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In which Hank helps and is not always very helpful.

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Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank, Katherine, and Nick play Super Mario Brothers U!

Nick: Oh, if she doesn't punch you I will.

Katherine: Hello, hello!

Hank: We're going from the Soda Jungle into the next part of the Soda Jungle.

Nick: Boo House!

Hank: Which is the Boo House. We got a little starry night, little bit of impressionistic looking--

Katherine: So, Which-Way labyrinth, which--

Hank and Nick: Oh.

Katherine: --sounds exciting.

Nick: Oh, good.

Hank: It sounds terrible.


Hank: There's also like, a little, mm heads.

Katherine: Yeah, stone eyes.

Hank: Easter Island head things.

Katherine: So, this is a lot of doors. Uh!

Hank: You--

Nick: Come here!

Hank: Ah!

Katherine: So, this is a lot of doors, woah!

Hank: Gimme. I'm-a go in this one. I tried right. We started with the far right one.

Nick: Yeah, you see, see, see, I'm beginning to think-- I'm going to switch out controllers next, next episode.

Hank: You know, you think you can't bubble?

Nick: Well, look how slowly I'm shooting my fire flower, even though I'm taping like a mad man.

Hank: Mm. 

Nick: Oh, light. Nice!

Hank: Ah!

Nick: Oh.

Hank: Do the, do the rats run away from light?Oh no, they--

Nick: they, uh they looks-- oh, well you can eat them.

Katherine: Amazing!

Hank: Aha, yum.

Nick: Fire flower, guys.

Katherine: I love you, Yoshi.

Nick: Get out of my face.

Hank: Ah! It came from behind!


Katherine: What's that for? What's that? What's that for? Let's get it. Oh, yeah.

Hank: Oh, yeah.

Nick: It's the only Star Wars reference that still makes me laugh.


Hank: Thank you for running right into my Yoshi's mouth.

Nick: Let's get some One-Up's guys.

Hank: What are you thinking? Aw, that was my baby Yoshi.

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Katherine: Oops!

[Nick laughing]

Hank: Alright.

Nick: Uh oh.

Hank: I didn't mean to do that, but OK.

Katherine: Well, what was your other choice.

Hank: I was going to try to get up higher, to that second level.

Hank and Nick: Aw.

Nick: Which door did we go in?

Katherine: This one up here.

Nick: We went in that?

Hank: We went in that one. So let's try that one.

Katherine: The one that I'm standing in. Oops. I didn't mean to do that.

[Nick guffaw]

Hank: I bet you didn't.

Katherine: The, uh, good thing is we can just go right back through it again.

Nick and Hank: Can we?

Nick: Nope.

Katherine: Oh, darn.

Nick: Somebody, somebody eat those, please. Who wants a Yoshi?

Hank: I want mine!

Katherine: OK, what's up-- oh my god. What's up there? Can I get there?

Hank: Yeah, you can. No, you just got to actually jump.


Nick: Yeah.

Hank: Yeah, like that. Get out of my way, Toad! Move in one direction or the other.

[Nick snickering]

Katherine: Where do you think you're going, baby Yoshi? I mean--

Hank: Yum, yum, yum, yummy. I'm just going to run though this level real fast.

Nick: Ah! Oh! Grr!

Katherine: OK. OK. OK.

Hank: I can't jump though.

Nick: Why?

Hank: Because of that reason you just discovered.

Nick: Oh. OK.

Hank: How do you get up there?

Katherine: Hmm, I don't know. I think that's just a door.

Nick: I have a feeling that's just where one puts you.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Mm.

Nick: --when you go through.

Hank: OK.

Nick: OK.

Hank: Let's try the far left now.

Nick: What-- yes.

Hank: I dropped my Yoshi.

Nick: What happened to my baby Yoshi?

Katherine: You got to be holding it or you drop it.

Hank: Got to be holding it or it doesn't come with ya. You don't want to lose your baby Yoshi. You don't leave a man behind.

Katherine: Always be holding the-the letter one.

Hank: What's on your paw, Lemon? The letter one.

Nick: OK. I don't think these will eat a ghost, what do you think?

Hank: Probably not.

Katherine: I'm going to say no.

Hank: You can try. Oh! You can make them go away though by shaking.

Nick: Oh, I ate everything. Sorry.

Katherine: It's alright, it was just mushrooms.

Nick: Gimme, gimme!

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Hank: You're gonna die.

Nick: Oh!

