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Thanks to Destorm. Sorry we couldn't get you in the main video:
Craig: Ready?

Person: Yeah!

Person: Hey, WheezyWaiter!

Hank: Ready?

John: Yep.  

Hank: And action.

Craig: Hey!  Where's WheezyWaiter?

John: I--gee--uh--we did that wrong.

Hank: (laughs)  

Craig: Where's WheezyWaiter?

Person: I don't freakin' know.  

Person: I don't freakin' know as well.

Person: That was gross, that was really gross

Person: Yep.

Person: I don't know if he'll use it.

Person: Oh, he got it?

Person: No, no, no, I just missed that part.  

Person: We're brothers!  We're brotherrrs.

Person: WheezyWaiter!  

DeStorm: What's happening?  

Craig: Uh, I'm just looking for--I'm a clone of WheezyWaiter, and he's supposed to be on the mainstage, so I'm looking for him, and maybe, I don't even know why you would know where he is, but uh--

DeStorm: Why would I know?

Craig: 'Cause you--'cause you--

Person: 'Cause he knows.

Craig: You just know everything.

DeStorm: Yeah, I'm the oracle.

Craig: Tell me when!

Person: Well, I'm gonna sing 'Oh Canada', okay?

Craig: Okay, I'll cue you in though.

Person: I can cue him in.  

Person: Okay, ready?  Okay.  OH CA-NA-DA.

Tobuscus: I'm lactose intolerant!  Hahahaha.

Person: Action.

(Hank's incredulous face)

Person: Cut.

Craig: Yeah.  Maybe more tears?  Okay.  Action.  What else is lemon?  There's like, lemon--

Person: Mr. Clean.  

Person: Lemon meringue pie.

Person: Lemon dish soap.

Person: Lemon scented cleaner.

Craig: Yeah, there you go.  Man, just take those--sometimes life can--sometimes life gives you lemons.  Just take those lemons, turn them into lemon scented cleaner and wash away the pain.


Person: Corporate Clone seemed drunk in that one.

Craig: I know.  He's tired.

Person: We're brothers!  

Person: Goodbye.