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In which Hank says thank you and spends a very very small amount of time talking about his hair.


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[John] Good morning, Hank.

It's Monday. Hank, I know it's not even my day to update, but I just had to tell you, thank you, thank you, thank you for that amazing two-day birthday present. I mean, I don't think anyone in all of human history has ever gotten a birthday present like that, like, even Oprah Winfrey doesn't have birthdays like that.

My birthday this year was better than Oprah Winfrey's best birthday ever. I mean, obviously, thank you to the Nerdfighters, but Hank, I just have to thank you in particular because I know how much work went into everything you did and it just means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. [Hank] You're welcome, John. [John] Hey!

It's Hank! [Hank] And, once again, we have pulled a fast one on the Nerdfighters. You may have noticed for the last couple days, I haven't been appearing and I haven't been saying when I'm going to see John next, because I saw John on Sunday and it would have been very obvious if I had said, "John, I will see you on Sunday." Man, I am really disappointed that you went and got a haircut, John, without me and now I have this hair and we can't go and have, like, tag-team brotherhood haircut time, which would be awesome, especially because I would like much less hair. Maybe I should put it in a ponytail.

Katherine, can you get me a hair tie? Well, this is better. It's out of my eyes, anyway.

John, I'm at your house. You are downstairs writing your book. You've been writing feverishly since I arrived.

I appreciate you taking your time to visit with me, even though you have quite a deadline coming up. Best of luck with that. I just went on My Pants and I read a post from a guy who says that I should stop talking about my hair and then I realized that I was talking about my hair again and now I'm sad.

Sorry if I spend too much time talking about my hair, I mean, mostly it's because I see it so much when I'm looking at myself in the camera and it seems like there's a lot of it, but I'm talking about my hair again! Anyway, John, I'm very excited to be here at your house. It's really, really nice.

I'm having a bit of a hard time, like, I kinda wanna live here. There's room for me. Lots of room for me.

So maybe I just won't leave. And it's really nice that the Yeti and Katherine are both here. And our parents are also here.

They just arrived, like, five minutes ago. So, I have to finish this video so I can go hang out with our parents. There's one piece of art in particular that I would like to share with the Nerdfighters.

It's just above the toilet in the guest bedroom. "Remember! The girl who is waiting for you. Give her a square deal - keep clean." Ah, those were the days when we used to be so subtle about prophylactics and prostitution.

You know what I hate, is when people are, like, looking over your shoulder when you're doing something, like, when you're making a video and you know that they're there, like, watching you do something. And that was the first cameo by my dad, ever. But it is kinda hard to make the videos when there's people all around.

That's something I should just get over. John and I would both like to thank all the Nerdfighters who helped us out with the most recent secret project. I don't this that it will be the last secret project.

John and I are working on an idea and there will be more about that later this week. There will also be more brotherhood togetherness specials. John, I will see you in probably five or ten minutes, when you're finished and I'm looking forward to hanging out all week.