Hank: Told you.

Nick: I don't even know what happened.

Hank: You got trapped.

Katherine: Oh no. No.

Nick: Uh oh

Katherine: Baby Yoshi! No!

Hank: Aw!

Nick: OK, so it's not the right, and it's not the left.

Hank: Oh, look. They came.

Katherine: They came back.

Nick: So, it must be one of these two.

Hank: Ow! Lemon, wow! You just hit me with your face.

Katherine: Or it could be a secret.

Hank: Could be a secret door, but that would be mean.

Nick: Oh, no, ah!

Hank: It's OK, I think they come through. I think they follow us.

Nick: Oh, apparently they do.

Katherine: What's that, honey?

Hank: I was like, I'm trying to move, but I can't. It's cause there was a toad.

[Katherine gasping repeatedly]

Nick: Holy cripes!

Hank: Ah!

Nick: C-Crap.

[Katherine coughs]

Katherine: Go, go.

Hank: Ah! Huuu!

[Nick laughing]

Hank: OK, let's go through here. That was a crazy one, but not that one.

Nick: Gah

Hank: We decided to save it for last.

Katherine: I left my baby Yoshi behind.

Nick: Oh, it didn't come back this time.

Hank: Well, that one [gibberish]. Oh, I did eat Boo! Guys, I ate Boo.

Nick: It'll eat Boos?!

Hank: Yeah, I ate Boo.

Nick: Woah

Hank: What? Didn't we just do that one?

Katherine: Yup.

Nick: We did this one?

Katherine: Yup

Hank: Yeah

Nick: No, we didn't. Oh, we did.

Katherine: Yup.

Nick: Well wait a minute, what then--

Katherine: There's another door somewhere.

Nick: Oh good.

Katherine: That we didn't go in to.

Nick: Crap!

Hank: Ooh! That's so mean, that's so mean. Katherine, you are brave.

Katherine: Well, you know, I'm trying to see if there's any where else to go

Hank: There was that one other door on this one.

Katherine: We can't get there.

Hank: I'm pretty sure you can. We just got to jump on each others heads or do a wall jump.

Katherine: [Sighs] Probably should have brought the baby Yoshis with us. I don't know if that's a crazy idea.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

Hank: They come with.

Katherine: OK

Nick: Well hers didn't.

Hank: I-- Yeah, she was in a bubble, I guess. Uh. Thank you.

Katherine: Oh, cool.

Hank: Sorry.

Katherine: Good job.

[Nick and Hank laughing]

Nick: Good work, man. Good job.

Hank: Ah, I like to eat rats.

Nick: OK, so-- Ah hah!

Hank: Yup. Alright.

Nick: Dude, get out of the way, and I'll get 'em

Hank: Huh! Yes. Yes. What has happened now? Where do we go now? Up the ladder. Come here baby Yoshi.

Nick: OK, I'm gonna not go in that door.

Katherine: Not going to go in that one?

Nick: Huh, uh! Er. Well, what do you guys think? Which door?

Hank: There's something over there.

Nick: There is.

Katherine: What?

Nick: There's something up there.

Katherine: Yup.

Nick: I don't think you can-- I don't think there's a door, but there's--

Hank: Yup, yup.

Nick: OK. Well, fifty percent.

Katherine: It was coins.

Hank: It was coins.

Nick: Oh! Easy choice.

Hank: Oh, good! I'm glad I didn't pick that one in the beginning.

Nick:  Oh, no!

Hank: Mark, no!


Hank: Not my dino-dinosaur

Katherine: Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

Nick: Oh, oh.

Katherine: Is it, is this, is it really doing this? Why is it doing this? Oh god, it's big, enormous Boo!


Hank: Alright, just everybody keep looking at big, old Boo.

Nick: Better come over here. Heh, heh.

Hank: Ah!

[Nick laughing]

Katherine: Ah!

Nick: Oh my g-

Hank: Ah!

Katherine: Ah!

Hank: Oh, that was close.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

Hank: I didn't get one.

Nick: Oh, uh oh. Come here! Come-- oh, come on down, buddy.

Hank: I thought I was somebody else. Yeah, you killed those big Boos. Woah!

Nick: Oh, oh.

Hank: Bad luck for you

Nick: Bunch of balls.

[Hank laughing]

Katherine: This the end? This the--

Hank: It is the end.

Katherine: Yay! Get it!

[Nick laughing]

Nick: Oh.

Katherine: It's mine. Huh!

