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Nick and Lindsey and I went up to make-out point to celebrate the release of sexplanations. We had burritos and talked about life and filmed a time-lapse of the sun setting which, I assume, you will see in a later episode of the show.

if you want to check it out:
Hank: Hi! We're on the side of a mountain watching the sunset right now with - wow, I dunno if you can see me at all because that's pretty bright - with Nick, say 'hi' Nick. Nick: Hi. Hank: And Lindsey. [Lindsey waves] We are very excited because it is the eve of the launch of our new YouTube channel, sexplanations. Lindsey: Woo hoo! Hank: This is the team behind that show. Nick is the guy behind the camera and the computer and he tells you [Lindsey] what to do sometimes. Nick: But it's all consensual. Hank: Yeah. How did I meet you [Lindsey]? Lindsey: I contacted you to see if you would come and be on a panel in my human sexuality class, and you took me up on it. Hank: I did do it. The first time, that was like three years ago. Lindsey: Yes. Hank: We are literally watching the sun as it sets right now. We're doing a time lapse. So we're, we're sort of at make-out point here in Missoula, Montana. Like there's, like here's a condom, for example. [Hank zooms] Just so you know it's not-we're not making it up. This is where the kids come to smooch. So you guys are doing a time lapse of the sunset for a video. I forgot to introduce Abby! Nick: Abby's our technical director. Hank: Abby is a technical director. She's also in charge of-she's the vice-president of cute. Nick: Why did you go away? Hank: By the time this video goes up, we will have watched... How are you feeling right now, before launch? Lindsey: Jittery. I'm... excited, nervous. I don't want people to attack me. Hank: I feel like you... this show was your idea. Is that accurate? Lindsey: Uh, no. When I first met you, you came up to me, afterwords and you said, 'You know, [Abby barks] there's nothing like this on YouTube- Nick: Abby. Lindsey: -And you might make great talent.' And I said I have no idea what the means. Hank: I do remember doing that. But then you were like, 'Meeeh.' Lindsey: Then- Hank: It was like years before I heard from you. Lindsey: Exactly. I came to you and I said, 'Heeey. Wanna do this?' Hank: How are you feeling, Nick? Nick: I feel good. I still got some work to do, tomorrow morning, on it, before it's ready to launch. But I feel really good. It's exciting. I-we were just talking about how awesome it is to work on SciShow, Crash Course, and now this. It's just, it's been really great. Hank: Working with good people is, is what I always want to do. Three-way! [The three high-five each other and laugh]