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In which lots of people wish John a happy birtday in lots of different ways.


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A Bunny
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(Assorted Nerdfighters, spanning several decades, complete the Happy Birthday song) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear John, Happy Birthday to you. (Radio DJ) You're tuned into WRAS-Atlanta.

It's a very special birthday dedication to one Mr. John Green. From all of your secret siblings and Nerdfighters in Atlanta, this one goes out to you. (The Time Warp, from Rocky Horror Picture Show, blares as a montage of Nerdfighter pictures/videos tell John: Happy Birthday!) (skateboarder) Happy birthday! (Mom and son, with a yellow pom-pom on head) Happy birthday, John! (Random Food Lion Guys) Happy Birthday, John. (Peeps Cake Guy) Have a jokes birthday, John! (Woman on a rocking horse) Happy Birthday, John, from Norther Nevada's historical marker, the Mark Twain Museum! (Man and woman, with cake) Happy Birthday, John! (Michael Buckley) Hey John, this is WHATTHEBUCK wishing you a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday, b*tch! (Girl with British flag in background) Happy Birthday, John! (Gaelic) (Guy with plant in background) Happy Birthday (in Norwegian) (Woman with Bookcase) Happy Birthday, John! (in ASL) (MysteryGuitarMan) Hey John, this is MysteryGuitarMan, just wanted to say Happy Birthday. (Girl in front of a map of Middle Earth, and John Green books) Happy Birthday, John. (Girl in front of black bookcase) Happy Birthday, John Green (Spanish) (Girl in Pink) Mad Hip Party By John. That, my friend, is an anagram for: Happy Birthday, John! (Girl in chair with blonde hair) Happy Birthday, John! (Older man who doesn't know how to rotate videos, with a theater mask plaque on his head) Happy Birthday, John. (Alan Lastufka) Hey John, this is Fallofautumndistro, just hoping you have a very happy my pants. (Girl in front of Niagara Falls) Happy 30th Birthday, John, from Niagara Falls! (Girl with books on her head) Happy Birthday, John! (Woman with doggy in front of her face) Happy Birthday, John! (Group of girls and a lucky guy) Happy Birthday, John! (Girl in front of an aqua wall) Happy Birthday, John! (A group of friends with a person in a red bird suit) Happy Birthday, John! (Hank) Happy Birthday, John. (large exhale) It's 11:55. And I haven't rendered yet, but the video is DONE!

It's too long, but that's okay, because the birthday videos are an exemption. But I'd also like to say, as a special gift, from the Nerdfighters and I, you're not going to have to do your video tomorrow. Because it's going to be a special Nerdfighter Day.

And you will see what that means, and it means something pretty awesome. So I hope that you will enjoy your day off, and that you enjoyed the video you just watched. And my hard drive is...officially full.

Crap. So I gotta go, bye!