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John is very good at the unnecessary slide tackle.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

John: I'm a bit of an aggressive slide tackler, that's one thing we've learned so far.

J: Poor boy. And then unnecessary slide tackle.

Hank: In the future.

J: Oh, unnecessary slide tackle.
H: Thanks for the unnecessary slide tackle.
J: Really unnecessary slide tackle.

Commentator: Slide tackle.
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

J: I'm very angry. Unnecessary slide tackle.

H: Keep passing.
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

H: ...everybody.
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

J: Daha. Not, not my best work.

H: Now, you...
J: Little bit, little bit late. I was a little bit late on that.

J: Uh. Unnecessary slide tackle of frustration.

J: that, uh.
H: Did you just slide tackle yourself?
J: Unnecessary slide tackle. Double, double unnecessary slide tackle.

C: Slides in.
H: Oh, good pass, good pass.
J: Oh, nice unnecessary slide tackle.

H: I'm doing so well!
J: Oh, unnecessary slide tackle there up top.

J: There was an element of unnecessary slide tackle to that slide tackle. I don't know what the buttons are, man. I'm trying to play defense.

J: Haha hahaha. I... Oh, unnecessary slide tackle.

H: Oh, I'm so bad. 'Scuse me ref.
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

H: Oh, who was that?
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

H: You gotta cut that.
J: Unnecessary slide tackle.

J: Oh, unnecessary slide tackle.

H: OK, OK, OK.
J: Oh, that was actually a necessary slide tackle.