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Let us take a tour of the Nerdfighteria Census! This is fascinating! And it is a 20 minute video...sorry about that...BUT SO MUCH DATA!!

Hello, and welcome. This is Hank Green, talking about the survey. Uh, the census of Nerdfighteria that we recently did. And I'm just gonna, just walk you through some of the responses and what I think is interesting; um, this is entirely unscripted and I have done no math, uh, so I will be doing a lot of that on the fly which I apologize for.

Um, interestingly only 60% of people said that "French the Llama" is what "FTL" stood for, um the second to largest chunk being "Faster than Light," which, uh, is great, that's uh, FTL, faster than light, is a common science fiction term. Um. And, uh, so.

First, let's start out with "How old are you," uh, interesting statistics here, I guess I probably should have broken this down further. So, basically what we're seeing here is ninety something percent of Nerdfighters are younger than 34. Which is - I am also younger than 34, John is not, um. So that's interesting. John is older than 97% of Nerdfighters. Crazy. Um. And only 500 people skipped this question - that's one of the lowest skipped questions that there was. Um. And I apologize to people who are 18 or 21 because I put those in two categories. But basically you see here that the age of Nerdfighters is very tightly matched around high school and college aged people.

Um. I'm not going to go into city, town, state, country. We're doing some, some outside analysis on that so we can pull more interesting data from it, uh, it's just too messy to see anything of use in there, because there's so many places -

Oh, this person is from Forks, where Bella Swan lives! Uh, I'm sure that they're like, "Ugh, God, why is that the only thing that Forks is known for?" It's also known for being called Forks, which is frickin' crazy.

So, people follow us mostly on Youtube, secondarily on Tumblr, then Twitter, then Facebook, then Instagram and Vine are a very small percentage but I'm sure that those people are great. In, uh, other ways people, uh, follow us, there was a lot of "Just kidding," "I, uh, I follow you down the street in a white van" kind of people, "Spiritually," but also a lot of those. But also a lot of people follow us on Reddit, on Goodreads, uh, on Google+ - though you're not getting much if you follow us on Google+. You can do text analysis, but only if you have less than three thousand resp - er, less than four thousand - five thousand respondents. Ah, so.

Google, Reddit, Goodreads, Real Life (Just kidding), Stalk, et. cetera.

People saying Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, really, those were in the things. I mean, you can look on these and see what it says, which is fascinating. So load on up there and let's see what it says. Seriously, though. Do it.

Tumblr. There's people saying, uh, when Facebook leads to tumblr and twitter but not those sites. So I mean these, these other questions are super interesting to go through, and I've been doing a lot of that, and just sort of like blaghrah just reading these things crazy, crazily. "I don't follow anything but I check Tumblr regularly," which is interesting.

Um. Yeah. So that's. There's just so much to see in those other. And they're all fascinating. All of the other things. Um. Which do you actually look at regularly? So 96% follow on Youtube. 91% down here, actually check it regularly. Um. And you know similar sort of loss for people. 51% of people follow us on twitter but only 34% of people actually follow us on twitter. So uh twitter is actually the worst of those percentages. Uh Facebook is pretty good. Youtube is pretty good. Tumblr is very good. It goes from 60% to 53%. It's a relatively new social network so that makes sense. 

Um. This. I apologize in general for the fact that this was not a very exhaustive list. I skipped almost all of...or all of the non English speaking world pretty much. Except for some of Europe. And also Canada. So I'm sorry Canada. That was a complete accident. I didn't mean to forget you. But um, yeah so, New York was the big spike, uh and London were the big spikes. But then we also have Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C., which is interesting because there aren't very many people who live in Washington D.C. There are lots of people who live around Washington D.C. Um, and yeah, Philadelphia. Philadelphia is sort of a fair number. 3000 people. But there's yeah. There's a lot of people. Um but London was our biggest hit. But that's partially I'm sure because we did not, there were only 2 places in the UK, in all of the U.K. that we had on the list. So sorry about that but. I basically went by population and just picked out countries. Top 50 countries by population in Europe and not very many of them were in the U.K.

Um. How did you first hear about the vlogbrothers? Very interesting question for me. 12%, 13,000 people from Charlie or Alex. Uh that's pretty cool. And then another 10,000 from other YouTubers. Um. The Harry Potter fan community. Just came across it on YouTube. Unsurprisingly is the number 1 thing because we do get featured in the sidebars of a lot of things. Um but second was just a friend. A friend telling them about it.

