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If you've ever used a tip calculator or wondered how much to tip waiters, delivery people, valets, hairdressers (or, like, anybody), this is the video for you!

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NOTE: Hi! It's implied in the video but worth saying explicitly: tipping varies from place to place. We make our videos is as cross-cultural as possible, but this does pertain largely to suggestions for American etiquette. Thanks we love you byeeees.

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Created and Hosted by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Mike is also a Young Adult novelist. His book, THE END GAMES, is available at all online booksellers, including
Indiebound ( ) and Amazon: (

Written, Directed, and Edited by:
T. Michael Martin

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green

Emma & Michael: Hey!

Michael: Now, we know there might be some Reservoir Dogs-style debates about why these people are tipped and why these people aren't tipped. But for this video we're going to put the debates aside and just give you some basic guidelines on how much you should tip.

Emma: Okay, we've got a lot to get through, so rapid-fire alphabetical style.

M: Bartender.

E: [old-timey accent] Hey-a sir, could I get a drink over here?

M: If you order a water or soda, anything other than change. If you order alcohol, $1 per bottled drink, 20% per craft cocktail. Multiple drinks in happy hour: 20% of the original price.

E: Bellhop: $2 for first bag, $1 per additional bag. $2-$3 for additional service like room delivery.

M: Cab driver.

E: Hey, sir, 56th and Lexington please!

M: [driving sound] Varies from place to place, but according to CNN, it's safe to assume 15% is enough.

E: Coatroom attendants: $1 per coat.

M: Concierge.

E: [different accent] Hey sir, I'd like 3 tickets for Anything Goes! Post haste!

M: Cole Porter is the top.

E: He is the top! He's like a... like, I dunno...

M: Um...

E: Like a... like, the, ah..

M: Brooklyn Dodgers. They're a football team, now, they're a... they're a baseball team.

E: Baseball team.

M: Gah, dangit! They're in L.A. now. [screen for tipping comes up] No obligation for answering questions. $5-$10 for tickets or reservations. $15 for ones that are hard to get, or 10-20% of the ticket price.

E: Delivery person.

M: Hey! 17 pizzas please, at 123 Please Subscribe Lane.

E: Think of a delivery person like a waiter who likely has to use their own car to get to your table. $3 or 15% of your order, whichever is higher. For a difficult delivery, 15-20%. If you're order is late or wrong, remember that it's not necessarily the driver's fault, and you may want to tip them the same.

M: Doorman. Smile, thanks, a nonchalant high-five for opening the door. $1-4 for carrying luggage, $1-2 for hailing a cab, and a little extra if it's raining. Above and beyond the call of duty? $1-4.

E: Gas attendant: no tip required. That was anticlimactic!

M: It really was... Grocery loader. If store policy allows tips, $1 for bringing bags to car, $1.50-3 if you have more than 3 bags.

E: Hair Salon. 15-20% which you can ask to be split among those who served you.

M: Handyman. No tip required, refreshments appreciated.

E: Hotel housekeeping $2-5 per day left daily with a note marked "Dear Housekeeper, thanks! Keep remembering to be awesome!"

M: Maitr'd. No obligation for taking you to the table. $10-20 for going above and beyond on a busy night or the same amount every once in a while if you're a regular.

E: Manicurist/Facial/Waxing!

M: That is gonna be the name of my memoir.

E: 15-20%, a little extra if you have a 40-year-old virgin experience and tell the waxer that you hate her.

M: Massage. 15-20%

E: Movers! 5%

M: Airplane Porter or Skycap. $2 first bag. $1 per additional bag.

E: Tip jars. No obligation though it's nice to tip sometimes if a person goes above an beyond or if you're a regular.

M: Valet. $2-5, pay when the car is returned to you.

E: Not a pre-tipping type situation.

M: No...

E: Wait 'til you got your vehicle back.

M: Yeah, that seems like a pretty reasonable arrangement.

E: Wait Staff. That's the name of Gandalf's hip-hop album. 5-10% minimum, 20% for average service, 30% for excellent. If you get comped, 20% of bill. If you drink at a table but don't get food, $1 per drink. If you're getting take out, no obligation if you go in to get it. 10% for extras like curbside service or for a big, complicated order.

M: Wait service at a buffet. 10% of the pre-taxed total.

E: Washroom attendant. 50 cents to $3.

M: Wine Steward.

E: Martha Stewart's lesser known cousin.

M: Who just complains all the time... Wine Steward wines. 15% of the cost of the bottle.

E: Special circumstances like holidays. To quote, "holiday tipping is really holiday thanking". Covering all the types of holiday gifts would require its own video, but if you'd like, we can put a comprehensive list in the dooblydoo below.

M: And that is all we've got for you today. If you have any tip tips, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

E: In the meantime, we don't have a catchphrase for you today, but we do have a tip. Keep watching How To Adult.