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In which Hank learns Wingardium Leviosa and then shoots some more stuff and is confused.
Last time on Hank Green plays Lego Harry Potter years 1-4, he was levitating things to help save students from a menace of some kind. And I just got a boy! A boy unlocked. I unlocked a boy. And um now I need to push B to cast on painting. Oh I did it, I casted on painting.

What's going on? What is this? What, what is it? What is it, what is it, what is it? Confused! Why are you doing that? I want to get this boy down!

So I was saving boys with my newly learned skill of Wingardium Leviosa, however, ah..there we go. I was having a rather hard time. Uh...saving this last boy. But I seem to have done it. For some reason I couldn't do it, uh, as Hermione. Or as Harry, I had to be Hermione.

Wingardium Leviosa unlocked! Hoooah! Do a jump spin and stab the air. Gold bricks! 2! or 3! That's not very far. That's not enough gold bricks for me.

(Singing) Blung blung bleek blung blung bling! Blung.

We've done it! Let's leave class. Who needs it. Not me! Oh now there's all this stuff we can do! I drew a thing on that guys face, it's funny. I love doing stuff! I helped that person get that thing and he's so happy! Student in Peril is now happy!

Student un-periled! Where..I'm trying! What..I'm doing...going toward the..

Okay, that was weird. I'm gonna put, I'm gonna put this book in..somewhere. In this shelf. Excellent, I did it. I'm gonna put this that's Harry...put this book in the shelf too! And I'm gonna put this book also in the shelf.  Oh my goodness and it made me bolts for my hard work. I still can't get that blue one.

Okay I'm goin' in. Goin'...doin' more stuff. Now I've got so many skills, I can pick up people. You, for example, you're so high up and now I drop you on your head. And I....uhh..drop you on your head! Why do they always land on their feet, that's no fun!

Oh I can put..I can..can I put..I can put 'em back together again! I destroyed you and now you're recreated and you're no longer golden. i guess it's kind of sad that you're no longer golden. I'm sorry about that.

Nope. Nope. Pshhhh. What am I trying to do, even? Let's go! Who needs it? What am I doing? What am I doing with this? the..oh I see. There's something on the painting and I have to recreate it.

Nope, get this one. Yes, that one, no that one. Yes. Bleep! Starting with the blue. And then green. No, Hermione, Hermione, Hermione, yes, green. And she's supposed to be the smart one, jeez. Nope. Oh god. Yes, this one. Nooo grab it! What just happened to all those books?

Ohhh that took me an embarrassingly long amount of time..what is that a Hobgoblin right there? I don't know what that was.

Let's go! Into the next part of this thing. What is this? What is it? I have to put it back on it''s purple stand. Purpley..come on! Yes. Aren't you so happy to be back where you belong? Now I shoot you because that's how I do.

(sings along with the game music)

Voom voom voom! there's so much goin' on around me right now. What in the frickity frick? How about you guys help me with the destruction, ever, at all, maybe, you know. Like, I am working really hard to shoot these golden armor suits and you guys are just following me around, Harry, Ron. Does Hermione really have to do all the work?I mean it's important that we collect these bolts. Because if we don't, you know, we won't be worthy...of..I don't know, exactly.

I'm doing something to I? I was trying to. Nope, nothing's happening. There's a..oh, Scabbers! Scabbers, come here. Nope, here's one. How do I do Scabbers now that I have Wingardium Leviosa. How do I use him? Scabbers? Nope, that wasn't it. 

Scabbers! Scabbies! Scabbers! Hm. Um. Scabbers! How do I do it? Yes! Figured it out. I'm so smart. Get it! Yeah, well done my little friend.

What's going on? Hello? Who is this? No, I wanna levitate the head! The head! For Christ's sake! Oh, here we go. Yes! Get it! Yes. Ponnkity! Ooooh what did I do? Yeah, that was awesome. I almost jumped of the thing just there.

Only a character with a book can understand these symbols. Because books are booky. And important. Okay, good job. Well done everyone. Way to work together.

You, go away! I tried to put you into a potion cauldron. Yes, yes I am, I'm shooting you. So what? That's what I do. There's a kitty. Hi kitty! Spin around. Destroy! I want you dead. I want you dead, is that that so hard to understand? Yes, yes.

(Imitates game sounds)

Okay. So I don't know what the purpose of doing that is, but it feels like I should do it, make them not gold anymore. What is this? Oh I can pick him up. Did I rescue a student in peril? This thing..this looks dangerous, this looks dangerous.

Oh! I made it rain. I made it rain from LEGO clouds and now there's.I don't know, this thing. I put it in a pot. I put it in a pot. Nope! Seems to want me to put it in a pot but I don't know which button I should push to make that happen. 

Nope, that's all the buttons I got. Just drop it, Harry. You can't even do that. Oh man, I don't know what's going on. Let's just continue the mission! Nope, I can't. We can't continue the mission.

Harry, you're going to have to figure out what to do with that. What is going on? Okay, I did that. That is turns out, useful. Harry, put...what? I don't understand. I don't understand!

I made Scabbers. Hermione, you do the work! I did that again. Put you in the pot! What the frick? I don't understand. Yes, shoot the flowers, at least that's something. What, did you try to scare me away? Why did you do that?

Okay. Maybe only Ron can do it. Nope. Yess! What am I doing? Build that again! Maybe if I do this, something else will happen. Something important! Do it, yes! Zoomy zoomy zoomy. Nothing happened, that is embarrassing. 

Okay, I don't know what I am doing. But, I'm going to end this episode here, on this confusing note. So I'm going to end this episode of "LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." You will not see me, I will not see you, but you will hear me. Next time on "Hank Green Plays LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." I just did a something. That was great. I cleaned those things up. Goodbye!