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In which lots of nerdfighters say happy birthday and eat blenderized birthday cakes.


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A Bunny
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Happy birthday John!

So, I was reading this really good article about the political situation in Nepal. (Oh, uh-huh?) Happy birthday, John! Happy birthday, John! Hi, John!

You just got a birthday wish from the entire class of 2010, Penn State College of Medicine. [singing in Hebrew] Hello, John! Happy birthday! [Happy Birthday greetings in a foreign language] Sadpig and I want to wish you a happy birthday. Hi John!

Happy birthday. [birthday greetings in German] [birthday greetings in foreign language] Have a totally jokes, made-of-awesome birthday. John, it has come to my attention that you are turning 30. HA HA!

You're old! High-five? Good girl.

Happy birthday John! Happy birthday, John. Oh, John Green, you're thirty That kinda sucks for you You're getting older by the minute And you'll start to feel it soon You'll start getting shorter Your joints will start to ache And since we are so merciful We'll liquefy a cake!

We're gonna eat a blenderized... cake. I'm really sorry that you had to eat a blenderized Happy Meal, so I'm gonna blenderize your cake. We are here to blenderize a birthday cake.

This is your cake before we blenderize it. This currently says "JOHN" in Nerds right here. This is how dedicated I am to Brotherhood 2.0 and the Nerdfighters.

We're going to blend birthday cake. So here we have our special birthday cupcake. Umm... it's about to get mutilated.

One birthday cake. Happy birthday! Blender tool.

Cake. A little bit of cake. Chocolate raisins.

Water pops. Orange Peeps -- your absolute favorite. [sounds of blenders running] Why does it smell like burning? We killed the blender.

Big stupid shake. Oh God, there's a chunk! Happy 30th birthday, John!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday, John! Happy birthday, John! [voices chorus] Happy birthday, John!

To John! To John! Here's to you, John!

Happy birthday! (Happy birthday!) 3... 2... 1... Tastes great! You should try some.

Really! Bottoms up! That's actually really good.

That's actually really good. That's actually really good. It doesn't look good.

It looks good. Looks like a cake milkshake. It's delicious!

It's good. Yeah. Oh, God!

Oh, seconds! Blenderized... is not terrible! A weird taste to it.

Tastes like the weirdest chocolate I've ever had. I pity your Happy Meal. I'm sure this is nothing compared to a blenderized Happy Meal, though.

Too much food. Congratulations on living and being a Nerdfighter for thirty years. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you. Zum Geburtstag, lieber John [EN: Happy birthday, dear John] Hoo! Ha!