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Hank continues to struggle in FIFA. John has some advice for him, but Hank doesn't think it will work.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

John: All you have to do is not, all you have to do is run to the goal and not pass. I mean, just run at the goal and you will score. Oh! I'm away.

Hank: For example. Oh, you're gonna... oh...

John: I mean, I knew I had to get close.

Hank: You forgot to kick.

John: I did, I obviously didn't have to get that close. Nice. Nice necessary slide tackle. I mean, literally, just don't go wide, and instead of going wide, just run.

Hank: I mean, there's all these guys ahead of me!

John: Just run at the goal.

Hank: They're gonna stop the ball!

John: You don't, I'm just telling you... hahaha that's a good strategy. You're right, Hank. You know what, continue doing it your way. It's working like a charm.