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I've fallen half a dozen times. The most recent happened over these last few months and prompted an episode on the experience. It was so fun to feel like I had found something really special and then there was the agony of caring too damn much about a new person. I don't know if I captured it all accurately in this episode but I tried. There was something hopeful about making a map for others falling in love; some peace in knowing you won't have to feel as lovesick or confused as I did. You're going through something amazing and you will get to stable ground soon enough.

I want to add that after making this video I came up with a better explanation of the final stage. In the episode, I call it Replay based on Dennis Kruissen's song lyric about falling in love "once it's over you can't wait to press rewind" but now I like the name Falling Over instead. I think by this stage you've found your grounding, now you're falling over from a standing or sitting position, not falling down an emotional chute. It's also a pun... falling over, and over, and over again.

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