Now uh, most interesting to me is just the minuscule amount of people who heard from us through twitter. Not to deride any of those 500 people. Just a very small number of people are actually finding us through twitter. Far more people found us through their teachers. Um. This person found us through a student. I don't know what 5AG is. Um. 5 Awesome Girls, Katherine calls from the downstairs. Yes. Uh. Lots of people found it through 5 Awesome girls. Um. That's Katherine.

Scott Westerfeld. That's interesting. SciShow first. That's something we should have put on this list, like, did you find us, cause a lot of people watched SciShow or CrashCourse first. Cause that's been going on for a long time now. Your books dumbass and every book you wrote. Uh that is another very common answer to this question that we should have anticipated, that lots of people came to nerdfighteria through John's books, which is pretty cool. Uh. John's books, John's books, significant other, SciShow, CrashCourse, John's books, Looking for Alaska, pretty cool.

What was your first vlogbrothers video? I'm not gonna delve into that but it is super interesting for us to look at. About 50,000 people didn't have an answer to that question. Cause, it's hard to remember. I don't remember any of. I remember my first Charlie video. It was like how to get more subscribers on Youtube. Really great video, super good. 

Um. Have you ever. 74% of people refer to themselves as nerdfighters. 89% percent of people have suggested a vlogbrothers or related thing to a friend. 70% of people want to go to vidcon and 1.2% of people have gone to vidcon. So that just makes me feel terrible. 10% of people which is really awesome, have gone to a nerdfighter gathering. So really cool. And 5% of people have worn a pizza John shirt.

The DFTBA experience? An invisible number of people had a bad experience but it's still 220 people which makes me cringe a little bit. I hate that there is that many people who have had bad experiences at DFTBA and I want to email all of them, but we didn't collect email addresses, so that's too bad. But generally, I can't help but look at that number and say we could do a better job. We will endeavour to consider the opinions of those people. You actually can see a lot of them answered the 'other' and you can filter by this response and I read all about the problems that they had, which was very informative.

And also, 13% of people who bought shirts- 13% liked the fit of the shirt, 3% didn't like the fit of the shirt and we're also thinking about shirt fits in general. And then 63% of people have never bought anything from DFTBA. If you look at these responses, most people are saying: "I want to, but I'm so broke!". But yeah, that's fine. If you're broke, don't buy shirts from DFTBA. There's cheaper shirts out there. And also, you probably don't need more t-shirts than you already have.

What Hank and John channels do you regularly watch? Almost everyone watches vlogbrothers, but not everyone, interestingly. SciShow and CrashCourse are the next biggest- SciShow and CrashCourse History are the next biggest. CrashCourse Chemistry is quite small. Mental Floss, also very well watched. Holy crap, we have a lot of channels also very well watched. Also, not many people know about Sexplanations yet because that's a brand new channel. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries did quite well. HankGames, truthorfail and Hank's Channel a little but smaller in terms of viewership, but Hank's Channel actually does pretty frickin well, which is crazy. I hadn't thought that 42,000 people regularly watched Hank's Channel. I guess it's true.

What other YouTubers do you watch? This is a super fascinating thing for me to read. When I'm bored, I just read this. And whenever I see a name I don't recognize, I go to the page and I'm like: "Ooh! This is good!" usually, sometimes it's terrible, but usually it's good. And also, I'm always interested to see the mix. So, like this person, I would never think someone who watches Rhett and Link and Wong Fu Productions also likes ASAPScience and vsauce and Laci Green and Timothy De La Ghetto- Just like who- Like I have these Venn diagrams in my head of whose audience overlaps with whom's and- Whom's? I have no idea. And it's always sort of shocking that that's complete bunk and I should get that out of my head and forget about it.

Obviously, there is a lot overlap between certain people's audiences but also, there's just, there's a huge amount of people who, you know, watch Jenna Marbles, communitychannel, danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. This person only watches MinutePhysics. That's it. Just MinutePhysics and vlogbrothers. That's everything.

This is a very interesting and necessary thing for us to ask. A lot of people- I get a request for VidCon in X place all the time, but when I look at what nerdfighters want me to do, only 3.5% of them want me to spend time creating a second VidCon. They'd rather we spent time creating new things, creating free educational resources for people, making the world better for creators, taking a break, which I really appreciate you guys saying that. That's very nice. Hopefully it's not because we look exhausted, hopefully it's because you're just being nice. But if we do look exhausted, it's because we are. But I'm not nearly as tired as John.

Fascinating statistic here. Most nerdfighters get their YouTube videos by going to their subscription feed, not to . Although, a lot of people still go to Also, the majority of those people seem to go to their subscriptions page. But also, lots of people hear about us through Tumblr, just by directly visiting people's channel pages and to a lesser extent, Twitter and Facebook. Which is interesting, because a lot more people were saying they followed us on Facebook but fewer of them are actually getting our videos through it because you follow people on Facebook. That doesn't necessarily mean that you get the content from the people that you follow because of Facebook's really weird system. Unless we paid, we could pay like a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars a video to make sure everybody sees it. Which is ridiculous. That kind of makes me angry.

