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Paper Towns movie: JULY 24th. Paper Towns trailer: SOONISH.

In which John finds himself, in a stunning turn of events, in an airport, where he shares some travel tips and also discusses the movie adaptation of his book Paper Towns, the maybe possible adaptation of Looking for Alaska, and cookie monster.

TeenVogue and Fox are hosting a Paper Towns event in NY and there are 200 tickets available. More information here if you're interested:

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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. As you can tell from the gray speckled walls behind me, I am in an airport, and as you can tell from my cold dead eyes, it's 5:42 in the morning. Also, I forgot my camcorder, so I'm filming this on my phone. I have a bunch of things to tell you, but I also wanna give you some travel tips, so I'm gonna intersperse them.    Thing One Hank, The Paper Towns Movie: they moved the release date; it is now coming out on July 24th. That is the real date; it will really come out on that day, I think. That's very good news, because it means that Jake and everybody will have time to actually finish the movie. Also, there is going to be a trailer soon. How soon? I can't tell you, but pretty soon.   Ok, travel tip: In almost every airport in the United States, there is a gate that is empty all the time. In our case in Indianapolis, it's gate A3. This is where I come to make videoblogs, because there are no people here. If you're at an airport, take the time to walk around and find the empty gate, because there are plugs, and chairs, and freedom. Sadly that travel tip does not apply to people in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Atlanta.    Thing Two, The Looking For Alaska movie: So Hank, my first book, Looking For Alaska, came out 10 years ago, and the movie rights have been owned ever since by Paramount. But suddenly, it seems like a Looking For Alaska movie might actually happen, because the team has gotten back together. The same screenwriters who wrote The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, Scott Neustadter and Mike Weber are gonna be writing the script. And the producers of both Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns have joined in as well, so that is very exciting.    Travel Tip: So, this is the fancy airport lounge. Don't pay to go to the airport lounge, it's never worth it. You think there's gonna be like milk and honey and beds in there. You know what they have? I'll tell you exactly what's in there. Alcohol and cookies. That's it, that's what you will find in the airport lounge. So unless you really love to drink, or are Cookie Monster, there is no way that it's worth it.    If you want to go to a quiet, private place in the airport, don't go to the lounge, go to the chapel. Almost every airport has a chapel, and they are always nice, and pleasant, and very quiet places. Hank, I noticed most of my travel tips are like "How do you get away from other travelers?"   Hank, the biggest movie news of all is that I have seen the Paper Towns movie, and it is great. I'm just so psyched about it and so grateful to everyone who's working on it. Hank, it's one thing to be faithful to a book's plot; it's another to be faithful to the themes of a book. And I really feel like the Paper Towns movie is about learning to imagine others complexly, I'm just so psyched about it. No spoilers, but I am psyched!    Final travel tip, Hank: When walking on the moving walkway, be very careful not to step on a crack, lest you break your mother's back.   Ok Hank, I have to go board. Sorry about the iPhone video. July 24th - Paper Towns movie! I'll see you on Friday!