chris is at 6 minutes and he's not really suffering.

C: HarRY PohttER?

J: HarRY PohttER. He's French.

Laura: [laughs]

C: HarRY PohttER. 

J: Oh my god! You're still joking at 6 minutes and 45 seconds!

C: Oh what the f*ck is this Laura!

Laura: [laughs]

J: You did it for so long Laura got a call!

John: [voice over] Our wall sits have also significantly improved. Chris has gone from 2 minutes to 7 minutes. I went from 48 seconds to 4 minutes 15 seconds. 

C: There we go.

J: Oh my god.

John: [voice over] Then planks. I did this for 2 minutes 29 seconds, Chris went for 4 minutes 20 seconds. Originally I was at 1:40 and Chris was at 2 minutes.

J: It's beautiful, look at that. You're like shaking like a dove giving birth. 

John: [voice over] I did 20 band assisted pull ups - an improvement of 15 total. 

C: That's a gentlemen's 20.

J: I think I got there. I mean I got there as much as I got 5 on the first day.

John: [voice over] Then Chris did 9 improving by 4. 

C: Those aren't even real. Pull ups just are never gonna be my thing. 

John: [voice over] And then we were both very nervous about riser jumps. 

C: You want to know what my least favorite thing of 100 Days is? Is this.

Laura: Woah! Oh. Are you okay?

J: You alright?

J: It's too high. 

Laura: Oh! 

J: Yes!

John: [voice over] But in the end I hit 16. Chris was too anxious to try 16, but he did get to 16 before, so we're gonna count that.

C: I don't have the confidence.

J: Just don't. Just don't, cause if you hurt -

C: Did you see me back up there?

J: Yeah, just don't.

John: [voice over] After our metrics we didn't have that much time left thanks to Chris and his 7 minute wall sit.

C: So it's... Hermione? 

J: Yes.

C: Hermione. 

John: [voice over] But we did some stations, the usual suspects - push ups, burpees, rope jacks, you know all this stuff by now.

C: I may never do another burpee after this.

J: [laughs]

J: I won't miss this shot Sheridan. I'm not gonna miss this. 

John: [voice over] Chris has totally given up on winning the food tracking competition so he's gonna be seeing Suzana soon. I didn't take all of my pictures put here are some. 

 Day 100 (5:11)

John: [voice over] And then finally it was Day 100 and our 10 kilometer benefiting Exodus Refugee was here. You can still donate by the way. 

C: I feel... a hundred times better than I did 100 days ago. 

J: I feel f*cking majestic.

C: Yeah, f*cking majestic. 

John: [voice over] And some of our friends showed up to join in and support us. Laura, her husband Michael, some of her running group, our wives Sarah and Marina, our indoor cycling instructor Carmen, our psychologist Erica, Rosianna, and some of the Nap Town Roller Derby skaters. 

All in all there were about 20 of us braving the cold. The course was a tough 2.5 kilometers of trails with lots of hills and even some flights of stairs and we did 4 laps each for a full 10k. 

J: Oh! That was close. That was very close

C: It was a very difficult, like, run.

J: I felt like we were using all the things we'd learned in 100 Days. Like, we were doing interval training ya know, because you had these periods where you had to run up stairs.

C: I mean, it was muddy, so you're - 

J: Yeah.

C: You have to use your balance running down these muddy slopes.

J: I was using all the, the like, mental tricks that I'd learned to kind of keep myself going and to, uh, tell myself that I could do it.

John: [voice over] It was really poignant to run alongside all the people who've motivated us for the past 100 days. Especially our spouses who have provided immeasurable off screen support. 

Chris couldn't quite beat Laura which was his goal, but he did finish with a great time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 58 seconds, and I was close behind at 1 hour 6 minutes and 23 seconds. 


C: Good job, man. 

J: Good 100 Days!

J: It was really special for me. I, I've never felt like that before. 

C: The energy was so great, crossing the finish line and then waiting for you to cross the finish line was really cool. And seeing all the faces of the people that we'd been with along the way there - it was just, like, one big conclusion to it. If it had just not been so windy and we could have enjoyed it a little more afterwards it would have been nicer but it was very cold and windy and we all wanted to get out of there.

John: [voice over] We even took some Day 100 meal pictures - very Instagram worthy. And after that we were very ready to head off on our vacation to Jamaica. But don't worry! We're not done with videos just yet. We've still got some doctor's appointments and of course Chris' dreaded boxing punishment.

In the comments let me know about the races you participated in, or if you have one coming up. And tweet us pictures. 

This was really my first race ever and, boy, did it feel good to finish.

Thanks for watching. I'll see you on Day 101. 

[credits screen]

Laura: Do you remember how sh*tty you felt last time because I told you to take your time and you didn't?

J: Yep.

C: Sorry, that's John and my's problem, is sometimes we just like to go too hard in the gym.

J: Yeah, unfortunately Laura I only have one speed, and it's full out.