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Ivor Heller takes us through the day as Paper Towns is screened exclusively
Ivor: Hi John. I just wanted to shoot a little film for you to show you our gratitude for everything you've done for the club. So we're starting off today here at the Cherry Red Records Stadium standing right in front of the John Green Stand. This is a preparation for us going to see the launch of your film Paper Towns.

Here we are, John, in the Prince of Wales, right in the heart of Wimbledon, just having a couple of liveners before the film. Can't have too many or else I'll have to get out and have a pee every five minutes. How good the film will be, I won't want to pee for a week. Cheers.

Here we are, John, outside Centre Court. It's not Centre Court for the tennis in Wimbledon, this is the Centre Court Shopping Centre. We're just warming up, getting ready for the film. Here we go. I'm so confident, so looking forward to this film tonight I've placed a bet on Paper Towns to win at least seven Oscars. Yes, that's right, seven Oscars and if that comes in we're all gonna be wealthy. Thank you John.

A really, really special night. This is gonna be something else isn't it. Fantastic. This is nearly as good as going to a really important match like beating Crawley two-one yesterday. Here we are, we're in the heart of Wimbledon. Your posters are up, you're really famous. This is fantastic.

We're gonna role out the red carpet seeing as we've got the manager here, Mr. Neal Ardley and his wonderful family, Sarah and Bella. Here we go, we're on the red carpet. Neal, what are you expecting out of the film tonight?

Neal: If it's as good as the last one I saw which was Fault In Our Stars it's gonna be brilliant. And that one actually did bring me to tears.

Ivor: I mean, are you big John Green fans?

Woman: I am, yeah, actually.

Woman 2: I've read all his books so yeah.

Ivor: All of his books? How long did it take you to read Paper Towns?

Woman 2: Two days. I read really quickly.

Ivor: Two days! Two days! You're in The Guinness Book of Records!

Are you really excited about the film?

Girls: Yeah.

Ivor: You're so excited you've got to eat loads of sweets?

Girls: Yeah.

Ivor: Yeah, you're never gonna go to sleep tonight, are you?

Girls: No.

Ivor: Are you really excited about the film?

Girls: Yeah.

Ivor: John, we're about to go in to the film. The atmosphere is building, it's really, really electric. I'm gonna go and have a chat with everybody in a second and then you're gonna see just how big the love for you is in Wimbledon, John.

Crowd: Hi John! Thanks for everything!

Ivor: Wahey! Well done, John! That was fantastic!

Woman: The best.

Ivor: That'll do. What did you think of the film?

Man: Brilliant.

Ivor: What did you think of Cara Delevingne? (Laughs)

Ivor and kids: It was awesome!

Neal: Proud and it makes you proud to have someone like him associated with the club.

Ivor: It does. Without a doubt.

Neal: So keep it going, we're proud of him.

Ivor: We really are truly humble and so unbelievably grateful that our friendship spreads across the oceans and across the world. Thank you, John and good night.