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In which Lindsey has a sit down with Sexgeekdom founder, Kate McCombs and talks about things like jobs, narwals, and symbols.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Go Carts by Kevin MacLeod
Lindsey: Hey let's hang out

Kate: That sounds awesome

Lindsey: I am wondering about Sex Geekdom and what it is?

Kate: Okay, great. I love talking about Sex Geekdom

So it's people like me who are sex educators, and people who work as erotica writers, or who work in sex toy stores or keenly interested and love reading about sex and learning about sex. And the reason I created it is because I wanted to have a regular excuse to have a meetup with people who get me and what I'm about and what I do. And also to have a sex positive space that is explicitly not a "hookup" space so that people can feel safe that the  conversations that they're having about sex aren't necessarily being had with a sort of secondary agenda. 

Lindsey: If I want to become an official Sex Geek, what do I do?

Kate: Uhh, I don't know if you can become an "official" Sex Geek

Awe, haha. That's a great face! But I think if you are interested in being part of our community we have a website, Sex, and we're on twitter at Sex Geekdom. And each of the different cities that have Sex Geekdom hubs have their own Facebook page. But they're closed groups, so you can ask to join and then participate in the discussion if you want. 

Lindsey: Let's say that somebody watching Sexplanations wants to start a Sex Geekdom in their neighborhood, their city, what would they do? 

Kate: I love this question! Because one of my goals is to have Sex Geekdom hubs all over the world so that whenever Sex Geek like me travel, wherever they go they have a built in community of people who understand them- and don't problematize what they do in the world. So if you're interested in starting a Sex Geekdom meetup in your city, send me a tweet, or send me an email from the website, there's a contact button at the top. 

Lindsey: What is the Sex Geekiest thing that you know? 

Kate: I love to teach how long the clitoris actually is. So the clitoris is actually up to five inches long. There's this whole structure inside the body that you don't see from the outside. And I think that most women don't know that. I think it's common knowledge in the Sex Geek world, but if most women don't know that they're missing out on this whole pleasure potential of nerve endings that are inside their bodies. And that's something that Sex Geek, like me, feel passionate about sharing with people. 

Lindsey: Alright so you just got back, when did you get back from Australia?

Kate: I left Australia about three months ago, but I've been traveling for the last three months. 

Lindsey: Where?

Kate: Through Europe, and I went to the East Coast. Then visited some family. Some of the highlights- I went to the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

Lindsey: YEAH!

Kate: Have you been there? Can we talk about that?

[sound of double high-fives]

Lindsey: Yeah, I'm headed there in January! 

Kate: Oh my gosh! I will tell you so much about it! I wrote a blog post about this.

Lindsey: [incoherent excitement]

Kate: [laughing]

Kate: And you walk in and there's this giant narwhal penis, and you have not truly lived until you've seen a narwhal penis, right?  So..

Lindsey: I'm about to live. 

Kate: You're about to live. 

Lindsey: I'm going for Aurora Borealis, 

Kate: I'm so jealous!

Lindsey: I've always wanted to see what I call, The Penis Museum, and I had forgotten until one of the viewers reminded me. Yeah, of course! And I will spend two days there with a video camera, don't you worry. 

Ooh and also I want to know your first job.

Kate: Ohh my first job.. My first actual paid job was a sex ed gig. 

Lindsey: What?

Kate: Yeah I taught

Lindsey: [to camera] That doesn't happen. 

Kate: My very start to what I do now came from volunteering in a peer education program at my university. And they trained us to do sexual health outreach on the campus. And that was the first time I got to experience Sex Geek communities. All of us would get together once a week and talk about the work we were doing and we'd learn new things. 

Lindsey: So do you have a symbol for Sex Geekdom? 

Kate: Well you know there's not a symbol, but a lot of people who consider themselves Sex Geek buy these shirts that Reid Mihalko makes that say Sex Geek across the chest. 

Lindsey: I'm going to teach you how to do nerdfighteria's sign

Kate: I hear there are quite a number of you that are in Australia. Right? Right? Hi Aussies!

Lindsey: Awe that's so sweet! Okay, so you go like this, 

Kate: Oh yes!

Lindsey: There we go

Kate: Got it

[credit theme]


Kate: Fail

Lindsey: It's okay because you are GoPro and you can withstand anything!