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In which Hank and Katherine go back to Hogwarts and learn to make the ageing potion.
H: Hello and welcome to LEGO Harry Potter Katherine and Hank Years 1 through 4. I'm gonna drink some strength-y potion and so is my sister.

K: Not if I drink it first. Oh my goodness beefy.

H: I'm gonna do push ups.

K: I just like Hulk-ed up.

H: You did. You Hulk-ed up. You win. You win.

K: Because unlike-

H: Oh my god we found Harry Potter.

K: OH Ginny was so worried.

H: Yeah because she's in (singing) looove.

K: Oh. That is a creepy dark mark.

H: It is. It's got a snake coming out of it's mouth. Did he just do a dance? Ohhh no. Are we gonna fight you guys?

K: Ohh the Lord Voldemort is going to be extremely happy about this perhaps. I'm confused.

H: I don't know. I'm just shooting them and it seems to- Ow! Oh my goodness gracious. Doesn't seem to be helping at all.

K: It did. It did though.

H: No they came back again. Okay. Yeah it seems to be helping a little bit. Maybe? I'm not sure.

K: Aw frick! The snake got me.

H: How do we know if we're doing the right thing?

K: I think we are.

H: Oh a snake. Oh snake. Thank you. Gonna keep an eye on each other. The dark mark is doing that.

K: Yeah. No help me save me.

H: Aw no. No. What spell are you using?

K: Incarcerous, stupefy.

H: I'm gonna be Hermione because she casts faster

K: Good idea. Snake snake snake snake snake snake.

H: Got it. Got the snake. Okay. We're like working our way through the snakes. And now... nothing is left. Okay. We did it.

K: It was just-

H: Whatever it was.

K: Just an endurance mission, I guess.

H: Just run around in circles and fire.

K: Push the button repeatedly.

H: And- Oh my goodness!

K: Look out! What. On. Earth.

H: These are... ministry people?

K: Barty Crouch. Barty Crouch!

H: They're like, what is up? What. You cast that dark mark Harry Potter.

K: Yeah uh huh clearly.

H: Level Complete. Free play unlocked. Gold bricks and we got the thing. Got one piece of the triforce. And true wizard of course. And the stud total is increasing dramatically.

K: Cause we are kicking arse.

H: We got true wizard, we only got two bricks. But that's okay.

K: We didn't find a student? I guess we're not at school. But we did meet all those wizards.

H: I'm sure there was a student in peril somewhere there. What. OH right right Goblet of Fire.

K: Yeah man. This book is-

H: The Beauxbatons people are arriving and the... forgot the other school.

K: Durmstraaaang

H: Durmstrang.

K: Oo Viktor Krum. Leave it, Lemon. Uh uh. She's like but it smells like peanut butter.

H: (sighs) Yes. That's why you can't have it. Who who are you? With the big giant hair in a fish in it. Hey hey hey.

K: Someone from Durmstrang, obviously.

H: Why'd he have a fish in his hair though? Is he Russian and Russians have fish in their hair?

K: It's cause they came up out from-

H: Ohh in the ocean.

K: Under the water.

H: I thought I was wrong. That I was-

K: No it was really a fish.

H: It was really a fish

K: Hello.

H: Hermnaherm.

K: Madam hot pants.

H: Uh oh Uh oh. (sighs then laughs) Hermione have you seen-. Hey. Woah. Hey this goblet is fire. It's a fiery goblet fire.

K: Hm Fred and George.


K: It's the age line.

H: It's the age line.

K: You are not allowed.

H: Not allowed.

K: To have that.

H: Smoking is not allowed

K: Oh. Why? (hank chuckles) Why, honey?

H: That's what it reminded me of.

K: Mm. Sorry.

H: Oh! We have Durmstrang man in our party? No he's just standing there. Oo what are you walking like? Creepy! Why ya bein' so creepy? Okay. Oo hello girls.

K: Hellooo ladies.

H: Turns out you're not as hot when you are...

K: Made of Lego?

H: Made of Lego. I'm going downstairs. You don't have to come with me.

K: Yeah I do actually.

H: Well you don't have to come down stairs with me.

K: Mm I see. I was just wandering around and looking at things. Who's this blonde kid?

H: I think you were tryin-

K: Is that Colin Creevey?

H: No. Is it.. Lockhart??

K: No.

H: I don't know.

K: It's a kid!

H: But he seems very... it's a girl. It's a lady.

K: Why are you so flamboyant, lady?

H: What are you up to?

K: Oh! Is it Rita Skeeter?

H: Maybe it's Rita Skeeter. Looks kinda like Rita Skeeter.

K: That is not- Hmm

H: Hmm. Not what you pictured her looking like?

K: She wouldn't be following him around yet though, would she? Necessarily.

H: No. But you know, it's a Lego game.

K: Right.

H: Who's there? Move along.

K: Obviously not staying close to the plot.

H: No. There are some fairly significant deviations. (Someone sneezes) Bless you.

K: I got something stuck in my throat.

H: Oh. Another cut scene. Are we gonna learn a new skill?

K: Oo we're going to learn to make some kind of aging potion.

H: But-

K: For the age line.

H: But that turns out to not be useful at all.

K: Right. But whatever. Do it.

H:(making some kind of noise)

K: Only characters with a beard can cross that line. It was that line.

H: (laughs) Hermione there's a thing there. Oh. You're not Hermione.

K: I am not Hermione. I am Ron.