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We celebrate our anniversary by sharing the secret origin story of How to Adult, the show's original title, and why y'all are the most awesome viewers ever!

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Created, Written, and Hosted by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Mike is also a Young Adult novelist. His book, THE END GAMES, is available at all online booksellers, including
Indiebound ( ) and Amazon: (

Directed and Edited by:
T. Michael Martin

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green
(0:00) Both: Hey! Happy Anniversary!
(0:04) Emma: Queue retrospective.

MONTAGE PLAYS - No speech, music plays.

(0:25) Emma: Welcome to How to Adult. Year 2. Time to get weird.
Both: *Laugh*
Mike: It has been a little bit over a year since the channel launched and to celebrate we just wanted to kind of look back over the past year and answer some questions about it. I don't know if people know, like, the story of how How to Adult...
Emma: Mm hmm.
Mike: became a thing. And you had the initial idea. 
(0:46) Emma: Yes I did. But I knew I couldn't make it by myself. And I basically co-opted Mike to come here and do this show with me. 
(0:56) Emma: Should talk about what we were going to call this show.
Mike: Your original title was Life Smarts. The next title I think was Li-, I'm kind of embarrassed about this one actually because this was totally my idea, I was like what about Life Support. 
(1:12) Emma: I think you said How to Adult. 
Mike: Yes.
Both: Yeah.
Emma: Did you write it down? We got the proof.
Mike: We went to a restaurant in town. I came with the notebook and wrote down a bunch of ideas. I wrote down here Life Support.
Emma: Yeah!
Mike: I remember writing down How to Adult and thinking I don't know if that's going to work and then you kind of looked over and said 'Did you write How to Adult?'.
Emma: *Giggles*
Mike: And you said, 'That's cute. Can we use that?'
(1:38) Mike: What is your favorite thing about doing the show?
Emma: Uhhhh, several things. Can I ha- see we didn't think...we...this is  on the fly and it's going to read as such. Well I don't want to rank them, okay, but probably the community.
Mike: Yeah.
Emma: Our meet up at VidCon. Highlight of my, not just my How to Adult year, but just my year in general.
Mike: Yeah.
Emma: Um, because everyone was so kind and enthusiastic and nice and cool. Then the other first thing was hanging out with Mike. 
Mike: Thank you.
Emma: *high-pitched* That was the only other thing I had.
(2:06) Emma: What's your favorite thing? You have to answer it.
Mike: The hanging out with you, getting to make the show with you and the people who watch the videos. They're so supportive; not just of the show but of each other. 
(2:16) Mike: Do you have a favorite video?
Emma: I was thinking we should say our favorite video at the same time.
Mike: Okay.
Emma: Okay, ready? 
Both: One, two, three.
*Same time* - Emma: The laundry. Mike: Depression video.
Emma: I knew you were going to say that one!
Mike: I knew you were going to say laundry. That would be my second favorite.
Emma: Yep. I would swap. Yeah.
(2:31) Mike: In year 2 are there any topics that you're really looking forward to?
Emma: Yes, um, I think we should study up on, uh, basilisks, practice our Parseltongue, we should, uh, familiarize ourselves with, uh, local ghosts.
Mike: Uhhuh.
Emma: In case we need their assistance for some information about some freaky things...
Mike: Yeah.
Emma: ...happening around here.
Mike: One of the topics that we came up with early on was How do you pick good fruit. 
Emma: Yeah. I really want to talk about how you know, like, which cantaloupe is the good cantaloupe.
(3:02) Mike: What is the, like, thing you guys would most like us to cover...
Emma: Yeah! like full video. Let us know please.
Emma: And thumbs. Yes thumbs. Yeah thumbs. Thumbs up your favorite.
(3:10) Mike: Another thing I'd like to do in the next year is have more guest spots where...
Emma: Yeah!
Mike: ...we're hanging out with people.
Emma: We made cookies with Emily Graslie.
Mike: Yeah.
Emma: That was like one of the highlights of my year.
Mike: Yeah.
Emma: She is the coolest.
Mike: Yeah, she totally is. We're really hoping to maybe film some stuff with her soon. 
(3:28) Mike: Thank you guys so much for making this an awesome year. You've been more awesome than we could've hoped.
Emma: *quiet, far-away voice* We love you.
Emma: Can we hug? Or we can go in for the high-five if you're more comfortable with that.
Mike: I'm going to go high-five...hug! Sneak attack! 
Emma: *blows kiss*
Mike: UHHH!