How much disposable income do you have? 49% fall smack in the middle with "I have enough money to occasionally buy something nice for myself but not regularly". And the 1% here is about 1.5%. I'm sure that they aren't actually the 1%. I don't know if some of these people were joking but there was a fair number of people, 2000 people who either we're joking, or consider themselves very wealthy. 

Which projects should we definitely not abandon? Vlogbrothers number one, books number two. Followed by CrashCourse and then SciShow and- Oh no, and then Hank's music, which is a surprise. Another surprise for me, because I feel like people just forget that I play music and also I haven't done a song in so long. It's just really nice to see and it's like- it feels really good to me to know that there are 40% of nerdfighteria respondents saying that I shouldn't abandon music. Because it is kind of something I haven't spent a lot of time on lately because there's so much other stuff going on. I'm sure that the people of Nerdcrafteria- there's 10% of people really are very dedicated to the- So that's something, like, you don't really see what should we definitely not abandon but you don't see the dedication. So 10% of people, it seems like 'Oh, that might not be a huge project', but it is really important to me because I feel like all 10% of those people, all 13000 really love that thing. So, I kind of wish we had a way to gauge the intensity of that feeling.

Now, here's some interesting data. How much would you pay? So, more than 50% of people said that they wouldn't pay any amount for vlogbrothers, which is totally understandable, and that's what I would expect most people to say. But, I was really surprised to hear that something like 45% of people would pay an amount for vlogbrothers. Like, I kind of don't believe it, honestly. But, that's an amazing number and if you add this all up, it's a ridiculous amount of money that if we charged for vlogbrothers theoretically we would receive. Now, of course, we're never going to do that but it does feel really good to know that that's how much people value our content and that there are 9000 people who value our content at more than $10 per month. Like, that's just woah! Woah, didn't mean to do that. That's just crazy, that's a crazy amount of money for someone to spend and it's a crazy amount to feel- to feel like my content is that valuable to them and it feels very good. So thank you for that.

Now, CrashCourse did even better. CrashCourse had more than 50% of people saying that they would pay for it. Now a lot of these others as well are either- they're either people just joking around or the people explaining how they feel about not paying and there are some people in here that are saying that they would pay $50 a month or $100 a month or people who are saying 'I work for a school and I think my school should pay, you know, $500 a month for this content because it's that valuable for the school'. There's also some people in here who didn't answer. 15000 people who- you can assume that those people don't know what CrashCourse is or aren't CrashCourse viewers.

How much of the school thing? Most people are in high school and college. Some college graduates as well, some high school graduates, a small number of high school drop-outs and also some college drop-outs. We did not put in here something for people who had finished graduate school, I apologize to all of you who have finished graduate school. I just- Brain fart, sorry. 

How often do you watch our videos? Whenever there's a new one, only 76%. I'm saying only but that's fine, of course. And then 20% of these people are whenever I have time to check it out and then 2.7 are sort of infrequent viewers. Now that's super interesting because this 25000 people here are just the ones who happened upon the content, happened upon the survey in whatever way we  were broadcasting. And so those people don't watch every vlogbrothers videos, so there are probably way more of those people but they don't watch every video, so a lot of them didn't respond to the survey. 

Now, when did you start watching? 30% or so in 2012, a lot of them are very new viewers. 14000 people are 2013 viewers, but it is interesting to me that more than 50% of nerdfighters have been around for a couple of years, which is really cool. And interesting- Yeah, it's just fascinating.

Should we post more vid- So this is an interesting thing that basically says to me you are creating roughly the right amount of content on all of your channels. There are a small amount of people who think I should post a smaller amount of videos on SciShow, that's the only substantial thing- the only substantial number of people who think that we should post less. 

Now, there are a majority of people that think we should post more on vlogbrothers but it's a very close majority- it's a very close cut-like tie with the people who think we should post the same amount. So, we're gonna post the same amount. I think that's what we'll do. Not that that was up in the air as far as us doing something else but. 

Uh, would you read an email update? 95000 people said yes, so we're going to put together an email update. That's really great news and we would love to share with you news from nerdfighteria and our lives and from the world. You know, every week or so an email update. So, we'll definitely be doing that. I don't know why we haven't done it previously, but it's great to hear the support for that idea.

