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This video comes to you in Twenty-Seven Parts! Man...this was a pretty dang difficult video to make...I can't even remember what it's about....a lot of stuff.

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[Part 1 - Greeting] Good morning, John.

[Part 2 - Happy Dance]

[Part 3 - Flashback] John, remember that time when I used a green screen made of blue construction paper? [Hank from the past: Obviously, I'm enough of an internet sensation that I've just taped several pieces of blue construction paper behind me so I can do blue screen stuff!]
[Part 4 - Transition] OK, I'm still kind of uncomfortable in here, so I'm gonna go home. [At home now] Aah, home.

[Part 5 - Explanation of This Thing] So you may have noticed that there's a thing down here talking about what I'm talking about right now, which is weird, right? Well, that's because today's video comes to you in 27 parts.

[Part 6 - HaleysGoggles (Haley Patton) @hankgreen talk about who/what inspires you(:] And I asked people on Twitter last night and they came through, like this person, who's wondering where my inspiration comes from. Well, obviously, it comes from you.

[Part 7 - sarawesomeh (Sarah Stankus) @hankgreen Robots. Also, your preferred procedure of procuring and/or preparing chocolate milk.]

[Part 8 - Elianryb (Elian Tyto) @HankGreen Jonathon Coulton!] I was at a They Might Be Giants show in Spokane this weekend, and opening for them was the great Johnathon Coulton. At the beginning of his set, he was talking about how he signed all of the pre-orders of his CDs; he joked about how, though it was hard, he didn't have to sign 150,000 or anything, which, I think was probably a reference to The Fault in Our Stars, which is pretty cool.

[Part 9 - paperclipcookie (KARINA M) @hankgreen cookies!]

[Part 10 Elisa_Piccola (Elisa Cline) Talk about your new channel!! @hankgreen] John and I are starting big new channels on YouTube; the one that I am doing is called On that channel we're gonna be talking about the news in science, and also broader topics so that we can all just be smarter.

[Part 11 - HannahMBruton (Hannah Buron) @hankgreen I really miss Song Wednesday... And it IS Wednesday tomorrow... Just saying.] [*singing*] , T-shirt and jeans, that's right, it doesn't mean anything. People who know me know that I try not to say too much just with my clothes.

[Part 12 - itsaimeepond (Aimee Kaitlynn) @hankgreen Talk about why breath smells.] Our breath, as people, smells bad because of bacteria that live in our mouth.

[Part 13 - shortgeekfreak (Chloe Paul) @hankgreen video games as art. Can they be? How can they be?] I don't find the conversation about whether video games are art to be particularly interesting. It requires there to be a definition of art that everyone in the world will accept, and I don't accept that precept.

[Part 14 - lunatunarox (Ashley Sousa) @hankgreen cats.]

[Part 15 - anna_e_d (Anna) @hankgreen What you plan to do on 11/11/11 at 11:11.] On 11/11/11 at 11:11 I'm thinking maybe about doing a live show. I dunno. Come back here, then, to see.

[Part 16 - rain_surfer (Ryan) @hankgreen What CD or band is on your constant rotation right now?] Because I just went to see There Might Be Giants, I've been listening to the new album "Join Us", like, constantly.

[Part 17 - DAdaphneEE (Daphnne Lei) @hankgreen is there true love in marriage? My WHAP teacher keeps saying that it's only social standing and cash that equals marriage.] Yes, there is love in marriage! I don't know what WHAP is, but your teacher's full of crap!

[Part 18 - dshooker (David S. Hooker) @hankgreen Is it true that microwaves destroy all nutrients in food during the heating process?] I hear this a lot: That microwaves destroy all the nutrients in food, and I just have to say that that's not true. A microwave doesn't do anything that steaming or frying wouldn't do, and in fact, boiling is much worse at decreasing the nutrient content of vegetables.

[Part 19 - CcaliTilEe (Caitlyn White) @hankgreen You haven't mentioned corn dogs in a while.] They started selling Morning Star vegetarian corn dogs again at my grocery store! This is extremely exciting for me.

[Part 20 - necro3mp (Amanda Kirchgraber) @hankgreen Corn dogs dipped in chocolate pudding] Stupid Twitter! Oh, noo-om! Why? That's not good!

[Part 21 - sacasticbl0nde (Hannah Keller) @hankgreen NaNoWriMo and if you've ever done it or ever plan on doing it] I actually though about doing NaNoWriMo this year, and then I realized that it's like HALFWAY THROUGH NOVEMBER ALREADY!

[Part 22 - jennlevine (Jennifer Levine) @hankgreen the Quidditch (sic) World Cup? Help us spread the word so we can reach our book drive and ticket goals!] Every year in New York, Harry Potter fans get together and they play the actual game of actual Quidditch on an actual Quidditch pitch! It's happening this weekend and if you are around you should go; there's more information in the description.

[Part 23 - Davardo1 (David Hallman) @hankgreen Discuss Minecraft] I think Minecraft's totally amazing. I just found a really cool place to build my new house. Aw, there's some gold right there, or ore, right there. That's awesome! What is that? I'm just gonna [*game sound UGH*]-- I somehow survived that. Somehow survived-- [*game sound of DEATH*] eeer, not anymore.

[Part 24 - abcscompany (Dylan Smith) @hankgreen The act of not eating meat] A little while ago I made a video about how I was not gonna eat meat for a month and then I didn't talk about it ever again, and that's not because I didn't not eat meat for a month, it's just 'cause I didn't talk about it again. It's not an easy life choice and it's clear why most of us do eat meat: One, because it's delicious, and two, because it's just easy. My life became very cheese-centric, and I don't think it was particularly healthy.

[Part 25 - snarke (snarke) @hankgreen P4A! P4A! P4A! I can't find information on it anywhere!] Project for Awesome is happening again this year on December 17th, and if you want, you should definitely already be working on ideas for your cool videos to promote charities.

[Part 26 - Worldsuck Fund Shave It Competition] And our final topic of the day: My face. Here, we have the results of the Keep It/Shave It Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck fundraiser and oh my God it was close! The Shave-Its, with $1,449.98, lose to The Keep-its, with $1,494.43. I wish it hadn't have been that close. Now I feel like I'm betraying half of you. I am going to shave it at the end of November. We raised almost $3,000 for the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. And a special thanks to Lee Ann Spillane, my high school English teacher, who donated $100 for me to keep it, without whom, it would be being shaved! Every vote counts, people! And when I say vote, of course I mean dollar. 'Cause that's how America works! I'm kidding.

[Part 27 - Sign Off] John, this is the last part: Part 27. I'll see you on Friday.

[Part 28 - Secret End Bit] Why did I never think of this before? This is awesome!