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In which Hank and Charlie play some cooperative Portal.
Hank: Now I'm recording the audio! Hello, and welcome to Hank and Charlie play Portal 2 in co-op mode!

Charlie: Mhmm

Hank: Introduce yourself, Charlie.

Charlie: Hello! I'm Charlie McDonnell. Also known as Charlie on YouTube, and, um, I make videos and also play video games. So, that's--

Hank: Convenient.

Charlie: Yep, yeah

Hank: Yes

Charlie: Yep, that's what we're doing now. Playing video games.

Hank: So, are you the, the-- are you gonna be the short, fat one, or the tall, skinny one?

Charlie: Um, I'll be the tall skinny one! Because you started out the campaign so, yeah...

Hank: Okay.

Charlie: But, I'm usually the tall, skinny one, so that's fine. 

Hank: Okay. Why is it-- why am I still waiting for you?

Charlie: Uh, I don't know. It's just still loading or something

Hank: Okay, there we go! I was looking at the-- Alright!

Charlie: Yay! So...

Hank: Oh my goodness. Hello!

[In game] GLaDOS: I don't know what you think you are doing but I want--

Hank: I have a flag in me. 

[In game]GLaDOS: to stop. Maybe I shouldn't send you outside of the official testing courses, you are picking up some bad human traits. And trust me, humans only have one good trait. 

[In game door opening]

Hank: Woah! what was that? Did we-- Are we starting over from where we were before?

Charlie: No. Yeah, yeah, we are where we were before. So, we just unlocked world 3 which is just over there. Um, but I can't remember how to do things yet. 

Hank: Okay. Should we start at the beginning? 

Charlie: Um, yeah, probably. 

Hank: How do we do that? [Laughter] 

Charlie: Well we can just go back to the first world, just over there. 

Hank: Okay. Let's do that. 

Charlie: Just do it, yeah.

Hank: So, Charlie and I played a little bit before, uh... before. Oh, I see. I had no idea. 

Charlie: Mhmm

Hank: So, Charlie and I played a little bit before and the audio did not record well, so now we are doing it again. Apparently I'm not in my elevator, though.

Charlie: Yeah. There we go.

Hank: [Chuckles] Um, so we're going back to play courses we already played, so we can--

Charlie: Yeah, we already played for, what, like two hours and then you sent me a thing on Skype that just said: It didn't even recorded my audio, so we'll have to do that again--

Hank: Yes [Laughter] 

Charlie: And here we are months later actually, finally getting around to it. 

Hank: Yes, um, but you've already played it all the way through with Alex.

Charlie: Uh, yeah, I have... because I got impatient--

Hank: Why didn't you-- why didn't you guys record that? That would've been-- that would've been the biggest thing in Let's Play since, uh, since Toby Turner.

Charlie: Yeah, well usually I just, when I play video games I just play video games I don't make them into videos as well, so we didn't even think about that.

[In game] GLaDOS: Hello again, this testing course was originally created for humans. It emphasizes teamwork. Unlike--

Hank: Yes, see... that's--

[In game] GLaDOS: humans need to be taught teamwork.

Hank: Okay. Are we teaching each other teamwork?

Charlie: Okay, you have to go over there--

Hank: [Nervous laughter] Oh, I totally forgot. Okay, go through there. 

[In game bleep]

Hank: I don't know what that did...

Charlie: Wait, I forget what to do here.

Hank: You have to come through this door... Hi.

[In game] GLaDOS: Orange receives... 5 science collaboration points--

Charlie: So, if you come through here... Can you come through here now?--

Hank: I can't go-- Hit it on the floor here. Shoot it on the floor here. Shoot the floor-- the white floor. 

Charlie: Yep.

Hank: Yes, that--

Charlie: Just a little bit rusty that's all. 

Hank: That actually didn't even help... at all.

Charlie: Hello!

Hank: Hello... um, one of us has to stand on this thing.

Charlie: Oh god. 

Hank: Is it... did that help?

Charlie: We've both done this before. What is going on?

[Collective laughter]

Hank: That worked, didn't it? Didn't it open that door?

Charlie: [Laughter] I feel like we should start again. 

Hank: [Laughter] ... Aah!

Charlie: Ohh. That's embarrassing--

Hank: I'm stuck in this room now.

Charlie: Oh lord. 

Hank: How do you-- how does this door open?

Charlie: We just need to both be here.

Hank: Oh.

Charlie: I'm pretty sure you just need to come here. Yep.

Hank: Ohhh!

Charlie: Lovely! Right, okay. 

[In game] GLaDOS: Excellent. Although great science is always the result of collaboration--

Charlie: [Laughter]

[In game] GLaDOS: ...keep in mind that, like Albert Einstein and his cousin Terry, history will only remember one of you. 

Hank: Okay. I did not know about Albert Einstein's cousin Terry. Um, uh, yeah, so I didn't realize we both could just walk up to the door.

Charlie: Yeah...

Hank: That, that would do it. But, yeah. I-- I felt--

Charlie: We weren't that bad the first time we did that either. We just--

Hank: No! No. 

Charlie: We just got complacent I think.

Hank: Yes! I-- I think because I thought that it would be easy; it was hard. 

Charlie: Mhmm

[In game] GLaDOS: You know, in some human sports, the winner is the one who scores the fewest possible points? I just thought you find that interesting, most winners do.

Hank: Okay.

Charlie: Okay. Okey-dokey.

Hank: Well off I go. Here I am. 

Charlie: Um, I think you should shoot a portal... over there. 

Hank: Why?

Charlie: Um, so I can get back through, once you go through that door... behind you.

[In game] GLaDOS: Orange receives... 5 science collaboration points. 

Charlie: And then, shoot a light blue portal where you are now. 

Hank: Okay!

Charlie: So, I can come through now. There we go. See we are good at this game.

Hank: Charlie knows whats going on. 

Charlie: Yeah. 

Charlie: Oh, also-- also there's an achievement--

Hank: Oh, right.

Charlie: ...if you, um, if you dance in front of the, um, the camera in every little world, place. 

[In game] GLaDOS: Stop it! Did you know we originally--

Hank: Oh. I don't, I don't even know how to do that anymore.

[In game] GLaDOS: ...used these cameras to capture intense moments of intense pain and agony in test subjects--

Charlie: Uh, it's Q, then move your mouse around to find the dance.

[In game] GLaDOS: If the subject survived the test, we let them purchase the pictures for $5--

Hank: No, I'm just waving, that's just waving. 

[In game] GLaDOS: If the subject died, we gave the photo to their next of kin free of charge

Hank: [Laughter]

Charlie: I think waving is fine as well. 

[In game] GLaDOS: The photos weren't as popular as we had hoped, so we repurposed the cameras. 

Hank: I'm just laughing. I'm laughing at it now. Okay, let's, uh, let's move on. I was listening to GLaDOS at all.

Charlie: Yeah, me neither.

Hank: I totally missed that. 

Charlie: Okay, you need to make one of them portals up there. Yeah, the number 1... and over there. 

Hank: Okay. I'm just going to do whatever Charlie tells me to do. 

Charlie: Oh god. 

Hank: We should've counted down, uh? 

Charlie: Yeah, but, um, we're fine. I just saw you doing it and then ran for it. 

Hank: [Laughter]

Charlie: Yay...

[In game] GLaDOS: Very good. You've really come together--

Hank: You're a good-- you're a team player! You're a team player, Charlie.

[In game] GLaDOS: Thanks to the one of you who appears to be doing all of the work. 

Hank: Yes, that would definitely be you, the skinny one.