How much would you expect to pay for a concert and variety show? Now, it's really awesome to see 90% of people saying they'd pay more than $15 because if we wanted to put something really cool together, that we had special guests that we wanted to pay and you know, pay for the tour and gas and everything, then that would be- you know, $15 would be a good price. Now, of course, the majority of people said they would pay more than $20 but I don't know, I don't know what we'd pay. It's interesting to break this down demographically too. I went in and was like, "Okay, so people who live near New York City, they're much more interested in- like they are, you know, ready to pay $30 or $40 because to them, that's how much shows cost" but in other parts of the country, specifically places like Missoula, Montana, shows are more like 15 or 20 bucks. 

Um, would you be bummed if there was no signing afterwards, that show. Yes, 72% of people said. So that is also important data for us. 

Uh, if you were going to make a new kind of show, 61% of people said literature, followed by contemporary art being the second most highly rated, though literature kicked its ass and everything's ass. But everything was fairly well supported, which is great, you know. With 30,000-ish people into each one of those ideas. Now I haven't actually clicked onto the other of this, but there are 16,000 responses so I'm looking forward to going through that and seeing what people thought. 

What makes you feel like a nerdfighter? The majority of people here just watching the videos, also following us on Tumblr, reading John's books, listening to my songs, filling out really long surveys. Now, the other responses here are also really interesting, but I really like that 39% people said your nerdfighter friends because it's nice to me to know that there are people out there who aren't isolated nerdfighters but who are part of a larger nerdfighter community, which is really cool. I keep saying really cool a lot in this video but things are really cool.

What are you into right now? I read through so many of this and not a lot of surprises. There's a lot of Sherlock, a lot of Doctor Who, a lot of Harry Potter. But there's also some shows: Arrested Development, Hannibal. Some shows, like Sherlock isn't a show. It's  a BBC show, it's a mini-series. It's not quite a show. And a lot of books, like Divergent and Hunger Games and stuff like that. So, that was super interesting as well. 

How much time do you spend on the internet per day? I was actually surprised that these numbers weren't higher, to be frank. A surprising number of people spend less than one hour on the internet everyday. I don't know how you watch YouTube videos if you do that, but thanks for spending that time with us. But yeah, I spend like more like 6-8, maybe more than 8, so I expected more in that range. 

How much time do you spend on TV? Very small amount. More than half of the majority of nerdfighters spend 0 to 1 hours per day watching television, which is dangerous. Now I'm sure that has been interpreted as how much time do you spend watching TV like sitting on a couch, probably a lot of those people watch Hulu or download stuff to watch. So, you know, who knows? But that is a very interesting statistic for the cable companies in the world. 

How many books do you read every year? Crazy. 33% more than 25, that's a lot of frickin books, you guys. I was just interested in nerdfighters social habits to some extent. You know, you have to look here that 82,000 people skipped this question, so those people, theoretically, don't drink, smoke pot or do any drugs. But, uh you know, a fair amount of nerdfighters drink and then a very tiny, tiny. You basically have to divide all of these numbers by two, I think. So, you know, a very small amount. More of them smoke pot than smoke cigarettes, which I frankly- That makes sense to me. But yeah, not very much of that going on.

What's your most important cause? This is a very important question to me. Education winning out by a fairly substantial margin, which is interesting and exciting. Pennies beating out immigration, so that doesn't make any sense. But number two is women's rights, followed by  global poverty and the environment and social justice. Women's rights, social justice, then the environment, then global poverty. So, that's fascinating.

And then this 92,000 responses that are just, for the most part, extremely heartfelt and kind and thoughtful and some of them are very long and I feel bad that I can't read all 92,000 of these. I apologize for not being able to read all 92,000 of these. I have read many of them and it's just a wonderful-it's just a wonderful- wonderful things to read, so thank you all so much for participating in this survey. 

But of course really for participating in this community because when it comes down to it, the most amazing- the most interesting statistic in this survey is that for a video that went out to 200,000 people, we got 128,000 responses and that- and 128,807 started the survey and  128,807 finished the survey. That is unheard of - I used to work for non-profits and we would strive for 5% response rates. We wouldn't get it but that would be our goal. Our goal would be for a survey of the people who donate to our organization, we would strive for a 5% response rate on a survey like this. And to get more than 50%, substantially more than 50%, that is unheard of and that's only because this is such a  dedicated and interested and engaged community. And I don't know how we are so lucky to have that- to have that kind of thing going on here but, um, thank you all so much for it and for all of the lovely thoughts and the- you know, the text box here. 

And, yeah. It's just- It's fascinating, but mostly, it's wonderful. It's really excellent. So thanks all, for that. And, uh, I'll...Yeah, fascinating. I'll see you guys next time. Hank's Channel. Peace out. Goodbye.