Hank: Yay, baby Yoshi go inside for us and have a nice dinner.


Katherine: You deserve it!

Hank: You deserve it!

Nick: Oh, hey, you got enough.

Hank: And got us lives.

Katherine: Yay.

Hank: Enjoy dinner. Alright. Uh we got a starry night, it appears like, to attend to.

Nick: That looks like toxic waste over there.

Hank: It's the Painted Swampland.

Katherine: Huh, that sounds lovely.

Hank: It... doesn't.

Katherine: No? Like the painted desert?

Hank: OK.

Katherine: Huh.

Nick: Yeah, but the Painted Swamp, that probably means fungi.

Hank: It's a painted swampland.

Katherine: OK, you are loud. I don't know if you've ever noticed.

Hank: Eh.

Katherine: Cool.

Nick: Huh!

Hank: It's pretty.

Nick: Oh. God.

Katherine: It's beautiful. [Laughs]

Hank: It's d-- Guy is dangerous though. It's--

Katherine: I'll just, um, stay here, because apparently--

Hank: That's a hard jump.

Katherine: That's a hard jump.

Nick: Apparently, Hank and Nick are bad at game.

Hank: Oh no!

Katherine: Ah! Wee!

Nick: Oops.

Hank: Why, thank you.

Katherine: You're welcome.

Hank: Ah! Mother! Mother!

Nick: Uh!

Hank: Huh. Huh.

[Katherine laughing]

Hank: Huh. Huh. Huh.

Katherine: Woohoo! Woo!

Hank: Huh. Huh.

Nick: Ah!

Hank: Huh!

Katherine: Ha haha. He he. Ah, see, I just knew you were going to panic about that, and I was, um, looking forward to it a little bit.

 (10:00) to (12:00)

[Hank sneezes]

Nick: Oh, you have a star

Katherine: Hey--

[Hank sneezes]

Katherine: Hey, guys

Hank: Hi

Katherine: Hey, guys. Ah! Hey guys.

Hank: Somebody bounce her.

Katherine: Uh.

Hank: Why'd you die?


Nick: You knocked me off the edge.

Katherine: Who did?

Nick: I think Mario did.

Hank: Uh uh, no, I was helping.

[Katherine laughing]

Katherine: Uh uhh. Nah. I'd never do that. Oh, god!

Nick: Whoops

Katherine: Panic.

Hank: Help 'uigi.

Katherine: Panicked.

Hank: Uh. Or no, too tight!

Katherine: Poopy pants.

Hank: Too tight! You go.

Katherine: Poop-dy pants.

Hank: Lemon wants to know what the big whoop was about.

Katherine: Oh, awesome. Cool. I was looking at the dog.

Hank: Yeah don't look at the dog. I'm having a-- I'm tripping, man. I'm having a--

Katherine: Maybe not kill me immediately this time. That'll be sweet.

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that was the plan.

[Katherine laughing]

Hank: Oh god, I can't kill it. Oh, worse.

Nick: You hit the water.

Hank: Ah! I'm so bad at game.

Nick: Ah!

Katherine: [Laughing] You guys.

Hank: How did Nick die?

Nick: Oh, god.

Katherine: Yes!

Nick: Yes, I tried to jump. That's what I did, I tried to jump. I did that. I did exactly that.

Hank: The stupid-- When I got the mushroom, it conserved my momentum.

Nick: Ah!


Katherine: I just want to see how many more lives, you'll, you'll, you'll lose.

Hank: Now there's a Boo in the way! Get out of my way, get out of my way!

Katherine: I've been doing my best, you guys. There's been only one of me for such a long time. Um...

Nick: You guys, check it out. I have to continue.

Hank: Oh, my god. That was really, really sad.

Katherine: You like how I just jumped over you there, because I didn't even want to deal with it.

Hank: Yeah.

Katherine: Yeah.

Hank: Come to me, Katherine.

 (12:00) to (12:48)

Hank: Alright, we are so capable of doing this.

Katherine: Ah! [bleep]


Hank: I figured it would be easy.

Nick: Oh my god. Somebody else had to continue.


Hank: I thought it would be easy.


Hank: It wasn't easy.

Katherine: Did you try to run across the?

Hank: No, I tried to jump from the down.

Katherine: That's what I did. I'd just done that.


Hank: I figured you did it wrong.


Hank: Thanks for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine and Nick play Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Katherine: Woo!

Nick: Woo, goodbye!