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In this time of many youths in Japan and other countries abstaining from sex, Lindsey thought it might be a good time to remind everyone of the benefits of sex. YAY!

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

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Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green
On Sunday, this article from The Guardian came across my desk. I thought I'd give it a quick glance, check in on the news before moving onto other reading projects, like your messages. Instead, I read it from start to finish.

Remember when I said, "Hey future us, I know that it's probably possible you're not having sex. And that could be because it's messy, transmits diseases, it's hard to earn, and it takes time."

In Japan and many other countries around the world, this reality, my prediction, is taking shape. Of course, some of the disinterest in sex is asexual. Sex? No thanks. No desire.

For others, it's something like sex is a hassle. They abstain for more appealing things, like reputation and career and independent single life. Sex is just pushed out of the picture.

There are a dozen more reasons to explain the opt out practices of Japan's youth. With the trend towards sexual abstinence and a raft of reasons to explain it, it would seem like we should stop having sex ourselves. But before you jump sexual ship, let's look at some of the benefits to having sex.

Here they are in alphabetical order: boost the immune system, burn calories, communicate messages, connect partners, cut the risk of a fatal heart attack in half, and decrease cancer risk. Diminish depression, elevate mood, and elicit pleasure. Energize, enhance skin complexion, and entertain.

Expose vulnerabilities, express attraction, foster desire, free inhibitions, heighten senses, improve sleep, increase blood flow, lessen cramps, lower blood pressure, minimize incontinence, postpone worry, prolong life, raise self-esteem, reduce stress, refocus your attention.

Regulate menstruation, relax the body and mind, and release tension. Relieves pain, shows affection, slows signs of aging, speed up the healing process, stall tooth decay - technically not a sexual benefit, more of a seminal benefit. [Gargles] 

Stoke passion, strengthen bones, support intimacy.

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