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In which Hank sings a song about Queen Ranavalona the First and discusses clean coal a bit.
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 Intro and song

(guitar strumming) Good morning John, it's Wednesday, May 30th. I was really surprised, suddenly, to discover that I needed to do a song today. So I decided yesterday, after I realized, that I would take something extremely random from your video and make a song about it. And I was extremely surprised to find that you gave me something ridiculously random to deal with.

(sings) Queen Ranavalona the first

Throughout history, killers found a way

To gather enough power to put millions in their graves

Henry just focused on his wives

While Hitler's war took 70 million lives

But I've got to wonder if those guys were worse

Than Queen Ranavalona the First

Oh Ranavalona, Ranavalona, Ranavalona the First

They call her the Mad Queen of Madagascar

She'll sell you into slavery, she'll boil you in tar

She'll dress you up in bloody animal skins and set the dogs on you

A third of her nation died under her rule

If ever the reign of a woman was cursed

It was Queen Ranavalona the First

Ranavalona, Ranavalona, Ranavalona the First.

 John's previous video(2:36)

(spoken) I did it! So, yesterday's video. Packing already, moving, oh my God! Leaving New York. That's scary and I'm sorry and I hope that I don't have to do that any time soon. Ahhh so much lifting. Euugh. Also in reference to your last video: Amazing Yeti. I'm undone.

 Obama and clean coal(2:56)

On a more serious note, I've been a little bit disappointed lately of the coverage of coal. Now we all know that coal is bad, but we need it to power all of our lights and stuff. But the worst thing in the world would be to find more ways to use coal. There are people trying to figure out how to use coal to power automobiles. I have to wonder if you know that your favorite guy, Mr. Obama, is a champion for coal to liquid technology. I mean, he's really photogenic and well-spoken and everything, but - but this kind of turns me off. I'm also angry that there has been clean coal advertisements popping up all over the place. Like even on some environmental blogs. One of the advertisements is a lump of coal with, uh, legs that runs and skips and jumps and is happy. He has thought bubbles that say happy things. I have cleared out his though bubble so that people can have him say whatever they think that he would actually say (image of coal saying I'm in yr gas tank destroyin yr planetz, and then a middle finger wth FU) I would like to encourage Nerdfighters to do that. The, uh, graphic is below, and you can send them to or put them in the comments. The best one may even win a prize.John, I will see you tomorrow.