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OK! It's not BROKEN this time.

In which Hank experiences more consecutive days of awesome than anyone has since the invention of mankind.


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Good morning, John; I have good news and bad news! The good news is that I have so much awesome to put into the video that the bad news is that I have to put something extremely unawesome in the beginning of the video to balance out all of that awesome.

[shrill scream]

That trap [whispers] was under my desk... where my feet go. [yelling] My bare feet! [normal voice] And now that you have that non-awesome, on to the awesome.

Yes, indeed, this has possibly been the longest sequence of awesome days in a row since mankind was invented by Zathura from the planet Zorkos, who invented mankind. [blubbers]

Anyway, eight days ago, I was in the studio, recording "Accio Deathly Hallows", an actual studio-recorded version, which was awesome, and which we will talk more about later! The day after that, I went to possibly the most beautiful place in the world to pick raspberries, so that the Katherine and I could make raspberry jam. Oh my God; that is so awesome.

It's like... taking candy from a bush.

Then I flew to New York City where I met the editor-in-chief of Scientific American, who said that he really admires EcoGeek... Oh my God!

So if being on NPR is like being knighted a nerd, having the editor-in-chief of Scientific American say that he really admires something that you've done is, uh... it's kind of link being king of Nerddom for a day. For that day, I was King of Nerddom. Just for one day; it was great; I suggest you try it out sometime.

And then the day after that, me and, like, fifty nerdfighters flash mobbed a Barnes & Noble store. And if you don't know what that means, basically we sent out a little announcement that said "Come to the Barnes & Noble," and everyone did, and we were all there and it was like, hahaha. And then we went across the street and hung out.

[to the nerdfighters] Oh my God, yes, that is so cool; oh my... whoa, wha'? Where's your nerdfighter symbol?

[Girl 1] What?

[Hank] Where was it? Thank you. [all laugh]

[to camera] And I called John and threw my phone to people and they talked to him.

[Girl 2] Oh! You're welcome; I wish you were here! [all laugh]

[Girl 3] Do you remember that weird girl who asked you to record the message on her cell phone? [some laughter] That's me! [all laugh]

[Hank] And that same night, I had dinner with Maureen Johnson, which was really fun. And then the day after that, I met my brother in Chicago, and we got to hang out, and I always love hanging out with my brother.

[to John] Good morning, John.

[John] Good morning, Hank.

[Hank, to camera] And then the day after that, I got to continue hanging out with my brother, except instead of just hanging out with my brother is was like hanging out with my brother doing all of the awesomest things in the world.

I don't actually even know how many people know this, but this is how that day started out:

[whispering] John and I are at Google Chicago headquarters right now, and we're stuck in the lobby 'cause we don't know who to call. This is, like, shadow glass, but you have to get down really low on your knees and then you can see what's going on. They have... they're having a book drive right now.

[to camera] Yes, indeed, John and I gave a little bit of a lecture at Google's Chicago headquarters. We talked about YouTube, and online video, and online communities in general, and it was really very entertaining and very interesting, and it was good to talk to the people at Google about that kind of stuff. Because, you know, they own all of... everything outside of this box, they own it.

But that was only the beginning of the longest day of my life. We then went to a Chicago library event where there were over 380 nerdfighters! And they were among the most prominent nerdfighters in existence. They included the Short Sisters; Lena of the The Butterbeer Experience; Brittany of the Parselmouths; Lauren, Liane, Kayley, and Kristina of the 5AwesomeGirls; secret sister Rosianna; secret brother Adam... all of these people! All in the same room at the same time; the first time I've ever seen any of them outside of the YouTube screen!

[to nerdfighters] This is the weirdest room in the world.

[Girl 4] I know!

[Hank, to camera] It was almost as if the world was melting due to the extreme power of the awesome.

Then I went to a wizard rock concert in the park, played some songs with Lena, played some songs with Liane, played some songs with Lauren, played some songs by myself, and if you can believe it the day wasn't even over yet!

Because then we all went to Chicago's Bean and participated in one of the largest collaborative movie projects ever! And even after that, there was more awesome to come! I played a real-live electrified concert with fans, like, pushed up against the stage screaming the words to my songs at me!

[gasped scream] That was awesome, too!

And then me and many, many nerdfighters danced all night long to other wizard rock bands. And yes, the deejay played "Don't Stop Believin'."

And that leads me to the one unawesome thing that happened in Chicago: Liane of the 5AwesomeGirls and I decided that it would be cool for other people to order the CDs that had already sold out at Terminus, and so Liane took people's money and took down their addresses on pieces of paper... which then fell out of my pocket while I was dancing like a mad man.

So if you bought one of those CDs from Liane, please email me immediately at sparksflyup at Sorry I'm such a spaz.

And then the day after that, I flew back to Montana, witnessed the joining together of two of my great friends in holy matrimony, and then I went to sleep, and then I woke up, and it was the last day of the Western Montana Fair and I got to go to the fair and look at goats and llamas, and eat corn dogs, and then go to a demolition derby!

So that was my eight days of awesome. John, the only way you can continue it is if you discuss the political situation in Georgia while giving yourself a Ze Frank peanut butter mask!

[calmly] Yes, this video is longer than four minutes and I will accept whatever punishment you feel fit to give me. If you want to see John in a peanut butter mask, you'd better subscribe!