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A post I wrote expanding on my thoughts about voting and fear and stuff:

In which a briefly mustachioed (and newly glassed) John talks about the first day of shooting the Paper Towns movie, the astonishingly nice trailers and toilets of movie sets, the lovely Nat Wolff, and the strangeness of watching things be imagined into reality.

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John: Good morning Hank; it's 5:48 in the morning, the Paper Towns movie starts filming in like 1 hour and 12 minutes. I'm extremely excited and nervous, wait- I- something looks different. Oh, I got new glasses, no that's not it. Oh! It's the creepy moustache. I've been setting that joke up for more than 2 months. When I ordered my new glasses, they were like "It's going to be 8 to 10 weeks" and I was like "Perfect, I'll grow a beard."   Alright I have to shave I can't let the movie people meet me like this, by the way relevant T-shirt.   Look Hank I have my own chair.   So Hank people keep asking me what an executive producer does. I don't know, I just listen to the headphones and, uh, I get a chair with my name on it, and I think that's it.   Nat: Hey guys.   John: Uh, so this is Nat Wolff who plays Q in the movie. We just started filming.  That's not weird, just keep doing that. It's great, thank you, thanks for being in my video today.   Okay this is like the only place I can film outside without giving away our location. It's a nice brisk day here in North Carolina.   Feels just like Orlando in April. So Hank I was just literally jumping up and down with Jaz Sinclair who plays Angela in the movie because this is all just like so exciting and wonderful and amazing I can't -aaaaaaahhh!   I'm going to have to do my happy dance, but I'm holding the camera so it's gonna look a little weird. Also there's like 40 people in the crew, you know, who are going to watch this, but whatever I'm so ha ha ha ha yiiiess! How'd I look? Good? Alright I'm gonna go back inside Radar's house now which is full of black Santas. I wish I could show you the black Santas; there are literally thousands.   Hank there are so many things that amaze me about movies, like the incredibly expensive cameras, but the thing I will never get over is the quality of the port-a-potties, I mean look at this, is this a port-a-potty or a mansion? For god's sakes it's got hard wood floors.   So Hank we've now left Radar's house and we find ourselves by a pond. That's all I can tell you.   I just wanted to quickly comment on your great video about being a young person and not voting. When I was a young person, I did not vote a lot. Like I missed several elections that in retrospect were pretty important to American history, and I missed them because, well mostly because I was like nervous and I didn't know how to vote. So I just wanted to say that anyone who's like me and really nervous about, like, the prospect of voting for the first time, I understand that it's a little bit scary, but once you do it, you're gonna feel awesome.   Hank, if it looks a little darker that's because it is a little darker because we just finished day one, huzzah!   Producer Wyck Godfrey how you feelin'?   Wyck: Huzzaah!   John: That seems fake, but it's going well.   Hank I got back after the end of a long day and look, look, I have a trailer! I have my own trailer! It's got the fancy Hollywood lights.    Aww, man this couch is so comfortable, I love being an executive producer. I want to be an executive producer for every movie, does the new Divergent movie need an executive producer? Because I am available. Aww, that reminds me of how much I miss Shailene and Ansel, but I am so, so excited about this.    Hank, one of the scenes we filmed today was the first part of Paper Towns I ever wrote. I wrote it like 9 years ago. And it was just so weird and wonderful to see little Q and little Margo biking up to this, you know, dead body. Sounds weird when I put it that way, but anyway it was wonderful, I cried a little bit. To be fair, I cry a lot on movie sets.   Crazy, crazy, crazy thanks to everybody involved in the Paper Towns movie. Hank, don't forget to vote! Nerdfighters, in America who are over the age of 18, don't forget to vote! And don't forget to be awesome. I'll see you on Friday.