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I've made mistakes over my lifetime. Some are no big deal but others are and it's important for me to do what I can to correct them.
Some of my works in progress include:
1. Not having a system in place to respond in a timely manner, or at all to your messages. Even something as simple as an auto-reply that suggests appropriate resources and addresses my inability to take on an inbox so large.
2. One message in particular was from a dad who deserved my full and immediate attention. Maybe I'll share more about this someday but for now, I'm working on amends.
3. This isn't a mistake so much as a challenge. It isn't possible for me to keep up on every research study, current affair, sex education improvement etc. This means that I can use out-dated language and leave people out. I'm trying and ContraPoints is helping.
4. I've misspelled and mispronounced words.
5. I've reported information on the island Mangaia which many of the inhabitants of dispute. They say that the anthropologists who originally wrote their enthographers were wrong. Part of my amends here is to buy $300 of books about Mangaia to learn more and continue planning a visit to learn first-hand about their sexualities.
These are the ones that come to mind now. There are many others and I'll try to add them as they come up.
Thank you again for learning with me and allowing me to grow as a person. I hope we can all do this for each other on a larger scale and that we stay curious.

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