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In which John happy dances through town before landing in...heaven? And then announced two new exciting vlogbrothers projects, Crash Course and SciShow. At long last, nerdfighteria, we have the time and resources to make our eductational ambitions a reality. We hope you love the new channels; vlogbrothers will be the same as always.


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This... was... the... last... one. D... F... T... B... A. Yes! YES! Quick pause for puppy sized elephant. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I did it! I signed all the books! Where am I? Is this heaven? There wouldn't be a globe in heaven. Hank, I'm in some kind of fancy video studio. So, Hank, this is the studio where we will be filming the Indianapolis episodes of our new channel, Crash Course. I'm trying to be a stand-y vlogger, but on some level I'm just not a stand-y vlogger, so I'm gonna sit. Preferably in, like, a really hideous chair. Perfect. So, Hank, as you know, for a long time, we've dreamt of making an educational channel on YouTube. (I just wanna spin you!) Like, a channel that would be both genuinely informational and also genuinely entertaining. And now, we finally have the opportunity to do so. We get to be teachers! So for 40 weeks beginning in late January 2012, I'm gonna teach World History and you are going to teach Biology, which I'm really excited about because I don't know anything about biology and you're gonna make me more smart and I appreciate - smarter. Smarter. Gah! I am going to explain you in just 40 videos. Even you, Tuvalu. Obviously, Hank, it's gonna be, like, a very broad introduction. And then, after we're done, we're gonna start teaching other courses. Literature, Chemistry, Physics, whatever you want us to do, Nerdfighteria, we are so incredibly excited about this! Hank, off-topic, but I feel kinda like Tobuscus right now. Like, make me lighter, make me lighter, make me handsomer, there. Audience, why does Hank always sound like me when he does HankGames? I'm so bad at impressions; that sounds nothing like Toby. God, I love Toby so much. He's here, isn't he? I love you. But Hank, Crash Course is only half the awesome news because in early January, you're launching a channel called SciShow, which is gonna be a show all about science. Like science news, but also answering the age-old questions of science like, "Why is the sky blue?" The questions that Henry asks me - actually, he doesn't ask me those questions yet. His major questions are, "Where did Mommy go?" and "More cupcake... question mark?" So there are links to subscribe to Crash Course and SciShow in the dooblydoo and also here in annotations. Please go there and subscribe! We're so excited about this! I've said that seven times but it's so true! I know there are giant squids of anger in comments right now, like, "Vlogbrothers videos are changing, and that means Nerdfighteria is gonna die," but no, Vlogbrothers videos aren't changing. Same Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, same, you know, crappy shooting in our basement, nothing is changing. Nerdfighteria has been my hometown for a long time, Hank, and I am not moving. We're just trying to bring more nerdy awesome stuff into the world with you. DFTBA, Hank, I will see you on Wednesday.