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Nat Wolff and John Green discuss Paper Towns, Cara Delevingne shaving off their eyebrows and being eaten by dinosaurs. Plus some pretty strange impressions of cows on the farm.

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John: How's it going?

Interviewer: Very good.

J: I like your glasses.

I: Thanks.

Nat: We did a Twitter thing together.

I: We did.

J: Did you?

I: We hung out earlier.

N: I tweeted to the whole world on the Sugarscape Tweeter. Twitter

I: You did. You did.

J: Cool. Tweeter? Yeah, that's a great dupe. How much do you know about social media? Well I enjoy Tweeter.

N: I enjoy Tweeter.

J: I'm very good at it, I have a lot of followers on Tweeter.


I: Hello Nat Wolff and John Green.

J: Yeah. Hi.

I: Yeah. How are you both today?

N: Good. We're doing good.

J: We are doing well. We're a bit, like, like, like distracted lambs or something but we're doing good.

I: Delirious.

N: We're just like cows on the farm.

J: Just like murrr.

N: Murrr.

J: What is happening?

I: OK, so we need to talk about Paper Towns.

J: OK.

I: On a scale of one to biting off your own arm with excitement, just how excited are you for everyone to see this film?

J: I mean, after...

N: I'm like a Tyrannosaurus rex. (J & N laugh)

J: I am seriously...

N: I'm like a bunch of dogs that are just barking their heads off.

J: I am so excited, I am seriously... I don't know if you can tell from, like, how geekily we are...

I: I'm getting this delirious vibe.

N: I'm so excited.

J: But we are, like, genuinely... First off, would I be on a press tour that I don't have to be on if I weren't excited?

I: Hopefully not.

J: No. I would not be.

N: Maybe he's being held at gunpoint?

J: I, no I'm not. I am genuinely excited. I am like, yeah. I'm just like a, like a puppy that's on a leash that's, like, trying to, like... I'm fired up. Let's do it.

I: OK. Seeing as Paper Towns is all about graduation, coming of age, that kind of thing, we're hoping you can give the rest of the cast some high school superlatives to finish off with.

J: Oh, that's so cute.

I: So I'm gonna give you some. So I'm going to give you some "Most likely to"s  and you're going to tell me who on the cast you think it best fits.

J: OK, I'm ready.

N: OK.

I: So first one, most likely to remove one of your eyebrows as you sleep.

N & J: Cara Delevingne.

J: Not difficult.

I: She said Nat actually.

J: Oh my God, I can't believe she didn't say...

N: Oh! She didn't say herself?

J: I can't believe she didn't say herself. It's clearly her.

I: Most likely to become a Pokémon Master.

N: Austin Abrams.

J: Austin Abrams, yeah, definitely.

I: Excellent. Excellent, excellent. Most likely not to notice there was a catfish in their wardrobe for two weeks.

N: Wait, sorry, say that one more time?

I: Most likely not to notice there was a catfish in their wardrobe for two weeks.

N: Oh my God.

J: Nat Wolff. It's not even close.

N: Nat Wolff. I was honestly gonna say me too.

I: That's what Cara said as well. She said Nat as well.

J: That is correct.

I: Most likely to die...

J: He has no sense of smell it seems.

N: No sense of smell and I'm not, yeah, and I'm very messy and stuff so there would be no way I would no, yeah.

I: Just wouldn't notice it there. So most likely to die first...

N: Even if I knew it was there I might not do anything with the catfish.

I: Just leave it there. Embrace it.

N: I'd just leave it, honestly.

I: OK, so most likely to die first in a Hunger Games type situation.

J: Am I a possibility because definitely me.

N: John. John Green. John Green. Yeah.

J: If I'm on the list I would die first. And then I think Halston.

N: Halston, sorry.

J: She's too sweet.

N: She's too nice.

J: Yeah, OK.

I: OK. And most likely to ugly cry over this movie.

N: To what?

I: Ugly cry.

J: Ugly cry?

N: Justice.

J: Justice. Justice is a big cryer.

N: Yeah.

I: Really. Did he ugly cry when he saw it?

J: He ugly cried when it was over. He and I... I don't think he's seen it yet, but he and I ugly cried together. We both, we both sobbed.

N: As did I.

I: Love a bit of sobbing. Well thank you very much Nat Wolff and John Green.

N: Thank you so much.

J: Thank you, that was so fun.